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With our plugin you can style, add features and customize all your Divi WooCommerce pages to build an amazing shop that converts using Divi and WooCommerce.
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The shopping basket is a vital element of any online shopping experience. That’s why we doubled down our efforts to get it right; resulting in improved customer satisfaction, reduced basket abandonment and a stronger purchase funnel.

Powered by the following features

Divi BodyCommerce WooCommerce Basket Customisations
Divi BodyCommerce WooCommerce Checkout Customisations

Customize your Divi WooCommerce checkout page, make it smooth and seamless

The checkout page should be the focus of the customer experience, which is why every detail matters. BodyCommerce gives you the tools to build and customize your checkout page that completes the sales funnel and gives your customers a seamless and satisfying finish.

Powered by the following features

Made for you,
and your customers

You know what your customers needs. BodyCommerce is designed to help you meet those needs by improving the features you have access to and giving you lots more options to experiment with, starting with the product pages right through to the checkout. Create divi layouts for your pages using our modules to maximise the user experience of your website.

Powered by the following features

Divi BodyCommerce WooCommerce UX User Experience Customisations

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Divi BodyCommerce
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See Divi BodyCommerce live in action. Our customers have kindly offered to show their website built in BodyCommerce, this way you can see exactly what can be acheived. We love them and hope you do too!

We have also created some layout packs for you to download and use straight away. See our features above to see all the packs.


Divi BodyCommerce WooCommerce UX User Experience Customisations

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Buy Now from £24
License type


1 Site £24
2 - 5 Sites £50
Unlimited £96


1 Site £76
Unlimited £298
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291 reviews for Divi BodyCommerce

  1. Jose Perdomo

    Amazing customer support, even more amazing plugin, bodycommerce will be come a staple in all of my ecom projects

  2. Nino

    Hands down the best customer support experience i’ve ever had. They go above and beyond to help solve your problems and assist with styling settings. Very kind, helpful and responsive.

  3. Paul (verified owner)

    The best plugins with greatest support ever! 🙂

  4. Tallnick (verified owner)

    When I first subscribed to this, I was wondering if I’d made the correct decision, it seemed a little complicated. Then I watched the tutorial course on Divi Machine and it has blown me away. My mind is now racing with all the new opportunities in front of me, I can develop sites I’d never dreamed of being able to develop. AMAZING!

  5. Arni

    Bodycommerce is an all-in-one package with many and good features. It is not perfect it has children diseases. The documentation only scratches the surface, I wish there was more detailed info. But that equals Divi Engines support. They are very helpful.

  6. Dustin (verified owner)

    Great products and great service! Divi Engine sets a high standard. Thank you!

  7. eredit

    Great product and great service (had a problem with php notice, support resolved it in less then a day), I highly recommend Divi Engine products for Divi 🙂

  8. Adam (verified owner)

    Amazing support, kind, helpful and nice team! Thank you Renzo!

  9. Angel Chureshki (verified owner)

    I’m new in site development. Thanks to you I have success project. Invaluable support. I am glad to use your services.

  10. Damian (verified owner)

    The best support of the world! Support is very helpful and fast fixed problems.

  11. Sanne Rustenburg

    I used divi machine and ajax filter on a client website and both work great! When I did have an issue the help I received was incredible and very fast. Would definetely recommend and buy again.

  12. Greg (verified owner)

    Amazing plugin and amazing support ! Thank you

  13. LC (verified owner)

    Very good and very helpfull ! More : the staff is very kind and helpfull

  14. Quint Engel (verified owner)

    Great plugin and really helpful support!

  15. Margaux (verified owner)

    Really great support ! Always fast and helpful

  16. Robert (verified owner)

    Everything is customizable now 🙂 As a designer, this plugin is a lifesaver. And they are adding new features and functions all the time, so splurge on the full membership. You won’t regret it!

  17. Mickelle Van Wyk (verified owner)

    I was looking for a filtering plugin when I came across Bodycommerce that does filtering and has a bunch of building features, with the power this plugin offers it transformed my website completely. We also used the support a few times and we are 100% satisfied, money well spent. Thank you Divi Engine and keep up the good work!

  18. Lars Beck (verified owner)

    Great support and product!

  19. herbst (verified owner)

    I bought bodycommerce about two month ago. 100% satisfied 🙂

  20. Gangotri Exports (verified owner)

    Great Plugin with a greater SUPPORT!

  21. Gangotri Exports (verified owner)

    I wouldn’t say much because I am speechless, this is literally a life saving plugin!

  22. aaa67eee (verified owner)

    this plugin is really great and customer support team are AMAZING!

  23. Julia (verified owner)

    Super plugin, super support! 🙂

  24. Andrés Agudelo (verified owner)

    Excelente producto y muy buen soporte

  25. Barry Cruver (verified owner)

    Excellent product, you must spend some time getting your head around how it works which they provide great documentation and videos to get you going. Their support is very responsive and helpful, which is one of the main reasons I have upgraded to their annual membership. Can’t wait to see what is in store for the future.

  26. Carlos (verified owner)

    Excelente y facil como disenador, pero me da problemas en algunos casos no hace caso de las modificaciones.

  27. Lisa Glanz (verified owner)

    Excellent customer service! I had an issue with one of the custom modules functions not showing up fully and the Divi Engine team didn’t rest until the problem was resolved. They were prompt to respond to any emails and went out of their way to help. I haven’t used all the many features of the plugin yet, but so far it’s added features that the default Divi modules lacked.

  28. Nicholas (verified owner)

    To start, I would give the customer service 5 stars. The products are quite feature rich, though not always intuitive. Some of the rough points have already been smoothed out. This is a plugin I would recommend to friends, and am happy to help support with my purchase.

  29. Geoffrey

    This is a powerful plugin, which helped the site achieve it’s potential … good support from Divi Engine

  30. Peter I

    Very fast and helpful support and powerful plugin. Only DiviEngine enabled us, to create such an successful shop.

  31. Ian Fender (verified owner)

    Great plugin, and brilliant support.

  32. Vladimír Fábry (verified owner)

    Great plugin and perfect support

  33. James Keegans (verified owner)

    Its a great product which will take your Woo store designs and functionality to a new level. With excellent support from the developers who are always willing to assist and go that extra mile for their customers.

  34. Karina L

    Awesome Customer Support, they knew exactly how to solve the issue!

  35. Miguel Silva (verified owner)

    The plugin is quite good. But the best thing is the support, a lot of willingness to help and take care of the doubts. Five stars without question.

    – Thank you very much Kriss for the support.

  36. Carley (verified owner)

    Amazing customer support! I’ve used this plugin for quite a few months now, have only come across one issue and the support team resolved it so quickly and were extremely helpful. Would definitely recommend.

  37. Shelley (verified owner)

    Amazing support – goes above and beyond to ensure compatability!

  38. Antoine (verified owner)

    Really good assistance ! I had a bug after layout installation and the team solved the problem really fast !
    Thanks for your help and assistance !

  39. KImiko

    Always helpful and ready to solve issues. DiviEngine team is so patient and supportive!

  40. Thiephaine

    BodyCommerce est le plugin indispensable de l’Agence ! Nous l’utilisons sur tous les sites de nos clients afin de proposer à leurs prospects une expérience utilisateurs optimale !
    Rare sont les soucis avec les extensions de DIVI Engine, et quand il y en a, le support est plus qu’efficace ! Toujours très rapide et très compétent.

  41. Mary (verified owner)

    Well done Divi Support! Thank you Kris!!!

  42. Karina

    The support is great and knows their stuff. I trust all of their plugins and will continue to use them for future projects.

  43. Kyle (verified owner)

    Loving Divi Engine and the support is superb. Totally worth the purchase and has enabled me to expand the capabilities of Divi to a new level.

  44. Robert Green (verified owner)

    Consistently good support. My latest support query was resolved within half an hour!

  45. Dennis (verified owner)

    Really good plugins and great customer service! Thank you!

  46. Jen Dangelo (verified owner)

    Amazing plugins and even better customer service!! Their BodyCommerce plugin is my GO TO plugin for making my WooCommerce websites look and function flawlessly!

  47. Vojtech Satrapa

    Perfect approach with solving anything we needed and also pretty quick!

  48. Mohamad

    Great Support Team. Very helpful and prompt with their replies!

  49. Sofia (verified owner)

    Whenever I have a problem with the plugin – the support team is awesome!

  50. Simon

    Great product, great support!!

  51. Tej (verified owner)

    Their support is great! Even if the problem is from Divi, not directly from Bodycommerce, Divi Engine team is still helping to resolve my issue.

  52. PLSERVIZI S.R.L. (verified owner)

    the assistance service is truly exceptional. Well done and thank you

  53. Christian (verified owner)

    You guys are great… thank you so very much for your support!

