Build custom account pages for users in Divi utilizing Divi Machine & your Custom Posts

Give your users the power to manage their published posts and created custom posts from their account pages all with the Divi Builder.

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Custom Account Management Area

Divi Machine Accounts enables you to easily create custom account areas using the Divi Builder. Our account management features lets you add any endpoints you need and with the Divi Builder you design and display the content you specify.

Custom Account Management Area
Account Specific Features

Account Specific Features

The stock Divi account pages are pretty limited, that is why we developed (and will continue to develop) account specific features which will help you enrich and enhance your user account areas. Need a wishlist or to show posts that the current user has submitted? Divi Machine Accounts has got you covered!

Divi Machine Accounts needs Divi Machine
and works best alongside Divi Form Builder

Divi Machine, Divi Machine Accounts & Form Builder

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1 review for Divi Machine Accounts

  1. andrexrojas (verified owner)

    Help!, your software is good, but please you need to improve your tutorials and documentation. Put the “How to use it” resources (documentation, posts and videos) in the same place. And please, prepare tutorials about the simple basic things (showing how to do something basic, but from the beginning to the end), because your documentation about Divi Machine Accounts is very poor, we want basic tutorials, but not just tips. For example, I wanted to create an endpoint user that shows the user info and their posts (projects), that’s all. And I wasted hours not doing that, just finding out how to do it, discovering your tool (trying, failing and trying again) because you just have a simple image that shows a specific option (Post Display type = Current users post) in your documentation, but you don’t explain anything else, I discovered by myself that I need a layout, and lots of others things (using my imagination), now I’m trying to discover other things, and it is very frustrating. Maybe you have more info about these things in other places (“divi machine” resources maybe), but when I check the info about “Divi machine account” there is not, and you don’t put links to those supposed resources.

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How To Use Divi Machine Accounts?

Divi Machine Accuonts is made to be used with Divi Machine. You need to have Divi Machine 5.0 or higher active and installed on your website.

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User Post Management

Divi Machine Accounts

User Post Management

It has never been easier to show users the posts that they have created on your Divi sites. This even extends to custom post types.

For example, if you have a custom post type for properties, users can view and manage those properties from their account area in Divi.

With full Divi Form Builder compatibility, you can take things a step further by using a Divi form to edit or remove user posts right from their account area.

Custom Endpoints

Divi Machine Accounts

Custom Endpoints

We give you full control!

Custom endpoints let you add custom pages to the backend of your Divi user account areas outside of the default options. This is great for when you want to create something like a welcome screen with helpful links and instructions, but it can go much deeper than that.

With the power of the Divi Builder you know, Divi Machine Accounts lets you build layouts for any number of endpoints just as you would any other page.

The power is in your hands to get creative with this!


Divi Machine Accounts


Maintaining a list of your favorite posts or listings on websites has become pretty much standard on the internet and with Divi Machine Accounts you can now extend that ability to your users on Divi sites.

Your users can keep track of and manage their wishlisted/liked posts right from the account area.

Register & Login Forms

Divi Machine Accounts

Login & Register Modules

Sometimes users try to access their My Account page while not logged in to their accounts, or maybe they do not have an account yet, leaving them with a generic login/register page.

With Divi Machine Accounts, you take control of what that Divi login/register page looks like by designing a layout using the Divi Builder using the new login and register modules.

With full Divi Form Builder compatibility, you can further take these login/register forms to a more bespoke level with custom fields and the other many features of Divi Form Builder.


Divi Machine Accounts


Much like our wishlist feature, users can manage a list of posts that they don’t like in their dislike list.

This feature also allows you to use a different layout for posts that the user has disliked so that they can easily identify those posts and ignore them.

Divi Builder

Divi Machine Accounts

Divi Builder

Utilizing the power of the Divi Builder, the sky is your limit

Say hello to the familiar Divi workflow with options being split between the Content, Design, and Advanced tab, you are already well on your way to building a bespoke My Account area.

Since you are using Divi modules to display data in your custom Divi account areas, you can do so much and we are so excited to see what you can create.