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Divi BodyCommerce is a plugin that tackles the hard or awkward tasks when building a Woocommerce website with the Divi Theme.

It can be seen as a all-in-one plugin for Woocommerce, a swiss army knife.

The main features of BodyCommerce are:

– Customise the Woocommerce account area using the Divi Builder.
– Customise the Woocommerce email template.
– Customise the product page template using the Divi Builder, create different layouts for each category or even specify a specific layout for one product only.
– Customise the product category/shop template using the Divi Builder
– Customise the login page template using the Divi Builder.
– Customise the Cart Page template using the Divi Builder.
– Add a mini cart to your store.
– Ajax add to cart for Woocommerce single and variable products
– Custom improved sale badges for Woocommerce
– Product Slider
– Custom Variation Swatches
– WPML compatiable!

Divi BodyCommerce is ever changing, we have ideas which we are going to add in the near future. If you have a problem which you want to overcome, speak to us and we can look at adding this as part of the core plugin.

Product Template Divi BodyCommerce allows you to customise the product page of your Woocommerce website.

You can create different layouts for each category or even specify one for a particular product.

We have created 19 modules for you to use to create the page layout.
Our Modules Include:
  • chevron_rightDB Pro Add To Cart = Adds single product add to cart action.
  • chevron_rightDB Pro Additional Information = Displays the additional information text (in default it is in the tabs).
  • chevron_rightDB Pro Breadcrumbs = Displays the breadcrumb.
  • chevron_rightDB Pro Content = Displays the content.
  • chevron_rightDB Pro Images = Displays the product image/gallery.
  • chevron_rightDB Pro Price = Displays the Product Price.
  • chevron_rightDB Pro Product Rating = Displays the rating of the product.
  • chevron_rightDB Pro Product Summary = This outputs the title, short description, price, add to cart & tabs.
  • chevron_rightDB Pro Product Title = Displays the product title.
  • chevron_rightDB Pro Related Products = Displays the related products (same categories).
  • chevron_rightDB pro Reviews = Displays the product reviews.
  • chevron_rightDB Pro Sharing = Displays the product sharing.
  • chevron_rightDB Pro Short Description = Displays the short description.
  • chevron_rightDB Pro Tabs = Displays the product tabs.
  • chevron_rightDB Pro Upsell = Displays the upsell products.
  • chevron_rightDB Loop View Product Btn - Displays a button to link to the respective product from the archive page.
  • chevron_rightDB Loop Shop/category Title - Displays the current category title.
  • chevron_rightDB Loop Archive - Displays the product loop for the category page. You will need to create a product loop layout and assign it here.
  • chevron_rightDB Loop Thumbnail - Displays the product thumbnail and sale badge in the Loop.
Read more about this on our documentation site here

Account Section

The first page you land on when you access the account section is the “dashboard”. This has a little welcome message with the main navigation to all the relevant endpoints. The endpoints are as follows:

  1. Orders
  3. Addresses
  4. Edit Account
  5. Log Out

Below is a screenshot of the default dashboard of Woocommerce

Divi BodyCommerce

These endpoints are what BodyCommerce allows you to create layouts using the Divi Builder. For example, you can change the navigation from a dull bullet point text to a “fullwidth menu” Divi Module or add in the most recent orders on the dashboard as per the picture below

Divi BodyCommerce

We have created 5 custom Divi Modules for you to use for specific tasks. To use them, add a new module and you will see them as per below.

Divi BodyCommerce

Email Templates

Use BodyCommerce to customise the email template that is sent out from Woocommerce such as order confirmations.

Here have a number of settings for you to play with to make your custom email template. Below is a screenshot of the page and further information below that.

Divi BodyCommerce

We have broken the settings into various sections:

  1. Appearance – changes the overall feel/design
  2. Header – customise the header of the email
  3. Order Details Table – customise the order details table if the email has one
  4. Footer – customise the footer
  5. Preview Your Email – take a look at what the email will look like.

Mini Cart

A mini cart allows you to show the carts contents without clicking through to another page. This aids the User Experience of the website. The screenshot below is Abercrombie & Fitch’s mini cart as an example.

Divi BodyCommerce

As you can see it shows the carts contents in a clean, easy to read way. From here the user can click through to the cart page or the checkout.

You can add a mini cart to your Woocommerce website using our settings.

Buy with confidence by going for a test drive.

You can test drive Divi CodyCommerce before purchasing

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Read our full documentation on how to use BodyCommerce and what it does

Additional information

Licence type

1 site – £15, 2-5 sites – £30, Unlimited – £68


Video Documentation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U9gPHMvQ2Js&list=PL9My989q_-K_ikFVdps6YmADZwxKBD121

Read about how to download, install and configure Divi Nitro on our documentation page.

View Documentation

Licensing Information

When you purchase Divi BodyCommerce, a license key will automatically be generated for you. A valid license key is necessary to receive updates and support.

Go to your account. Click on orders and click on the view button next to your order.