  54. Diana Patricia Teomitzi López (verified owner)

    Really good support

  55. Ciprian (verified owner)

    I give DiviEngine in general and specific to BodyCommerce plugin 5 stars, no discussion.
    It is very complex, the documentation is solid, and on top of all, the customer support service is FABULOUS.
    Whenever I had problems, the answer came promptly and the people there gave me as much time as needed and answered all the questions.
    They really helped me with small customizations of the plugin because I had some more specific situations.
    So, in my opinion, it is the best booking plugin.
    Thank you DiviEngine Team.

  56. Robert Green (verified owner)

    Quick response and solved my problem

  57. Fred Letur

    Great job 🙂

  58. Pascal

    I’m really glad to have chosen BodyCommerce. The plugin itself is awesome!! And what is even better is the support and the company that stands behind it! Kris helped me more than one time to solve issues. Thanks to Kris I didn’t throw my computer out of the window.

  59. Robert Green (verified owner)

    I’ve been using BodyCommerce for nearly a year now on a client’s site – it’s a great bit of software. Whenever I have had to use Divi Engine’s support services they have been really responsive and solved my problems quickly.

  60. Sharon Webdesigner No Smoking Club

    The support team has always been there for us, they’re fast, efficient and reliable.

  61. Sergio Díez Rodríguez (verified owner)

    Incredible support! Kris help me so fast with my issue and now work excellent! Thank you so much!! 🙂

  62. Faisal Ayub (verified owner)

    Exellent service/support from bodycommerce they reply fastly as they can

  63. Andraž Gril

    Very friendly and helpful

  64. Jeff (verified owner)

    BodyCommerce is a must have addon to the Divi toolbox if your using WooCommerce. I have used BC for a while and recently had an issue with a 3rd party plugin, the Divi Engine support team go the extra mile to assist. Great plugin backed by amazing support – win win!

  65. Charlie Albright (verified owner)

    Really appreciate the great and prompt support.

  66. Jordan (verified owner)

    Adds an extreme level of customisation to an already in-depth Divi theme. Highly recommended, especially with the amount of support you receive from Peter and team!

  67. Vittorio Buggiani Osores (verified owner)

    excellent customer service, they talk firstly in common terms but if you want to know more they tell you “more technically”. I’m new with woocommerce and i think bodycommerce is the best plugin.
    Thnks to Jeff and all the support team.

  68. Monika (verified owner)

    Divi engine has very good support, they give a solution with my e-commerce cart and always that I need them answer me very quick. They have a very good support

  69. Konstantinos

    Five-star plugin and five-star after sales support! Especially the latter is invaluable. Quick email replying and even quicker issue resolving. Thanks a million times!

  70. Zumer Fazliu (verified owner)

    One of the best plugin for Woocommerce with Divi. I use it for my store with over 10’000 Products and it works perfectly. The service is excellent – fast response and solution oriented. highly recommended.

  71. Nancy Garrido Labbe (verified owner)

    Lots of thanks to David Wilkinson for all his support, very good disposition and quick response, I was able to solve the problem I had, with your indications, apologies for my words in English, I hope you can understand
    Thanks a lot, David!!

  72. Jovan

    The issue I had was taken care of really fast and the team is on point with their work!

  73. Morgan

    Divibodycommerce is very powerful, the support/customer service is the best i had since long time.
    Thanks to Peter and don’t hesitate to get the plugin

  74. Adam (verified owner)

    Is an essential extension for the professional design of web store pages. I did not find anything similar in the market even though I spent long days searching and testing. Professional and helpful customer service. Yes, i would buy it again!

  75. Abdallah (verified owner)

    Awesome plugins and awesome customer support. Bodycommerce solves all of woocommerce shortages and i never regretted using divi engine. I have also built websites using divi machine and it is great for building classified ads websites.. divi mobile is also awesome 😎

  76. Elsa (verified owner)

    Very quick response with multiple troubleshooting suggestions which immediately solved the problem.

  77. Beylet Christophe (verified owner)

    A big thank you to the support service, always responsive, seeks and finds top solutions!

  78. Yonatan (verified owner)

    Your review *Excellent products,
    It did not happen that I encountered a problem and did not receive a quick, caring and professional solution,
    Even when I bought another product, I received a message from them that the product already exists in the package I use and they credited my card immediately.
    warmly recommended!!!

  79. Laurance

    I Love this plugin and espacially the support they offer. Every time I have an issue that I can’t solve I can ask them a question. They respond quick and are very helpful and polite. Would really reccomend Divi Engine and all of their plugins!

  80. Mario (verified owner)

    Divi Engine is really going out of their was to help you. I had various issues and all of them have been picked up and sorted out. I am glad that I have signed up for Divi Engine and needless to say – BodyCommerce is a GameChanger. With the given tutorials, you can achieve amazing stuff. More Video Tutorials would be appreciated in near future.

  81. Ger (verified owner)

    David helped me out with some questions about Body Commerce functionality. This made it really clear how to use the plugin on my WooCommerce product page. Thanks!

  82. Mario (verified owner)

    Unbelievable Support. They are really keen on developing your needs within the next plugin update. Needless to say that I went with the full membership.

    Great Guys- Shoutout to Kris & Peter

  83. Juan Jose Collantes (verified owner)

    Excellent support, they responded very quickly 🙂

  84. Jamie

    I bought the AJAX filter plugin and despite a few early hurdles, it was a great choice. I tried several free plugins but none quite had the varied functionality and/or aesthetic options I wanted. I had some issues to begin with relating to scrolling after AJAX and product attribute filter, but Jeff from Divi Engine solved each issue I threw at him. Overall, pretty happy and will consider other Divi Engine products in the future.

  85. Lisa (verified owner)

    I had a problem with the search function because it contained the wrong header and footer. David was able to tell me in a short time what was the main issue and also checked my css so my page loads more faster. Thank you!

  86. Tobias (verified owner)

    Great product and even better support! Fully satisfied!

  87. Gerbert (verified owner)

    Great support! Kris was helping me really fast.

  88. Alex (verified owner)

    BodyCommerce is a complete solution if you really know what you need for an eshop development. It combines Divi + WooCommerce with the best way. Easy to use if you watch the fully detailed video tutorials. Team support is excellent and beyond every imagination. I am happy to say that an extra feature that would helped my project, appeared as plugin update in a few hours!!!

  89. Christophe Chevrier (verified owner)

    BodyCommerce is a very powerfull plugin. And we particularly appreciate the availability and responsiveness of the support, which always finds solutions to the problems encountered.

  90. Radosław Dzimiński (verified owner)

    I love divi engine for their great plugins, knowledge and proffesional support. They are also very helpful.

  91. Axel Meléndez

    Divi BodyCommerce it’s amazing, helps me to truly make incredible websites for my clients and support works excellent, the people are very nice and solves the issues in no time.

  92. Nancy Garrido (verified owner)

    Bodycommerce is very complete to do everything in a virtual store whith Divi and woocommerce. It not difficult understand. Always when I have some problems watch the video tutorials o sen an email to support group, Kris was very kind and pacient, thanks Kris for your support!!!

  93. Gerard (verified owner)

    Good plugins that extend the basic functionalities of others with interesting improvements. At the beginning it is somewhat complicated to understand how it works, but it is worth it, in addition, they have very good technical support and are open to implementing proposed improvements. I recommend the purchase, even more knowing that there is a lifetime license.

  94. Luca

    Amazing, really!

  95. Iciar Etxebarria Martín (verified owner)

    I purchased BodyCommerce plugin and it has not only the power to customize everything in Woocommerce to achieve the design I want, but also a great support. Divi Engine has answered quickly and efficiently every question I had. Highly recommendable! 🙂

  96. Jérémie (verified owner)

    AWESOME MODULE !!! Finaly a module that brings the super flexibility of divi into woocomerce. And the support team is really cool too !

  97. Saef Reyad (verified owner)

    Great Support, they answer everyday untill the problem is fixed, Thanks Guys.
    Divi needed you guys.

  98. mail3 (verified owner)

    Woocommerce is complex enough, so trying to customise it is way beyond me. But not these guys! Yes, the software works well and is regularly updated. But it’s the support that stands out, so skilled. They really try to help. And quickly too. If you’re starting a new ecommerce job, or trying to improve an existing setup, then BodyCommerce is a must-have in my book.

  99. milan mainassy (verified owner)

    A great product with great service! I needed something custom in the mini-cart and the support fixed it for me within a day!

  100. Kelvin Findlay (verified owner)

    The solutions are real and the customer service is fantastic. We get an answer back quickly whenever we submit a support ticket, which isn’t that often because the platform really is quite flexible. Great plugins, great pricing, and even better support!

  101. Daniel

    Divi BodyCommerce is great. I bought last year

  102. Rafik SAID MANSOUR (verified owner)

    Great and powerful plugin for woo-commerce built on DIVI. The plugin offers a tons of helpful features to build your shop. It is a MUST to have plugin if you work with woo-commerce and divi. The support Team is very reactive and professional !

