Create Stunning Menus with the Best Divi Mega Menu Plugin for WordPress

Improve the user experience of your Divi website with our Divi Mega Menu plugin. Style matters!
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Need to improve the user experience of your Divi website?

Our Divi Mega Menu plugin elevates the design of your Divi website by giving you greater control over your menu navigation.

Use an image, form, or accordion module within the drop-downs to create interesting submenus that enhance the user experience on desktop and mobile.

Core Features

Create & Customize Menus

Create and customize your mega menu using the section, row and module of the Divi builder.

Extra Modules

In addition to the standard Divi modules, we have created two extra modules for you to use. They are Mega Drop-Down and Mega Tabs. Mega Drop-Down will display a submenu alongside a parent menu. Mega Tabs allows you to create vertical tabs that change the content to the right when hovered over.

Menu Popups

Display your Mega Menu as a popup anywhere on a page.

Divi Mega Menu

Free Layouts

We have created some layouts for you to download - view them on our demo website.

Create Mega Menus for User Experience

with our Divi Mega Menu

Buy Now from £7
License type


1 Site £7
2 - 5 Sites £18
Unlimited £35


1 Site £38
Unlimited £115
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41 reviews for Divi Mega Menu

  1. RAKOTOSON ANDRIANTSILAVO Nasedra Ny Finoana (verified owner)

    Quality support for a great product !

  2. Joshua Martin

    Fast support, with improvements for my platform and for everyone else with new plugin updates!

  3. Raffi (verified owner)

    Incredible plugin, and great support. Thanks 🙂

  4. Marios

    Great and fast Support, Great plugin working as expected

  5. millhouse (verified owner)

    Great plugin, brilliant customer support

  6. Ian Philpot (verified owner)

    I’m really happy with the plugins, but the support has really been exceptional. Any time I have had an issue I couldn’t solve on my own, the Divi Engine has been able to assist. I truly appreciate their efforts — they make the plugins even more valuable.

  7. David Rodríguez

    Great Plugin and great Support!

  8. p5ugn3r (verified owner)

    Great product and support was amazing helping me to use Mega Menu

  9. Maik (verified owner)

    Excellent and easy to use Plugins as well as outstanding and superb support! Thanks a lot to the whole team!

  10. Jarod (verified owner)

    Support was very patient and helpful in troubleshooting what ended up being user error.

  11. Henk (verified owner)

    Very great support. Within 24 h i received the anwswer! I love divi mega menu.

  12. Celeste (verified owner)

    Sending a shout out and a big Thank You to Divi Engine for helping solve our mobile menu issue. We opened a ticket and Peter and team resolved the problem within a couple of emails back and forth. The Mega Menu plugin is working well for us!

  13. Rainer (verified owner)

    Great and flexible plugin. And support is awesome!

  14. Cyril Ruiz (verified owner)

    I recommend this product that I have just bought and is very powerful. It allows for creating professional menus. The support is very responsive and patient!

  15. Sebastian

    Great plugin to create megamenu tabs. This is what iI looking for 🙂

  16. Linda

    Excellent Support. Quick and accurate response from David which solved my DIVI issue immediately. Thank you

  17. Yoni L

    Such a great product and terrific customer support! I love the customization flexibility. I had a slight issue formatting it on my website but DE support was able to fix it without any hassle. Highly recommend!

  18. davelesliewilkinson (verified owner)

    It took a while to figure out, but in the end it became easy.

  19. Leigh (verified owner)

    GREAT service!

    Kris was extremely helpful and responsive when our Mega Menu started having issues on the site. We were able to have the problem resolved in no time. Thank you!

  20. Robert Buck (verified owner)

    großartiger Kundenservice. Ich bin begeistert. Ein tolles Plugin. Kann ich nur weiterempfehlen. Danke!

  21. Raffi Mardirossian (verified owner)

    The plugin meets my expectations and kept its promises.
    The support responds quickly and accurately.
    Go there with your eyes closed 🙂

  22. Pernilla (verified owner)

    Always great support and amazing products!

  23. Laurent ‘(Belgium)

    Top service!
    Thanks to the Divi Engine team.

  24. Fareed Athman (verified owner)

    A great, simple-to-use plugin, with amazing support. Pete and the team go above and beyond to help with any questions or queries. Definitely recommended!

  25. Jamie Richards (verified owner)

    Divi Engine’s Mega Menu is awesome, easy to use and works perfectly with Divi. Of course 🙂 I had an issue with my mega menu because I built a custom header and had some CSS forcing a few things like a hamburger icon showing on all views, stuff like that. So it kind of confused the Mega Menu plugin. So I reached out to support. They helped me immensely. Even logged into my admin and fixed the issue. And now it works perfectly! Excellent support! Great plugin.

  26. Jason Willis (verified owner)

    We are using the Mega Menu and the Mobile Menu and couldn’t be happier. The biggest upside of doing business with DIVI Engine is the responsiveness to requested feature changes and any small coding issues that may arise. They always get back to me with in 24 hours or less. Great customer service!

