A Peek Behind the Pixels: A Candid Conversation with Divi Creators

Here at Divi Engine, we’re always looking for ways to connect with our community and share insights from the heart of the Divi universe. Recently, we had the pleasure of hosting an engaging and informal chat with Nelson Miller, a well-known Divi educator and product developer, and our very own Peter from Divi Engine. It was an enlightening session filled with laughter, technical talk, and a deep dive into the everyday lives of Divi product creators.

In this blog post, we’re excited to share some of the highlights and questions that were asked and answered during our conversation. Whether you’re a seasoned Divi user or just starting out, there’s something here for everyone.

From Holiday Traditions to Online Platforms

The chat kicked off with a light-hearted discussion about Thanksgiving traditions in the USA, with Nelson sharing his experiences of the holiday. The conversation then shifted to the Cosmos platform, a virtual space where the Divi community can interact and play games. It’s clear that the platform has a lot to offer for remote teams, with users exploring its various features, including a map view and the ability to pull guests into conversations.

Reflecting on the Divi Bonanza Event

Nelson and Peter reminisced about their participation in the recent Divi Bonanza event, a gathering of Divi enthusiasts that saw them fielding questions and sharing their insights. They discussed the randomness of the questions asked and the desire for different ones, highlighting the unpredictable nature of live Q&A sessions.

The Art of Divi Product Development

One of the core discussions centered around product development within the Divi ecosystem. Both Nelson and Peter shared their philosophies on creating products that solve real problems rather than simply adding to the noise. They talked about the importance of complementing existing products and the challenge of staying focused amidst a sea of new ideas.

Divi 5: The Future and Its Challenges

A significant portion of the chat was dedicated to Divi 5 (Dy5), the much-anticipated update to the Divi theme. They discussed the challenges facing developers, such as rebuilding modules and the uncertainty of the release schedule. Despite the hurdles, they also touched on the positives, such as potential performance improvements and a faster Divi Builder experience.

Customer Service: The Heart of Business

Nelson and Peter delved into their approaches to customer service, emphasizing kindness, respect, and the personal touch. They shared stories of how treating customers well has led to positive outcomes and the importance of not taking negative feedback personally.

Tools of the Trade: Boosting Productivity

When asked about productivity tools, Nelson praised Type Desk for its quick response capabilities and Gmail for its support system. He shared how these tools have streamlined his workflow and allowed him to manage customer interactions more efficiently.

The Divi Marketplace Debate

The Divi Marketplace was a hot topic, with Nelson and Peter discussing the pros and cons of selling products there versus on their own websites. They addressed issues like delayed updates on the marketplace, the review process, and the impact on customer support, providing valuable insights for both developers and customers.

Balancing Pixels and Parenthood

The conversation wrapped up with a candid discussion about work-life balance, particularly when working from home. They shared how they manage their time between family and work, the flexibility it provides, and the unique challenges it presents.

We hope you enjoyed this behind-the-scenes look at the lives of Divi product developers. The full video of our chat is now available on the Divi Engine blog. Whether you’re looking for tips on product development, insights into the upcoming Divi 5, or just a bit of Divi camaraderie, be sure to check it out!

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