  103. Valentin ALLARD (verified owner)

    I use BodyCommerce on two of my client’s websites. This plug-in is awesome and gaves you so much possibilites to custom your store.
    For each of those websites i had specific customisations to do and the support team was fantastic. They answer really quickly and they are really careful on what you ask for. They even made customisation for me.

    I’m so happy and highly recommend ! All my future client’s store will be done with your plugins I can guarantee it. Thank you DiviEngine !

  104. Precious (verified owner)

    Outstanding customer support

  105. Paolo Pavan (verified owner)

    I use Divi Engine plug-in every day. A strong team with a top quality assistance service are some of the strategic partner you would have when you develp a new website.
    My experience with Divi Engine is superbe and I found a company I can blindly trust.
    Thank you for your constant effort in order to develop top quality plug-in for the rest of us 🙂

  106. Pia Frische (verified owner)

    Thanks for the great support! My question has been answered very quickly.

  107. John Williamson (verified owner)

    Excellent products, a real game changer for ecommerce and the after sales customer services is top notch! just wish I had found Divi engine sooner!

  108. Sharon Dubois Agadagba

    Great support, glad to know I can count on you on the long term.

  109. Marie (verified owner)

    Great and quick support! I really appreciated. Thank you guys 🙂

  110. Helen van Rijn

    I started out with using Bodycommerce but are now a member. I just love the continuous updates en added functionality. But above all the great support. Keep up the good work.

  111. Maria Shatun (verified owner)

    I have been using Body Commerce and Mobile Menu plugins. Both are amazing plugins that make your Divi website look amazing. I am not a web developer and what was the most important is that I have received complete support from Divi Engine team even connected to the compatibility with the third party plugins and themes. Highly recommend Divi Engine plugins and support!

  112. Adam (verified owner)

    I bought Bodycommerce fairly early on in my Divi & WordPress journey, and so I found the huge amount of features within it a little bit overwhelming. Thankfully, Divi Engine provided fast responses every time I ran in to an issue (of which there were many at the start). Overall, it’s an incredibly powerful piece of kit, and I can see it becoming a staple plugin for Divi & Woocommerce users. I consider many of the features in Bodycommerce to be essential for a respectable ecommerce experience, and this plugin certainly provides a huge upgrade on the standard Divi & Woocommerce functionality. I look forward to becoming more adept with this great toolkit.

  113. James

    I purchased the DIVI bodycommerce plugin to go beyond the default layout for Woo Commerce. The package is packed with great and easy to use features that help to get my website built fast. I have had to reach out for further support but very happy with the service, thank you!

  114. Julia (verified owner)

    Very useful plugin as well as quick and professional help! Thank you!

  115. Peter (verified owner)

    Great plugin with tons of options. Only Bodycommerce enabled us to build the shop really professional. Thank you also for the great support!

  116. Ruben Omdal (verified owner)

    Awesome product and great support!!

  117. Gabe (verified owner)

    Excellent support. Great product.

  118. Arndt (verified owner)

    Outstanding and friendly support!

  119. Samuel Cheng (verified owner)

    Great and prompt reply! Thanks.

  120. Mike

    Great support when needed, all done with a personal touch which is quite rare! Thanks for your help Peter.

  121. Nicolás Machado

    Great, great support! I had an issue on a client’s website and the problem was solved really quick, first on a dev site and then on the live version. I say this to show that they really cares about your site and you as a customer. Really glad with the DiviEngine products and with their support! I really recommend DiviEngine!

  122. Elsa (verified owner)

    A must have plugin for a DIVI WooCommerce Site! Support is absolutely fantastic, responsive, helpful and patient.

  123. Kevin Campbell (verified owner)

    Not only is Bodycommerce a great product which makes Divi and Woocommerce work great, the support the team give is brilliant. They go out of their way to help and are happy to add functionality where they are able to do so. Totally recommend it!

  124. Karin Van Genegen (verified owner)

    I purchased Bodycommerce for the filter options and the possibilities to tweak the layout of the product and shop pages. That works great! I had a few layout questions and got a quick and helpfull response from the support team. That makes all the difference, thank you!

  125. Arndt (verified owner)

    Perfect, friendly and helpful support!

  126. Sharon Agadagba

    Excellent customer service, you were of great help. Thanks again

  127. Wouter van den Heuvel (verified owner)

    Amazing! The piece of coding itself works great. And if it doesn’t in try, the support is always there with fast and amazing help! Thank you so much for your development so far. Huge fan!

  128. YONG VOON FOOK (verified owner)

    excellent customer service, plus very polite!!!

  129. Blogs-Savoir (verified owner)

    I am very happy with this plug-in and recommend it to everyone.

    I am a person who advises a lot of e-commerce sites, and I very rarely leave comments.
    But I and the people I advise are very satisfied with the technical after-sales service, because their competence but also their speed even during festive periods is extraordinary.
    They solve us problems very quickly so that our sites work properly and they are always listening to us.

    Since installing the plug-in for me and the people I advise we can really have the e-commerce site we want and very easy to create or modify and regular improvements constantly simplify our work and the time for the done.
    You shouldn’t hesitate for the investment of this plug-in, because in a word it is “brilliant” the plug-in and the technical service.

  130. Fabio Fabbri (verified owner)

    Ladies and gentlemen, these guys are great. Truly phenomenal product, capable of giving control over almost every aspect left out by Divi completing it in a truly excellent way! To be defined a must have to work in simplicity and tranquility on a store under construction. Really noteworthy is the assistance that is provided, quick, courteous, patient and with a commitment to assist you that is difficult to find! Thanks from a newcomer to the world of WordPress!

  131. yonatan c (verified owner)

    Excellent supplement !!! 5 star service for everyone !!!
    Whenever I had to arrange something I received fast and quality service from the entire staff, I felt like I was their only customer.

  132. GEORGE HARRISON (verified owner)

    Great support, helped when we ran into some problems with our site. Was able to find a solution pretty fast. Highly recommend this plugin too as it’s really allowed us to take our online store to the next level.

  133. Gabriel

    Very nice plugin and excellent support. Finally useful tools to make my store stand out.

  134. Marc D.

    Great customers service. I had a problem with an update. They found a solution during week-end.

  135. Rogier The (verified owner)

    This plug in is a MUST have for any e-commerce store. Great functionality and a great customer support.

  136. TASSOS FOTIOU (verified owner)

    Excellent and fast support!!! Thanks guys 🙂

  137. Mauro Cirigliano (verified owner)

    This plugin is great. It allows you to customize your shop in an incredible way and in a complete way! Lots of features in a single plugin to make the store more functional and beautiful. As usual, in some cases you need to optimize some problematic compatibility, but the support is incredibly excellent, ready to help you quickly and effectively! I especially thank Kris for the excellent support he has given me.

    I heartily recommend this plugin! <3

  138. axel melendez (verified owner)

    Hello! thanks for the plugin, works perfectly and solves many sales issues that’s make the ecommerce sites works much better, the support they bring it’s top class.

  139. David P (verified owner)

    I’ve purchased quite a few Divi Engine plugins (Body Commerce, Mega Menu and Divi Nitro) and have found that they are phenomenal products that do what they say on the box.

    Whenever I’ve needed help Peter and the team have been quick to reply and help me out which I’ve greatly appreciated.

    Thank you Divi Engine! Your plugins are amazing and truly do extend and expand on the power of Divi!

  140. Dan Coates (verified owner)

    Fantastic support and excellent features make this plugin for Divi a must have for anyone who has an ecommerce shop and would like to make different layouts and customise there theme. Highly recommended.

  141. Frederick Dugas (verified owner)

    Simply awesome, this is not just any plugin. It’s a complete framework. If you work with Divi & WooCommerce, get BodyCommerce now.

  142. TL

    We are using DiviBodycommerce for a client website and could reach great design improvements with it.
    Customer support is awesome, mostly within a day and specific to the issue! Always friendly.

    Highly recommend!

  143. David (verified owner)

    Great and fast customer support !

  144. Marc D. (verified owner)

    Really great plugin that makes a Divi website more powerful and not looking like it was Woocommerce. Support is top-notch and super responsive. They could reply very quickly and solved my issues. Would totally recommend!

  145. David Moa (verified owner)

    I´m web designer and developer and I cannot be more happy with this plugin! It saves tons of time, making easy to ammend format and behavioural aspects that takes hours on coding in just a couple of clicks.
    I have to say the same about the others Divi Engine products, MegaMenu and Mobile Menu are a must in all my websites.
    Last but not less, the support is great: quick, effective and they go far beyond from what is expected.
    I really recommend it!

  146. Remi Daniel Malka (verified owner)

    As always, I am delighted with the service provided by DiviEngine

  147. Sabrina

    Phenomenal customer support. The team did everything and more to help me figure out a solution to my problem. They were extremely patient and persistent in their assistance. Thanks BodyCommerce!

  148. Christoph F. (verified owner)

    Great and fast customer support.

