Filter WooCommerce Products And Custom Post Types Using Divi Ajax Filters

If you are looking for powerful filters for WooCommerce or ACF and work with Divi, you are in the right place! Use the Divi Builder to specify the fields that will filter your products, portfolio, projects, blog post and any other custom post type without reloading the page.

Creating complex and beautiful Product and Custom Post Type Ajax filters in Divi and WordPress is easy

Using the Divi Builder, our Divi Ajax Filter plugin gives you the flexibility of creating complex filters with the familiarity and ease of the Divi Builder you know and love.

We have created this plugin with the user in mind by focusing on speed, ease of use, and making it visually stunning. There is no match if you are building a WooCommerce Store using Divi or want to filter some custom fields in your custom post types. Using the power of grid, we enable you to create complex Divi Filter Grid layouts.

Divi WooCommerce Ajax Filters
Divi WooCommerce Ajax Filters
Divi WooCommerce Ajax Filters

Woo/ACF Ajax Filter

We love ACF and WooCommerce, which is why we crafted the Divi Ajax Filter plugin to work with both of them seamlessly. You’ll find our Divi Ajax Filter plugin baked right into Divi BodyCommerce and Divi Machine to help you further extend their functionality without needing to buy the plugin separately. Divi Ajax Filter has categories, tags, product attributes (like color), product price, ACF, and range sliders - all with custom settings to display them in different ways. Definitely take a look at our demo website to see and think about what you can achieve with this fantastic plugin.

Do you need extra features?

We love the Ajax Filter so much that we have included it as part of both Divi BodyCommerce and Divi Machine at no additional cost to you. These powerful plugins offer many other features that could be a great asset to your next Divi project, so definitely check them out. Don't double buy our Divi Ajax Filter plugin because it is included in both Divi BodyCommerce and Divi Machine for free.

Love what you see?

You can buy Divi Ajax Filter below or become a Divi Engine Member, which will give you access to ALL 7 plugins we offer today, and any new plugins we release in the future! Don't double buy our Divi Ajax Filter plugin because it is included in both Divi BodyCommerce and Divi Machine for free.

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9 reviews for Divi Ajax Filter

  1. Alex

    Big tumbs up to Ben H. for your great tips and assistance in solving the filter issue with my site.

  2. Andrea

    Great customer service. And great plugin. Thank you for the fantastic work guys!

  3. Ana Carrillo

    Excelente. Rápido y eficazmente resolvieron mi problema.

  4. Aidan Ashby (verified owner)

    If you’ve ever thought “I wish Divi could…” this may be exactly what you’re looking for. This powerful suite of plugins has allowed me to build things I’ve wanted to build in Divi for a long time. The tools are extensive, well thought-through, well documented and the support is excellent.

  5. Steve (verified owner)

    Excellent tool and simply awesome support. Fast turn around, logged in and solved my issue. Thanks!

  6. Shelley (verified owner)

    I am very impressed with the responsiveness of this team. I had some trouble with settings and a feature request and it was implemented almost immediately. Thank you so much for creating such a quality product for Divi!

  7. Guillaume

    I am a Divi Engine customer for a long time now. And each plugin they release allows our website to look more professional and intuitive. Divi Engine’s Ajax Filters is once again part of their awesome offer. Slick yet fully customizable and of course with the awesome support that will not only walk you through setting up the plugin if needed, but also will take into account everyting you say for next versions. You can be sure you’ll get what you expected when buying a plugin here. Big thanks to all the team.

  8. orionas.elite (verified owner)

    Okay guys no joke a day before the release of this plugin I was wondering which plugin to choose for a project I am working on. There’s are 1000 filter plugins out there but in all honesty most of them don’t play nice with Divi. When they do work there’s always something missing. You guys read my mind and release this plugin just as I actually needed it. Keep up the fantastic work guys.

  9. thiagomuccillo

    Firstly, the pricing is very good compared to others filters plugins. Now i can custom properly my shop filters and variations with a dozen options. And the most important opinion I would to offer as this review is that the support is very good and fast.

