Feature Update: ChatGPT for Divi Form Builder is available now!

Introducing Divi Form AI, the groundbreaking feature that uses ChatGPT to revolutionize your Divi form-building experience.

It seems like AI and its impact on our future work have become a widespread topic of discussion worldwide. One undeniable aspect of this conversation is the necessity to adapt and embrace this remarkable tool in order to stay relevant. OpenAI’s ChatGPT has taken the industry by storm and revolutionized our workflow here at Divi Engine. It has not only generated incredible content ideas but also assisted in resolving customer issues and played a pivotal role in the development of our plugins.

ChatGPT is undeniably an exceptional tool.

That’s why we are thrilled to announce that we are the first Divi plugin to make ChatGPT available to all our Divi Form Builder users. Prior to integrating ChatGPT into Divi Form Builder, we focused on exploring innovative ways to utilize this technology to benefit both our users and their audience. While numerous WordPress plugins and online tools can leverage AI’s power to generate on-page content such as text and images, there is a tremendous opportunity to provide smarter Divi forms that enhance the user experience.

Today, Divi Form Builder AI is offered as a free update to all our Divi Engine Membership and actively licensed Divi Form Builder users, enabling them to take advantage of its capabilities right away.

Divi Form AI key features:

OpenAI API integration

Use your own OpenAI key to use as many tokens as you’d like and offer your visitors a more engaging experience.

Form Spend Limits

See how much each form is costing you and decide what happens when spend limits are reached.

Custom Prompts

Build vanilla AI prompts, or take it a step further by including form input from your users to personalize things more.

Multiple Preloader Styles

There are multiple preloader styles to show your users ChatGPT is thinking. We also have an awesome text terminal style that will make users feel like they are living in the future.

Custom AI Personas

Give your AI a taste of personality which helps you get more personal responses by giving ChatGPT context and a specified field of expertise.

& much more!

These are only a few of the features you can expect form Divi Form AI.

We are extremely excited to keep innovating and evolving products like Divi Form Builder by bringing you bleeding-edge technologies right to Divi.

Click the button below to try some demonstration use cases of using ChatGPT in your Divi Forms which we hope will get you thinking about all the incredible ways you will use this on your websites.

Divi Form AI in Action:


Before you do anything, these are BIG updates and could cause issues if you are updating from older versions. Please backup any production sites first, or test the updates on a staging server first to make sure nothing breaks.

Also, note that this feature requires you to be running PHP 8.1+ on the server with your hosting provider.

What? You don't own a license yet?

Enhance your Divi forms today with Divi Form AI powered by ChatGPT. Start building smarter, not harder with Divi Engine and our suite of Divi Plugins.

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