  149. Iboya Endhoven

    My website had issues with Divi bodycommerce. The team kept searching until they found the problem. It turned out to be a wrong code in my website, so the plugin didn’t work. Thanks again for the quick fix!

  150. Fabel Media (verified owner)

    Top of the notch support! Love the plugin!

  151. benoit (verified owner)

    Super and responsive customer service!!

  152. christian1 (verified owner)

    Great plugin which allows extended possibilities for styling the WooCommerce shop. What’s even better though is the exceptional support provided. Definitely recommended.

  153. Bessie

    Super fast reply (within 1 hour on a Friday evening). Explanation how to solve the issue was on point. It took me less than 5 minutes to apply the changes and test.

  154. Teo (verified owner)

    Great support. Emailed them on a Sunday and got an reply 2h after and problem solved within 5minutes. Great guys

  155. Kimi (verified owner)

    BodyCommerce has a ton of customization options, even more than another leading plugin that I own. There are so many options, in fact, that there is quite a learning curve. Support has been quick and fantastic at helping me when I have questions. This was a great purchase!

  156. Simon Girschweiler (verified owner)

    Divi Bodycommerce is literally amazing! Definitely a must have for every Divi – WooCommerce store! The Plugin has some really nice features which enables you to create awesome stuff!
    Also the support is super helpful (Thanks a lot Pete)! And I really appreciate the values of Divi Engine!
    Definitely a recommendation to buy!

  157. BRINGEL Sébastien (verified owner)

    Reaaaally really nice plugins and since you buy them your not alone.. ! And that’s great.. The Customer service is MAGIC, really nice .
    Cheers from France 🤚

  158. Thomas Luzio (verified owner)

    Great, personal support. DiviEngine replied fast, and came with the solution quickly. Recommended.

  159. Georgia Ferguson (verified owner)

    Worth it!

  160. Ben Harborne (verified owner)

    I’ve been using BodyCommerce for a while now and absolutely love it! It’s a MUST HAVE plugin for those building ecommerce websites with Woocommerce and Divi. The support provided is fantastic too! Keep up the good work Divi Engine

  161. Simeon Morris (verified owner)

    I am building my first website, using Divi, and I bought Body Commerce from Divi engine after seeing it reviewed on YT. When you are new at this game it can be a slow and steep learning curve to figure things out. The guys at Divi Engine are completely brilliant and have responded quickly with my many questions. I cannot recommend them higher. Their customer service is supreme!

    Buy this plugin, you won’t regret it.

  162. Bringel (verified owner)

    Very nice plugins which allows to create very nice things and personalize a lot without code <3

    The support is awsome !

  163. Sinisa Sinjori (verified owner)

    Usually I do not do reviews, but these guys (especially Peter) deserve some time to write a few rows.
    Some time ago I bought Divi BodyCommerce and today I upgrade account to Lifetime membership. No only the have very quality plugins for Divi, they do educational videos from time to time (please check their YouTube channel) and their support is excellent too. Till now I have just (VERY) positive words about them. What surprise me even more today, when I bought Lifetime membership, they pay part of that sum to some charity.
    Those guys are not just good developers, businessmen, but also good and honourable people. They deserve 10 stars, not just 5.

  164. Rohan (verified owner)

    I really wish there were more than 5 stars to give the team. Amazing support and have no problem with adding my ideas to the product. Keep up the awesome support work and great development work! Definitely give Divi BodyCommerce a buy if you want to build a nice store with Divi.

  165. Lawrence Clark (verified owner)

    Great plugin and great aftercare service on the product. For £24 I would certainly recommend for anyone looking to enhance their Divi website.

  166. Navneet Nair (verified owner)

    Searched for the Options to Modify the Woo Commerce Pages with Divi and Stumbled on Body Commerce. This Changed Everything. It is simply Awesome a must go with Divi and WooCommerce.

  167. Analogias (verified owner)

    Great plugin with so many useful options and possibilities into DIVI. Thats absolutely what I need. I have installed it in more than 5 stores at least by now and it´s helping me a lot with a good UX. Awesome support too, btw, fast and precise. Thank you guys!

  168. Laurie (verified owner)

    Very useful plugin! The customer service is definitely what makes the difference! I’ve never seen that before! If you have any question or problem the team will work on it and will always give you a reply!!
    I really recommend!
    Thanks so much for the time you spent to help guy!!

  169. Marc (verified owner)

    Great support for a perfect plugin 🙂

  170. Anastasija (verified owner)

    I love body-commerce plugin! Gives you nice features to achieve great design. And customer support is just superb! Immediate replies and very fast problem solving – great team behind this plugin:)

  171. Daniel Malka

    If there were the possibility of putting 10 stars I would have put them. Service really serious and very fast.
    The plugin is really cool and very practical.
    Thanks to the whole team

  172. NIck (verified owner)

    Great product and great support, had a reply with screenshots and a solution within 50 minutes.

  173. Benoit (verified owner)

    A powerful plugin,

    A real responsive and available technical service

    well done

  174. Johan Linder

    Highly recommended! Works with the visual builder, support is top-notch and all features are great

  175. Elisabeth Yaneske (verified owner)

    Great product for customising your woo store. Loads of features with more in development. Customer service is excellent!

  176. Steve

    Great plugin, great features, great support. Nothing more to be said:). Best Woo plugin for Divi by a mile. Cheers Pete

  177. poppyvine (verified owner)

    Excellent plugin – it really fills the glaring gap of Divi’s poor WooCommerce styling abilities. Excellent support also!

  178. Maurizio (verified owner)

    Great support! Thanks.

  179. Dani (verified owner)

    Great plugin. Quick response and solutions. I recommend you

  180. Cloe

    Fast, kind, and helpful support! They solved my issues in a couple of days. Really recommended plugin! Thanks a lot, Peter!

  181. candido3visao (verified owner)

    The service is great and the products are excellent. We recommend! Thank you

  182. Jo (verified owner)

    Support is really brilliant, I am using Body Commerce for the first time and it does take a bit of getting your head around it, but support has been patient and really helpful. Body commerce is amazing, so detailed and clever.

  183. Louise (verified owner)

    Amazing customer service and very responsive. Helped me through a few queries I had with Bodycommerce (which is awesome by the way for really helping to design your woo commerce site) and even went in the site and fixed it for me! I’ll definitely be looking at purchasing your other products. Thank you again!

  184. Marion (verified owner)

    Very reactive and friendly customer service ! Thank you !!!

  185. Sophie

    great customer support ! quick answers and technical support is awesome !

  186. jamestyoung (verified owner)

    A. great plugin allied with fast, effective support – what’s not to like!

  187. Guillaume RICHAUD (verified owner)

    So, where to start. The plugins (bodycommerce, mega menu, mobile menu) are freaking awesome. they really do what’s advertised and the support is just perfect. Thanks a lot Peter your work is just magic, our website is way better, faster, cleaner. best bucks we spent on plugins for almost 10years of wordpress building.
    will probably take nitro in the coming days !

  188. Jade Bailey

    Really loving the plugin so far! DiviEngine has provided fast and helpful support when needed. Would recommend this plugin for anyone looking to build an online store with Divi that looks great and works great.

  189. Matt (verified owner)

    Great plugin with an awesome customer service. I’ve encountered some issues but most of them have been fixed within a couple hours.

  190. Maurizio (verified owner)

    Great support always available! Thanks!

  191. Suzan (verified owner)

    I really like using BodyCommerce, it comes with lot of opportunities and the Divi Engine team responds really quick! I had an special request and Peter helped me within a few days with an update, so i could use a variable product in the orderbump.

    Thanks a lot Divi Engine! Great work!

  192. Achim (verified owner)

    Awesome, thank you so much for your help and update! The gallery module in BodyCommerce works so fine now! Great Support!
    Best regards and stay healthy! 🙏

  193. martin2 (verified owner)

    The customer service is 2nd to none. I have had a few issues (a couple of things I was doing wrong usually) and one additional feature, i usually get an answer with the hour, with a fix. I have not had this with any other developer,, thanks!

  194. Mangahouse

    Un plugin vraiment intelligent, un véritable atout pour la fonctionnalité et le design ! De plus le support technique répond très vite et est très efficace !

  195. SOS Wordpress (verified owner)

    The plugin itself is already a must have item for users of the Divi Theme. But the support is definitely EXCELLENT! Peter is awesome.

  196. Dorian (verified owner)

    Excellent support, solve every problems in a matter of minutes. Every divi e-commerce website should have this !

  197. Pavel (verified owner)

    Great time-saving plugin for building Woocommerce site on DIVI. Quick communication with developers and well-made feature request section. Recommend.

  198. optimale (verified owner)

    Great, fast customer support when needed, thank you

  199. Daryl26 (verified owner)

    Excellent plugin and it’s reassuring to be able to count on Peter when there is a problem, I recommend it.