Once there you can see your licence, copy this and paste it in the Divi BodyCommerce licence area.

Divi BodyCommerce includes 1 year of support.

Due to the nature of this plugin – a licence lasts 1 year. The reason why we have decided to do this is that we expect to be contrantly adding to this plugin and developing it further. When Woocommerce updates we will make sure it is all working and up to date. A yearly licence allows us to put in the development time needed to push this plugin on and on.

After a year you will need to purchase a new licence, we will notify you and offer a reduced rate prior to your licence expiring.


  • help_outlineDo I get updates?
    You will receive all updates free of charge, as long as your license is active. You do not need to renew your license.
  • help_outlineWhat about customer support?
    We take pride in supporting our customers. If you need help of any kind, you can access support through your account – just submit a ticket and we will get back to you asap
  • help_outlineCan I get a refund?
    Due to the nature of digital products, it’s impossible to prevent fraud and still offer refunds. However we will take case by case and will come to a reasonable solution as we love and care for our customers.

9 reviews for Divi BodyCommerce

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    jeroen (verified owner)

    Wonderful plugin. It works like charm and includes all functions that you need to make your Divi and WooCommerce powered website look and work amazing.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    sebastiano.zampini (verified owner)

    Divi Engine Body Commerce saved my life! I created a website with Divi, using a child theme and some customizations. I used WooCommerce in catalogue mode and I have been struggling with custom woocommerce categories layout for months. I used a well know layout injector which worked fine for one language. Unfortunately I had to add 2 more languages with WMPL and the custom layouts didn’t display at all. I contacted both the plugin creator and WPML forum for help: they were able to reproduce the bug but I was left with a half working website. Looking for a solution I found Body Commerce. I was a bit worried that it may cause conflicts with the other plugin but it solved all my problems: no issues with WooCommerce updates, easier integration of the layout and I could also decide to use completely different layout for each language and it would work anyway. I just had to do minor changes (it took me about 10 minutes) and all the layouts in the different languages were finally displaying the correct layout!! You can tell that the plugin is thought to be easy to use and, to me, it seems lightweight too: UI is designed with care, which helps a lot in doing things fast.

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    info37 (verified owner)

    Great plugin with all options you need for customising woocommerce in combination with divi. Support is great as well whenever you have problems the owner will assist you!

  4. Rated 5 out of 5

    Thomas (verified owner)

    A great plugin and even greater support. Helped me with implementing the plugin and even added some specific stuff for me! I love it.

  5. Rated 5 out of 5

    planmc2 (verified owner)

    Awesome plugin and complete customizing solution for woocommerce and the support is great, it helped me with all the questions and doubts. I highly recommend it!

  6. Rated 5 out of 5

    johnathonbarber (verified owner)

    Excellent plugin and excellent support. Plugin author is very responsive to support tickets and issues. Isses were fixed promptly and a feature request was available within a week. Has replaced a previous layout plugin that I had purchased. Wish I had found this one earlier.

  7. Rated 5 out of 5

    calogero (verified owner)

    This plugin is amazing! If you use Divi with Woocommerce you must buy this plugin. When I install I have some problem with WPML but the developer help me to fix the problem, it’s amazing.

  8. Rated 5 out of 5

    rachael.vandendool (verified owner)

    This plugin is an amazing addition to Divi sites using WooCommerce. I have been using Divi for two years now, and love how you can “almost” design everything. However, you could not customize the WooCommerce end of it very well. Specifically the Archive Pages, Shop Pages, and Checkout page. I was searching for a solution to this and found this plugin. This plugin is customizes so much, it does the product page, archive pages, account pages, checkout page, email, and more features than I can remember. I know other plugins out their that charge the same price, and only customize the product page, Seriously! The developer is really friendly and prompt to reply to messages, I ran into a little glitch last week and emailed him and he responded and fixed it very quickly. Honestly all the things this plugin does would cost you so much more, if you bought them individually. If you are look for a robust solution to your Divi+WooCommerce design issues, then you should get this plugin.

  9. Rated 5 out of 5

    Nelson Lee Miller (verified owner)

    This plugin is your COMPLETE WooCommerce + Divi solution! I randomly found this one day, wishing there were some Divi WooCommerce plugins to help me out with a small online shop website I’m building. What I soon discovered after I bought this is that it combines all the WooCommerce + Divi customization needs I have on my list, like using the Divi Builder and Divi Libray Layouts on each WooCommerce product, on the account pages, on the checkout, on the emails, etc etc etc. I was shocked at how cheap the plugin is! Seriously! This is pretty new and it already has some amazing features that are exclusive to this plugin (trust me, I’ve tried some other and failed). I do not know the developer personally, only through the Facebook group and emails, but I happen to know he is extremely nice, a very smart developer, and replies quickly to questions and suggestions. There are new modules and updates and features in the works. Take a seasoned Divi designer’s advice, and buy this plugin if you plan to sell anything at all on your Divi website!

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