  27. Rodney (verified owner)

    Excellent service. I needed a quick fix on the Mega Menu and they got to it ASAP. Their products are superb and I would recommend them to any Divi enthusiasts.

  28. Joe (verified owner)

    Awesome plugin, easy to use and looks brilliant! Support has been fantastic as well, highly recommend Divi Mega Menu and other Divi Engine plugins.

  29. Scott (verified owner)

    Very responsive customer support! Plugin works as advertised and very simple to use.

  30. Thomas Bunte (verified owner)

    The plugin works as expected – the best I can say about a plugin.
    And the open issues – coming from some specific settings in my theme – were resolved very quickly and competently by the great Divi Engine support team!

    Well done!!

  31. Alexis

    Simple one of the simplest and best plugin for megamenu in Divi.. awesome.

  32. Matt Schaefer (verified owner)

    The mega menu is just what I was looking for. The licensing model makes sense and is far more realistic than others I looked at. Best is the support. Peter is responsive and on top of it gave me some useful tips.


  33. David

    Divi Engine really is a fantastic plugin creator. I own several of their plugins. The Mega Menu plugin is amazing! To be able to use the Divi Builder to create very cool designs for drop down menus is class leading. The plugin is simple and easy to use. And the best part is, the support team is effective and very helpful if you have any issues. Highly recommend this plugin and the rest from these guys.

  34. neoprofessor (verified owner)

    Frickin Awesome! I purchased this plug-in several months back but didn’t get it working until recently and required support. Peter was excellent and help me resolve several issues quickly. The only mega menu that I could really get to work on extremely large corporate websites. Extremely responsive plug-in and made it work with the mighty header menu maker, which is the menu system that I utilize. Awesome job Peter! I highly recommend the plug-in and the support! Top Notch!

  35. gujo44 (verified owner)

    Simple working plugins and very responsive and effective support!

  36. jtc650 (verified owner)

    This was exactly what I needed. I had a site with a very custom menu with jquery animations. When you added a submenu it would not have a dropdown. It just added the menu item as part of the original item and just appended the title. The customer liked the menu but really needed a submenu for services. I bought this product as it looked like it would work. And guess what it worked perfectly now they have a dropdown menu on hover that I just designed as a library item. It paid for itself on the first use as I didn’t know how I was going to make this work without some custom solution or just making a standard lame menu without the animation.

    I have Divi Nitro and this plugin and not only are both great plugins, but the support is the best in the industry! Peter is always on the facebook groups helping and has helped me numerous times in those groups with stuff not even related specifically to his plugins. When it comes to his plugins he has always been willing to check out the error(normally just my own misunderstanding of the plugin) and tell me how to fix it. He is super responsive and helpful and updates his plugins quite often. One of the best and most helpful divi plugin developers I have found. Thanks so much for your help.

  37. EngineChris (verified owner)

    Amazing tool to show anything you want inside your menus as easy as building anything else.. Photos, videos, maps, Buttons, Toggles etc. It really has great value since you can showcase customers the most important info and guide them where you want them to go right from your menu with no need to even scroll down the page.

  38. John (verified owner)

    I keep coming back to this plugin. So much easier to use than others I’ve tried that are overly complicated. Whatever you build in the Divi library can be in your mega menu. Simple.

  39. info13 (verified owner)

    This plugin offers a really simple way to make the divi menu more useful. There is no limit to integrate functions of the divibuilder and that‘s really awesome. Forms, Tabs etc. I think it is the best of all mega menu solutions out there. Tried Quadmenu but it can‘t compete with this plugin.

  40. Mike Perez (verified owner)

    Each and every product released by Divi Engine has made my life simpler; improved my work on websites and reduced my stress. Divi Mega Menu does not disappoint. Want to have a mega menu link that displays a map on hover- DONE. want to display some rate information on hover – EASY. Having Divi Builder available to enhance your menus is such a gem. 10/10 for Peter’s newest plugin!

  41. Dominic (verified owner)

    Peter has done it again; I needed a plugin that would allow me all the creative freedom of the Divi Builder – in a mega menu. He delivered an awesome tool, that will help me take my client’s sites to a whole new level. Using this mega menu plugin with Divi is the best option available; no need to learn a new page builder layout, no need to be constrained by conflicting css styles, no need to use another child theme. Activate, drop the selectors in the menu item, and voila – you could have entire pages show up as a mega menu drop down.

    Because it’s using the Page builder, in theory, every Divi plugin and special layout is totally possible – within the confines of a mega menu. And it also stacks perfectly for mobile. The beauty of using a Divi pagebuilder-based menu means you can control what shows up on mobile, in what order. Kudos to Peter!

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How To Use Divi Mega Menu?

In order to make it easy for you to use our Divi Mega Menu plugin, we have created videos for you to watch and details that are written down on our documentation page.

We are always adding new features to Divi Mega Menu so if you have an idea, please message us right away.

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