  200. Gangy (verified owner)

    I purchased BodyCommerce and Mobile plugin, these plugins are amazing !! And the support is the best I ever met.
    I highly recommend Divi Engine, you will not find better.

    Thank you so much

  201. Mirko Karas (verified owner)

    Bodycommerce is very good plugin, with huge amount of Divimodules and options to tweak and set up. Altough it is complex, module options are well described, and the system is easy to set up.
    I would prefer more thorough written documentation, but their instructional videos are quite good. Instruction videos are also quite good, and we did not have many probelms setting BodyCommerce up. In addition, DiviEngine blog offers lots of ideas and tips forvarious solutions.

    Altough it did not have 100% of things we wanted, DiviEngine developers offered us a solution and developed reasonable feature that we wanted quite fast. Problems we wiht Bodycommerce on our website were dealt with fast and professionally. Their pride in their support is very well founded.

    All in all, this is great plugin well worth its price.

  202. Wim Demortier (verified owner)

    I need a plugin with the options of Divi Engine for a website with WooCommerce. Not only is the plugin great, but the support of Peter is really great. It’s fast en professional. Don’t hesitate to buy this plugin.

  203. Antonello Di Muro (verified owner)

    DIVI Engine, not only gives you great plugins but they have the best support I have ever experienced: really fast and effective!!!
    I recommend it 1000000%
    Buy it and you won’t regret !!! 😉

  204. Antoine (verified owner)

    Thanks a lot for your support and your quick answers ! It’s perfect !

  205. Joseph D.

    Support quickly found and fixed an error with a large live website and had it up and running again quickly. They spent the time figuring out a complex setup on our website, and were able to fix the issue without any downtime. Very professional, straight to the point, high quality support. Would recommend Divi Engine to anyone solely based on their support team.

  206. robert vriend (verified owner)

    We had a small problem with the update with the plugin in WordPress. Pete solved the problem on short notice so we could work with Divi Engine again.

  207. Sigurd Myhra Wiik (verified owner)

    Very handy plugin with a lot of features I miss in Divi. Excellent service with fast response time if you need some help with the set-up or run into problems.

  208. brutoblo (verified owner)

    Had a small problem today, and Peter solved it in less than 15 minutes, great customer service!

  209. Marc (verified owner)

    Peter helped me to solve the issues I was facing in an amazing way ! Quickly and friendly ! A great support !!

  210. Tony (verified owner)

    The plugin did exactly what I had hoped for. Customer support is excellent!

  211. Patrick (verified owner)

    Great plugin! Great support by Peter! I recommended it.

  212. Loic (verified owner)

    Great product, allows the perfect level of customization as well as keeping things simple. And customer service + support team is amazing. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with them whenever feeling lost, they really do magic and will save you hours of headaches

  213. jamie2 (verified owner)

    Great support, great product.

  214. hello8 (verified owner)

    Quality support, always fast and efficient!

  215. Antonio Perez (verified owner)

    Bodycommerce is amazing! You can do tons of new things customizing woocommerce. And the support team is very fast solving problems!!

  216. Estelle

    An amazing customer service! If we could have some customer service like that everywhere it will be perfect 🙂 I regularly use BodyCommerce, and these plugins are really great! I recommanded it

  217. Robin Vermeij (verified owner)

    Amazing plugin for E-commerce websites with Divi Theme. You can build woocommerce pages with your own creativity. The possibilities are endless and support is awesome. The response time is within a hour!

  218. Patrice (verified owner)

    Support is really fast, professional and personalized. Congratulations

  219. Doeye Hof (verified owner)

    Bodycommerce is the way to build a webshop in Divi. Really it has all the options you’re looking for in a webshop and it works whit Divi. Really love this one!! Keeps me up all night finding out new possibilities.

  220. ligier.florian (verified owner)

    A must have plugin for Divi and WooCommerce! Great and fast support.

  221. Joy (verified owner)

    Excellent response rate. Peter has been very helpful along the course of our project. Thank you.

  222. Kasper

    Excellent and fast support

  223. Vladislav (verified owner)

    Great customer support! Would help you until the problem is solved no matter what

  224. [email protected] (verified owner)

    Amazing! BodyCommerce plugin is the way products should be designed and supported. Was stuck with WooCommerce design limitations until I came across the miracle of BodyCommerce – exactly the flexibility to design WC modules that I needed! In case of questions or issues, the support provided by Peter is timely and to the point. Don’t waste your time on custom code, get BodyCommerce.

  225. Marinus

    Great service Peter! He helpt me out in a lot of situations! Amazing what kind of service you get for just 24 pounds! It’s a great plugin!

  226. Mowgliparis (verified owner)

    The plugin is very powerfull, and the support and customer service is the best i had in all of my experiences.
    I trully recommand you the divibodycommerce plugin, i am using it for all my e-commerce.

  227. agurkov (verified owner)

    This plugin is great, gives me full control over my online store. Great support, fast and professional.

  228. Zander van Oldenborgh (verified owner)

    ‘Peter and the guys at Divi Engine went above and beyond to help me sort out the issues I had. I couldn’t be happier with the result. Over delivered!”

  229. Wilfried (verified owner)

    To all of you web entrepreneur out there : If you are searching for a clean, fast and convenient way to customize your woocommerce shops then you have to stop reading other reviews and go directly testing bodycommerce. The support is really good and the extension cover every aspect of woocommerce so it’s a no brainer !

    If you are still wondering about it, just ask yourself : How much will it cost to me and how much will it bring in my pocket ? -> No-brainer !!!

  230. Elizabeth

    AMAZING SUPPORT! The support and customer service for this plugin is amazing! They went above and beyond to help us and always responded within minutes. You don’t normally see this kind of support with plugins, not only great support but a great plugin too!

  231. Max (verified owner)

    Very diverse plugin with a lot of features and great documentation about how to use the features. The customer service is very fast, friendly and helpful. Overall exceeded my expectations!

  232. Rosalie Verhoef

    I really like this plugin for my divi websites. I tried other plugins but Divi Bodycommerce worked best for me. The support is also good and fast. I have made nice WordPress webshops with this plugin.

  233. Arthur Wilson

    Great plugin features and excellent support!

  234. Method (verified owner)

    I use the bodycommerce plugin and have always had fast support. Very reliable and helpful. Surely recommend Divi Engine.

  235. brandphysics (verified owner)

    So grateful for the amazing customer service and support! All questions and queries are responded to so quickly which is essential for me to provide great customer service to my clients too. The control provided with this Plugin to customise all elements of a WooCommerce store is fantastic. I have no hesitations is recommending Divi BodyCommerce to anyone.

  236. Kasper (verified owner)

    Excellent support

  237. kathya (verified owner)

    Divi Body Commerce is a lifesaver! It helped me build out our product pages beautifully without knowing a ton of code, and although the new Divi woo commerce is great, Divi Body Commerce offers more customization options.

  238. crazywebstudio (verified owner)

    Amazing value for the price! It helped us to dramatically reduce the development time for our latest Divi+WooCommerce website. We will for sure use this plugin again for future projects. And kudos to the support, that is very responsive.

  239. René Eger (verified owner)

    Peter gives me a very quick and awesome support! Thank you again! Great! BodyCommerce is what I really like and need!

  240. Vernon Joyce (verified owner)

    BodyCommerce has truly filled a gap in my day to day Divi work. It’s packed with features and makes customising product layouts a breeze. Really pleased that it was recommended to me.

  241. Thibaut Goarant (verified owner)

    The support and customer service are amazing. Very fast and straight to the point. I am glad to have found this plugin, and the guy behind. On the plugin aspect, I think this is great too, the customization in term of shop setting is simply amazing also.

  242. Arindam Sen (verified owner)

    I had tried other plugins before, but its only after I used Body Commerce I discovered the ultimate flexibility to modify all woocommerce core pages. Additionally I am super impressed with the level of support provided by David and his team at Divi Engine. They even went out of their way to stylize features that are generally not possible without custom coding. I highly recommend Divi Engine and their fantastic team.

  243. adeelyahoo (verified owner)

    Well, first things first I was a little scared while buying this plugin cause big brands don’t have good support. But diviengine changed my mindset, diviengine customer care is great. They also answered my off topic question for which they were not bound to answer. Price is great and the service is awesome. Definitely recommend to buy this plugin for woocommerce websites.

  244. Sarah Love (verified owner)

    I was absolutely stoked to find and use the BodyCommerce plugin for a client’s site!!

    I had a couple of issues upon initial setup but wasn’t too worried because I had faith it would work itself out (plus, after playing around with the plugin, I absolutely fell in love with it and I literally prayed that the issues would get fixed).

    I’m so glad Pete came to the rescue as quickly as he did, and I’m delighted to know that the support is fast, helpful and friendly.

    Oh and another great thing that you don’t find out until after your purchase, Divi Engine donates part of the profits to a charity that helps students in South Africa (how sweet, right?)!!

