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Robey - Divi Engine
Illustration by Jim Blug | @jimblug


Business Development Manager


Today we want you to meet Robey, you probably have heard his voice in our tutorial and documentation videos – but here is a little more about him. Robey we love your ideas, passion and expertise – we are truly blessed to have you as part of our team!


Tell us about yourself and how you got here.

Born and raised in South Africa, I always had a passion for technology and how computers worked. I started tinkering with coding with Turbo Pascal in high school and eventually studied Computer Science in Chicago. I’ve been super lucky in that I won a green card which eventually netted me an American passport.

Another love of mine was finance and how financial markets worked, so I spent 12 years in the US financial machine starting as a bank teller, and eventually working my way up to becoming a stockbroker. After investing 12 years of my life in the financial markets, I realized that money is not everything and decided to look for something that suited my goals in life better, so I quit.

Since then, I’ve found myself back working with technology while traveling the globe and enriching myself with experiences instead of lining my pockets.


What are you most looking forward to?

The next destination, the next milestone, the next new thing learned. I just want to continue growing as a person as well as a member of the team here at Divi Engine. Seeing how my experience and contributions directly correlate to the success of Divi Engine would give me a great sense of pride.

I’m also looking forward to the challenges that I’ll be presented with and turning them into opportunities, but probably most of all, I’m looking forward to getting to know my peers and learning from them.


Why did you join Divi Engine?

I first came to Divi Engine as a customer and really felt that personal touch when working with Peter and the team which it seems so many companies have neglected. That left me thinking, what a wonderful place it must be to work. Fast forward a few years and I saw an opportunity to do just that and I did not hesitate. The atmosphere here is that of mutual respect, doing the right thing, and putting the customer at the center of all we do.


Seen as though we are an engine that powers Divi, what is your favorite car, bike, boat, or any other engine-powered machine?

Ducati Monster



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