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How To Use Divi Ajax Filters

In order to make it easy for you to use our Divi Ajax Filters plugin, we have created videos for you to watch and details that are written down on our documentation page.

We are always adding new features to Divi Ajax Filters so if you have an idea, please message us right away.

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List Grid

Divi Ajax Filter, Machine & BodyCommerce

List / Grid

Introducing the dynamic “List/Grid” feature, the perfect complement to our loop templates and custom loop layout functionality. With this versatile addition, you can seamlessly switch between list and grid layouts for your posts, creating a visually engaging and interactive experience for your website visitors. Simply click on the grid option, and watch as the post structure transforms into a beautifully organized grid display. Likewise, selecting the list option instantly reverts the layout back to a clean and concise list format. This powerful feature offers you the freedom to experiment with different display styles, adapting to your content and design preferences with just a click. Elevate your website’s aesthetics and user experience effortlessly with the List/Grid feature.

List/Grid Switcher Documentation

List Grid for Divi
Loop Templates

Divi Ajax Filter, Machine & BodyCommerce

Loop Templates

Introducing “Loop Templates,” a powerful feature of our WordPress plugin that revolutionizes the way you display posts, products, or custom posts on your website. With our prebuilt loop templates, you can effortlessly enhance the design and layout of your post loop, saving you time and effort. Choose from a variety of professionally designed templates to suit your specific needs and seamlessly integrate them into your website. But that’s not all – we go beyond templates. Our plugin also allows you to unleash your creativity by using shortcodes or custom templates in your child theme, giving you ultimate flexibility and control over your content presentation. Upgrade your Divi experience with Loop Templates and elevate your website’s visual appeal effortlessly.

Loop Template Documentation

Divi Ajax Filter

Visual Builder Compatible

All our modules with the exception of the modules that have children (filter, meta, repeater, orderby) are fully compatible with the Divi Builder. We are working on getting the children supported too.

ACF Filters

Divi Ajax Filter

ACF Filters

Advanced Custom Fields is a plugin that has been around for a long time and is a trusted source for creating and displaying custom fields.

A custom field allows you to add and show additional information to your product and custom post. For example, if you want to create a team member’s custom post then the custom fields would be “name”, “title”, “Twitter URL” and so on.

You can filter ACF fields using our Ajax Filter plugin.

Categories & Tags

Divi Ajax Filter

Categories & Tags

Filter Products, Product Categories and Tags without reloading the page. You can display and style your filters as select, checkbox or radio options.

Filter Custom Taxonomies

Divi Ajax Filter

Filter Custom Taxonomies

Our filter works with custom taxonomies enabling you to take your Divi website to the next level.

A custom taxonomy is similar to categories and tags – in fact they are the same thing. It is a way to classify content in WordPress.

WooCommerce Compatible

Divi Ajax Filter

WooCommerce Compatible

We love WooCommerce and focus on making our Ajax Filters work with it. Filter WooCommerce product attributes, price, category or tags using our plugin. All done in the Divi Builder for familiarity and ease of development.

Ajax Loaded Filters

Divi Ajax Filter

Product Attributes

Are you using WooCommerce and need to filter product attributes? Divi Ajax Filter is what you need!

It will filter attributes such as color, size, material and so on. You can create swatches too that have colour or images as a swatch for your customer to choose from .

Divi Jax Filters also filters product price.

Ajax Loaded Filters

Divi Ajax Filter

Ajax Loaded

What is Ajax Loaded?

By default, when you filter your products or custom posts the page will reload. Ajax allows us to access the data without reloading the page. With Ajax Filters, you can filter your custom posts or products without reloading the page. This is helpful because it makes your website faster and improves user experience.

  • We Ajax load the custom posts or products using our Filter module
  • We Ajax load the custom posts or products when using WooCommerce sorting
  • We Ajax load the custom posts ot products when using WooCommerce pagination