    Now, I look forward to checking out the other plugins Divi Engine has to offer!! 😃

  245. Lee

    Excellent product and support. Makes Divi really useable as a Woocommerce solution and the help is above and beyond! 🙂

  246. mofpe (verified owner)

    Fantastic plugin. Made Woccommerce shops before with another plugin. Started to use Bodycommerce and that was a hole new world. Almost everything is possible. And the support from Pete is great. He’s busy, but takes his time to answer all questions. Buy the plugin. 🙂

  247. Thomas (verified owner)

    Fast support and great support !

  248. Alex Ion (verified owner)

    “I will join my kid and wife in the park for 1h – you made that possible!” I never thought a piece of software can help with that, but Divi Engine’s BodyCommerce is not just a plugin. Peter provided quick and effective support (both within the scope of DE.BC-WooCommerce integration; and with other 3rd party, customised plugins). That made it possible to reduce work time on an urgent project, and for me spending extra time with family. Now I’m looking forward to the next shop project, so I can upgrade my BodyCommerce subscription.

  249. Patrick

    I love this plugin. I makes using WooCommerce a lot friendlier. Great support!!!

  250. Benabou

    Perfect! A very good plugin for the personalisation of my e-Commerce. I would like to show my website with BodyCommerce on your site. Is it possible?
    Here you will find the url:
    Thanks for your work

  251. Jeroen

    Best Divi plugin out there. Support is extremely helpful. I can highly recommend Divi Engine.

  252. Blake Kenney (verified owner)

    I started with other Divi & Woo builder plugins, but they all had the same issue. They could do separate things, really well, but not everything you need to set up a store. Divi Engine’s Body Commerce brings all the necessary tools to start e-commerce with Divi together in one bundle. Installation is easy, but it takes some time to go through all of the settings to get everything how you want. I had issues arise with my setup and the owner was great with responding to my questions and putting a temporary fix until the problem is fixed. Great support and it’s nice to have a company that feels like a person you can reach out to at any time. Looking forward to future performance and compatibility updates.

  253. Craig (verified owner)

    This really is a top plugin if you’re looking to build your store pages using the Divi builder. It adds loads of extra modules that handle everything you can think of related to Woocommerce. Having every element of Woocommerce broken down into modules and then added into the Divi builder means you have complate control over the layout and design of your Woocommerce pages. Anything from the cart and checkout, to the product page and shop pages can be built and customised using the Divi builder. The support is also excellent! I had a small issue with speed which Peter managed to fix (not related to the plugin in the end but related to Divi itself!) Can’t recommend highly enough! Thanks!

  254. Xavier (verified owner)

    Amazing plugin and support! You can customize everything in woocommerce design, and when you have a problem or difficulty, the support is really quick to give you the solution. Thanks a lot!

  255. Thomas

    Peter is great to communicate with and helps immediately – that’s support! I’ve made some other experiences with support.

    The BodyCommerce plugin works very good now, after Peter updated the plugin to work also with a lot of product categories. It’s easy to set up and offers a lot of features to really create a WooCommerce store as you want and need it!

  256. Loren Polster (verified owner)

    This plugin is an absolute must for anyone using Woocommerce with Divi. The functionality and customizations are endless, the videos instructions are perfect, and their support is incredible. I’m so glad I found this plugin and cannot recommend it highly enough. Looking forward to using it more in the future.

  257. Paul Barling (verified owner)

    This plugin is amazing, I’ve tried other woocommerce builder plugins and none are as good as this, everything is laid out for ease and the instruction videos are spot on, I’ve been able to do more in one afternoon with than days messing around with the others.

  258. Amine Rouhli (verified owner)

    If you are going to run a Woocomerce store with Divi then the BodyCommerce plugin it a great addon to your toolkit. It will save you time and give you a lot of control. Thank you Diviengine 🙂

  259. Oliver Karstedt (verified owner)

    This amazing plugin is all you need to style your WooCommerce store with Divi. So easy yet so powerful. After you’ve watched the 15 minute tutorial video you know everything you need to easily style every part of your store. And the support is just incredible. They even helped me with a problem that was not really related to their plugin.
    Also: They don’t advertise this but they give part of their profits to a charity which helps kids in poorer countries get schooling and tutoring. How cool is that. Great people, great plugin, great support. Don’t think about it any longer, this is what you want if you have a WooCommerce Store and Divi installed.

  260. Jukka (verified owner)

    Bodycommerce is a must have plugin if you are building WooCommerce stores with Divi. With this plugin you can make your store run smoother for your clients and possibly make more money. I will use this on my every store project. What i would want divi engine to add into this plugin? If there was the possibility to add ajax search in to the main menu for woocommerce products this plugin would be too good to be true.

  261. martin2 (verified owner)

    I had an issue with the plugin, and got excellent support, just got off the phone with one of the company founders, who talked me through what i was doing wrong, and then realised there was a some issue with the code. which he was going to solve. cant fault the service!

  262. Jonathan (verified owner)

    The product and the support it’s great, resolving my problem in my website in 10 minutes,And they didn’t even accept a coffee! : 😀

  263. Karim (verified owner)

    A top plugin for UX and UI, I can create my store and I’ve a great support, Congrats 🎉

  264. MaximePotier (verified owner)

    Amazing plugin! Amazing support! I highly recommend BodyCommerce! Thank you Divi Engine, thank you Pete 🙂

  265. Nicolas Bomont

    I’ve had a compatibility issue with my own WP builder (as was not Divi) and the Divi BodyCommerce solution. I contacted support and asked for a refund. The Divi Engine team was really helpful and my problem was solved in less than one day. Thanks, Peter!

  266. Roc Davis (verified owner)

    One of the best tools for building out an economic store.

  267. Charlotte (verified owner)

    I really recommend BodyCommerce for everyone who wants to customize their WooCommerce shop! And if you have multilingual site with the WPML plugin, you need BodyCommerce, because it is fully compatible with WPML.

    I am an artisan with no computer background. BodyCommerce helped me to make a great layout for my webshop. It is easy to use, the tutorials are very thorough and the support – well it is the most friendly and helpful support I have ever met!

  268. kovacsmarton7 (verified owner)

    This is a very helpful plugin! BodyCommerce and Divi play nice together. I like the many styling options and mods. Thanks! 🙂

  269. Diva Zucker (verified owner)

    Major time saver! I came across this plugin while looking for fast development solutions for e-commerce websites, that work well with the DIVI theme. Great product! Totally worth the money, Saves me hours of customized development. I highly recommend!

  270. Elaine Huggett (verified owner)

    I highly recommend the BodyCommerce for building eCommerce websites with Divi and Woocommerce. It’s the best solution we’ve come across, the plugin is solid, reliable and the support is excellent. Our emails were answered to quickly, efficiently and clearly. Thank you to Peter, for a great customer experience.

  271. wassersportpotsdam (verified owner)

    I’m so happy I chose BodyCommerce!
    I was looking for the most flexible plugin to create a really individual website using Divi and WooCommerce.
    And I’ve found it.

    My experince:
    It’s ultra flexible in every detail.
    Once you get the idea behind the way to create layouts in the Divi Library and then place them on pages (or even re-use them on other layouts in the library – perfect customization of your WooCommerce shop is really easy. The plugin is well maintained. And my email to their customer support had been answered within hours!

    Thank you very much! Keep up the good work!

  272. JAMEL ZAIDI (verified owner)

    BodyCommerce is the best Woocommerce customization plugin, better than Woo Layout Injector. Pete provides good quality support and responsiveness. A professional solution for any e-merchant.

  273. tk (verified owner)

    Put simply, BodyCommerce makes WooCommerce and Divi play nice! It’s a real joy to take control of the way my eCommerce sites looks and behaves – all the detailed styling options missing from both Divi and WooCommerce. Plus, DiviEngine is amazing on support. Super-helpful and always efficient. Thanks!

  274. tiagoangelo (verified owner)

    I was looking for something that could help me in the creation of personalized product page in WooCommerce (and maintain the work with DIVI). I’ve found Divi Body Commerce in the newsletter received months ago and decided to read and learn more about it. It really made my day and save tons of code and hard work on my recent project!

    Thanks, Divi Engine :D!

  275. Eloy Sancho (verified owner)

    This plugin has allowed us complete freedom in the design of online stores for our customers using Divi and WooCommerce. It has become essential in our toolbox!

  276. Dejan992 (verified owner)

    I’ve tried all of these DIVI Woo builders and I like this one the most!

  277. Thomas

    Divi BodyCommerce is the best Woocommerce plugin for Divi users. Once you get the hang of it, you realise the endless potential with their system! Their support is super quick and helpful.

  278. websymbol1 (verified owner)

    I sincerely recommend this plugin as a part of every WooCommerce websites. What makes it unique is the technical support behind this awesome tool, the complexity of features and the fact that it’s very easy to work with it.
    I’ve rarely seen so great customer care attitude provided by a company and believe me, I really appreciate that the person behind this project cares so much about this community. I encourage everyone to check the features that DiviEngine can deliver and to buy it.
    Good luck and keep doing the great job!

