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Below is some general FAQ’s that might help you. If you need help we have a forum website and our documentation where you can find many answers there. If you still have issue, please email [email protected] and we will be very happy to help you!

General Can I get a refund?
General What about customer support?
General Do I get updates?

Divi BodyCommerce 4

The visual builder in the Divi Library is not working, it is just loading…
Account section, my CSS is not working quite right here
How do I redirect the customer to the cart page after add to cart?
I cannot edit the modules using the visual builder

Divi Nitro 3

Is Divi Nitro compatible with Extra or other themes?
My page is breaking when I minify my scripts
How do I know if my images are being deferred?

Divi Mega Menu 2

I have followed the steps but my Menus are not showing!
How do I hide my Mega Menu on Mobile?

Divi Protect 3

The visual builder is not working on my protect section
How do I protect a whole page
Protect is not hiding the sections below