  279. Jay (verified owner)

    I am a huge fan of Divi Engine. I have used BodyCommerce for a little more than a year I believe and WOW. it has made a huge difference in my site. As a novice site builder, I decided to dive into the deep end and build out my site from scratch with Divi and BodyCommerce amd Woocommerce. If you are like me, you’ll quickly find that if you don’t want your site to look like a cookie cutter site out of the box, you will be at a loss.

    This plugin is a must have if you want your life to be simple. Very easy to use and intuitive, light and very well written plugin. Worth a whole lot more than what it costs.

    Support is outstanding; issues fixed in less than a day even with time difference. Features I requested were added in no time to the plugin.
    It doesn’t get any better than this. Well done Pete. Thanks a bunch.

  280. Aude

    Amazing Plugin !
    This plugin allows a very large customization of product pages, category pages, …. No need technical knowledge. The interface is very intuitive. Technical support is very professional and reactive. I recommend this extension without hesitation. Thank you Peter !

  281. Alexandra (verified owner)

    This plugin is is just what I wanted and I can’t get along without it. I can define this with one word: PERFECT. Wuth this plugin you can customize most of your ecommerce. I’m not developer, and so I can’t edit nothing in woocommerce, but with Divi Bodycommerce, has simplified all process to editing. What to say about the bodycommerce developer? Pete is very professionist, kind, fast and he will always be here for you. He help me with advice and suggestions, but no only this. He implementing for me the plugin. This plugin is worth much more that 15$. Thank Bodycommerce, thak you very much Pete!

  282. jeroen (verified owner)

    Wonderful plugin. It works like charm and includes all functions that you need to make your Divi and WooCommerce powered website look and work amazing.

  283. sebastiano.zampini (verified owner)

    Divi Engine Body Commerce saved my life! I created a website with Divi, using a child theme and some customizations. I used WooCommerce in catalogue mode and I have been struggling with custom woocommerce categories layout for months. I used a well know layout injector which worked fine for one language. Unfortunately I had to add 2 more languages with WMPL and the custom layouts didn’t display at all. I contacted both the plugin creator and WPML forum for help: they were able to reproduce the bug but I was left with a half working website. Looking for a solution I found Body Commerce. I was a bit worried that it may cause conflicts with the other plugin but it solved all my problems: no issues with WooCommerce updates, easier integration of the layout and I could also decide to use completely different layout for each language and it would work anyway. I just had to do minor changes (it took me about 10 minutes) and all the layouts in the different languages were finally displaying the correct layout!! You can tell that the plugin is thought to be easy to use and, to me, it seems lightweight too: UI is designed with care, which helps a lot in doing things fast.

  284. info37 (verified owner)

    Great plugin with all options you need for customising woocommerce in combination with divi. Support is great as well whenever you have problems the owner will assist you!

  285. Thomas (verified owner)

    A great plugin and even greater support. Helped me with implementing the plugin and even added some specific stuff for me! I love it.

  286. planmc2 (verified owner)

    Awesome plugin and complete customizing solution for woocommerce and the support is great, it helped me with all the questions and doubts. I highly recommend it!

  287. johnathonbarber (verified owner)

    Excellent plugin and excellent support. Plugin author is very responsive to support tickets and issues. Isses were fixed promptly and a feature request was available within a week. Has replaced a previous layout plugin that I had purchased. Wish I had found this one earlier.

  288. calogero (verified owner)

    This plugin is amazing! If you use Divi with Woocommerce you must buy this plugin. When I install I have some problem with WPML but the developer help me to fix the problem, it’s amazing.

  289. rachael.vandendool (verified owner)

    This plugin is an amazing addition to Divi sites using WooCommerce. I have been using Divi for two years now, and love how you can “almost” design everything. However, you could not customize the WooCommerce end of it very well. Specifically the Archive Pages, Shop Pages, and Checkout page. I was searching for a solution to this and found this plugin. This plugin is customizes so much, it does the product page, archive pages, account pages, checkout page, email, and more features than I can remember. I know other plugins out their that charge the same price, and only customize the product page, Seriously! The developer is really friendly and prompt to reply to messages, I ran into a little glitch last week and emailed him and he responded and fixed it very quickly. Honestly all the things this plugin does would cost you so much more, if you bought them individually. If you are look for a robust solution to your Divi+WooCommerce design issues, then you should get this plugin.

  290. Nelson Lee Miller (verified owner)

    This plugin is your COMPLETE WooCommerce + Divi solution! I randomly found this one day, wishing there were some Divi WooCommerce plugins to help me out with a small online shop website I’m building. What I soon discovered after I bought this is that it combines all the WooCommerce + Divi customization needs I have on my list, like using the Divi Builder and Divi Libray Layouts on each WooCommerce product, on the account pages, on the checkout, on the emails, etc etc etc. I was shocked at how cheap the plugin is! Seriously! This is pretty new and it already has some amazing features that are exclusive to this plugin (trust me, I’ve tried some other and failed). I do not know the developer personally, only through the Facebook group and emails, but I happen to know he is extremely nice, a very smart developer, and replies quickly to questions and suggestions. There are new modules and updates and features in the works. Take a seasoned Divi designer’s advice, and buy this plugin if you plan to sell anything at all on your Divi website!

Add a review


Our documentation explains how to use BodyCommerce. This documentation comes in two formats:

  1. Video
    This is for those who just need a quick summary of the features, and how they’re used at a high level.
  1. Text
    This is where we go into more detail, and show you the full range of options for implementation.

We’re adding new features to Divi BodyCommerce on the regular, and we update our documentation accordingly.

Your questions answered

The visual builder in the Divi Library is not working, it is just loading…
Account section, my CSS is not working quite right here
How do I redirect the customer to the cart page after add to cart?
I cannot edit the modules using the visual builder
General Can I get a refund?
General What about customer support?
General Do I get updates?
List Grid

Divi Ajax Filter, Machine & BodyCommerce

List / Grid

Introducing the dynamic “List/Grid” feature, the perfect complement to our loop templates and custom loop layout functionality. With this versatile addition, you can seamlessly switch between list and grid layouts for your posts, creating a visually engaging and interactive experience for your website visitors. Simply click on the grid option, and watch as the post structure transforms into a beautifully organized grid display. Likewise, selecting the list option instantly reverts the layout back to a clean and concise list format. This powerful feature offers you the freedom to experiment with different display styles, adapting to your content and design preferences with just a click. Elevate your website’s aesthetics and user experience effortlessly with the List/Grid feature.

List/Grid Switcher Documentation

List Grid for Divi
Loop Templates

Divi Ajax Filter, Machine & BodyCommerce

Loop Templates

Introducing “Loop Templates,” a powerful feature of our WordPress plugin that revolutionizes the way you display posts, products, or custom posts on your website. With our prebuilt loop templates, you can effortlessly enhance the design and layout of your post loop, saving you time and effort. Choose from a variety of professionally designed templates to suit your specific needs and seamlessly integrate them into your website. But that’s not all – we go beyond templates. Our plugin also allows you to unleash your creativity by using shortcodes or custom templates in your child theme, giving you ultimate flexibility and control over your content presentation. Upgrade your Divi experience with Loop Templates and elevate your website’s visual appeal effortlessly.

Loop Template Documentation

Custom Orderby

Divi BodyCommerce

Custom Orderby

We have created a module for you that allows you to create custom orderby select box.

You can create as many select drop down options and even mix this up with ACF to create some really useful sorting options

Orderby BodyCommerce
Ajax Filters

Divi BodyCommerce

Ajax Filters

One of the most exciting and powerful features of Divi BodyCommerce. We allow you to have complete control (thanks to the Divi Builder) on what content to filter and how it looks. We have added helpful tools like number sliders for your viewers to easily change the filters and the posts to update with what they want to see.

Filter your products by category, tags, product attributes, Price and custom fields.

Account Section Templates

Divi BodyCommerce

Free Layout Packs

We create layout packs for you to download and use on your website builds.

These “premium” layout packs include all you need, including a settings file to import and get all the BodyCommerce settings sorted.

We hope you love them, we will keep adding to the list so be sure to check back

Video Documentation

This video shows us working on our first layout pack (furniture) but the same method applies to all of them.

WooCommerce checkout funnel

Divi BodyCommerce

Checkout Funnel

A checkout funnel is such a great addition to any store. Increase sales by offering discounts to your customers at checkout that they can easily add to cart with no fuss and without leaving the page. If you have purchased on Amazon, you would of seen this in action. At checkout they offer you complementary products to add to your order.

Order Bump

An order bump is displayed on the checkout page itself. It is usually near the payment section and offers a discount for you to simply check a box to add it to your order.

What the video below or check out our documentation for more information.

Custom Pagination

Divi BodyCommerce

Custom Pagination

With Divi BodyCommerce you can customise the look of the WooCommerce pagination. We have many styles for you to choose from and then customise to make it suit the look of your website. Below are some of the styles you can create.

Account Section Templates

Divi BodyCommerce

Custom Product Gallery Sliders

Have too many product images or want to make the gallery on the product page better? We have added the ability to choose from different product sliders. Our sliders have an improved image zoom, Lightbox and are compatible with variation image change upon selection.

Create easily beautiful product carousel sliders on your WooCommerce product pages to improve UX and sales. Create simple, vertical, horizontal or expandable sliders (we will add more in the future).

Divi BodyCommerce

Visual Builder Compatible

All our modules with the exception of the custom loop layouts are visual builder compatiable

Not Fully Compatible Yet
  • Product Carousel
  • Product Slider
  • Product Loop – Custom Loop Layout ONLY
  • Related Products – Custom Loop Layout ONLY
  • Up-sell Products – Custom Loop Layout ONLY
  • Cross-sell Products – Custom Loop Layout ONLY

You can see all our modules on our documentation website here

password reset template

Divi BodyCommerce

Password Reset Template

Create beautiful password reset pages with the Divi Builder and our modules.

You can read more about the password reset pages here

Category Page Template

Divi BodyCommerce

Custom Thank You Pages

This feature gives you the control to shape the layout of your thank you page (after the order is placed) all within the Divi Builder. Create custom thank you pages with ease!

Our Thank You Page Modules

BC Customer Details - Thank You

This displays the customer details on the thank you page

BC Order Details - Thank You

This displays the order details on the thank you page

BC Order Overview - Thank You

This displays the order overview (the first section on the thank you page)

Field Customiser

Divi BodyCommerce

Form Field Customiser

Not to be mistaken for the checkout customiser – this feature allows you to change the appearance of the input fields across the whole site. 

For example, you want to create a custom looking quantity field or select drop-down field, this will help you achieve this. Use our settings to choose custom icons, change the border, colour and other related appearance settings. 

Below is an example of how the quantity looks by default and how it can look using our settings.

Sharing Icons

Divi BodyCommerce

Sharing Icons

We have added the ability to add sharing icons to your product page. Choose a sharing style and then add the module “DB Pro Sharing” to render the icons. We have included Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Pinterest as our chosen social networks.

Divi BodyCommerce

Single Product Page Builder

Customize your Divi WooCommerce product Page

Create a different product page layout for each category, or even for each product. This gives you much more flexibility, so you can build product pages exactly the way you desire.

Our Product Page Modules

You can see a fuill list of our modules on our documentation website here, these include everything you need from the product title, price and add to cart to the gallery, attributes and even custom shortcodes/actions.

Category Page Template

Divi BodyCommerce

Category Page Builder

Customize Divi WooCommerce category page

This feature gives you the control to shape the layout of your category page, and design a different look for each category if you want to. Create a shop homepage and category pages that look fresh and custom – all within the Divi builder.

Account Section Templates

Divi BodyCommerce

Account Section Builder

Customize your Divi WooCommerce my account page

Enhance your clients’ shopping experience with our game-changing feature for WooCommerce – the ability to transform the ‘My Account’ section into a visually stunning and user-friendly interface. Say goodbye to the clunky and unattractive default design as you harness the full potential of the Divi Builder. With this powerful tool, you can effortlessly create captivating layouts for each endpoint within the ‘My Account’ section, tailoring them to your clients’ unique brand and style. Our plugin goes even further by offering a custom account endpoints feature, allowing you to add personalized sections to the ‘My Account’ area, providing an enhanced level of customization and convenience. Say hello to an improved ‘My Account’ experience, where aesthetics and usability seamlessly merge, giving your clients the ultimate satisfaction while shopping on your WooCommerce website.

Login Page Template

Divi BodyCommerce

Login Page Builder

The login page is one of the most frequently used pages of your site, so you should have it the way you want it. Create a fresh layout using our custom modules.
Category Page Template

Divi BodyCommerce

Cart Page Builder

Customize your Divi WooCommerce cart page 

It’s important to build a basket page that enhances the sales funnel and reduces the likelihood of a high basket abandonment rate. Using this feature, you’ll have the controls to do just that and customize your cart page with Divi and WooCommerce.

Category Page Template

Divi BodyCommerce

Custom Checkout

For any e-commerce site, the checkout page is the most pivotal point of the customer journey, so make yours outstanding.

Choose from four different styles: Shopify style, multi-step, accordion and one-page, then choose the design and look that suits you.

Below is a video showing the shopify theme style

Email Template

Divi BodyCommerce

Email Template

WooCommerce handles a stack of email messages to customers. The email template feature in BodyCommerce allows you to fully control the appearance and fixed content of those messages, complete with a preview window to view changes on the fly.
Mini Cart

Divi BodyCommerce

Mini Cart

A mini basket is a dropdown that appears when a user selects the basket icon. It’s perfect for letting customers quickly view the contents of their basket without leaving the page and therefore, without breaking the shopping cycle. Many of our customers have recorded uplifts in conversions since using the mini basket.

If you’re using WooCommerce and Divi together, you’ll notice that having a mini basket is not possible out of the box. Not only is it made possible with BodyCommerce, you can style its appearance however you like.

Custom Cart Icon

Divi BodyCommerce

Custom Cart Icon

With our plugin you can change your Divi WooCommerce cart icon. Choose from our beautifully designed SVG icons to make the shopping basket work perfectly with your brand, style and colour palette. A small tweak that’s great for fine-tuning the feel of your brand.

Improved custom badges

Divi BodyCommerce

Improved Custom Badges

Give your badges an original look, and avoid having the same bland WooCommerce badges as everyone else. Choose from our stack of slick SVG badges and pick your settings:

  • For ‘sale’ badges – use a percentage discount, or just plain text
  • For ‘new’ badges – set how long you want them to show for.
Variation Swatches

Divi BodyCommerce

Variation Swatches

When customers select an item from a store, they may have some choices to make about that item before it lands in the basket. For example, the size, the colour, or the perhaps the fabric.

Our variation swatch feature gives you control over how those options look. You can use any badge, colour or image to give the customer a real feel for what they’re buying and add some polish to the customer experience.

Below you can see an example of how the swatches could look like. Below shows a label(button) swatch and color swatch with our Tooltip option.


Custom Checkout Fields

Divi BodyCommerce

Custom Checkout Fields

When users check out, you can now steer your customers the way you want. For example, if you want your terms and conditions to be agreed at checkout, you can do that here. If you wish, you can then apply your settings to a thank you page and outgoing emails.
Ajax add to cart

Divi BodyCommerce

Ajax Add to Cart

Baskets that need to refresh are annoying and clunky. Seamlessly add and withdraw items to the basket without refreshing the page at any time, and instantly improve the chances of securing a conversion and more importantly – a returning customer.

This feature gives you modification controls so you can change how the basket behaves on screen and control the customer experience. Ajax add to cart works on the category page, the single product page, single products and variable products.

Ajax add to cart might not be compatible with third party plugins like composite or product add-ons.

It is compatible with:
– Default WooCommerce product types
– WooCommerce Subscriptions

Custom Product Tabs

Divi BodyCommerce

Custom Product Tabs

Customers won’t know their way around your store pages without clear and proper direction. So use custom tabs on your product page to steer customers and create a shopping experience that gets conversions.
General Modifications

Divi BodyCommerce

General Modifications

As part of giving you more control, we also added some ‘general’ modifications, that you can use right across Divi + Woocommerce.

These mods include:

  • Use the Divi Builder on the product page
  • ‘Add to basket’ notification text
  • Remove ‘add to basket’ notification
  • Set the default image (if no image is added for a product) – you can add the logo of your store or a slogan.
  • Divi WooCommerce button fix
  • Breadcrumb separator
  • Remove breadcrumbs and notices
  • Set the name for a free product from 0.00 to “FREE”
  • Custom success notice text
  • Enable ‘add to basket’ on the category page
  • Enable basket quantity on the category page
  • Move pagination to the top of your category loop
  • Add short description below the image on category page
  • Change the sorting labels on the category page
  • Remove password strength meter (for user registration)
  • Allow users to buy a single product only
  • Show prices exclusively for logged in users only
  • Disable toolbar for customers
  • Set default country at checkout
  • Add custom checkbox at checkout
  • Change the name and icon of the WooCommerce menu in WordPress admin
Search Results Page Builder

Divi BodyCommerce

Search Results Page Builder

This feature gives you the control to shape the layout of your search results page all within the Divi builder.

You create this page much the same as you would for the category page where you need to have at least the module “DB Loop Archive” which will automatically render the results that have been searched.

Tags Page Builder

Divi BodyCommerce

Tags Page Builder

This feature gives you the control to shape the layout of your tags page all within the Divi builder.

You create this page much the same as you would for the category page where you need to have at least the module “DB Loop Archive” which will automatically render the results that have been searched.