Use our Divi Machine Plugin to Create Dynamic Content with Divi and Advanced Custom Fields

Build complex Divi websites that display dynamic fields by filtering, searching and more.

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Create Custom Post Types with the Divi Page Builder

Create virtually any type of Divi website with custom posts types. Custom posts make it possible to build dynamically created content such as car rentals, real estate, team members , testimonials and much more.

Divi Machine Dynamic Content

Dynamic Content with Divi and ACF

Using the power of the Advanced Custom Field (ACF) plugin, Divi Machine helps you display the data of each custom post where and how you would like. Need a gallery slider or a download file button? No problem.

We have created a module that works in connection with the Divi library to display your posts on the archive/category pages. Using a custom loop layout created in the Divi library gives you full control over the style of your content.

Create Search Forms and Ajax Filters

Use the Divi Builder to create custom search forms and ajax filtering. You can define what you want to search or filter as well as how and where you want to display the content. It truly is powerful.

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If you would like to download and use our demo websites, please click HERE.

Customer Examples

See Divi Machine live in action. Our customers have kindly offered to show their website built in Machine, this way you can see exactly what can be acheived. We love them and hope you do too!

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135 reviews for Divi Machine

  1. Manrubia (verified owner)


    Amazing solution and incredible customer support.

    The actual website that I´m building, would be kinda nigthmare if wasn’t for this plugin. The custom fields integración, the Ajax filter, the carousel settings and, especially the excellent customer support…they solve me a couple of difficult things in a fast and reliable ways.

    Lo recomiendo mucho!

  2. Freek Wallaard (verified owner)

    Valuable added functionality, very approachable, supportive team and you just always know that new exciting functionalities are on their way. Big fan!

  3. Neo3

    Super helpful and kind support! Did help me in no time with my request! Thank you so much once again! 🙂

  4. Ashton DeKeyrel (verified owner)

    Bought Machine last week and got up the page quickly: The plugin does take some time to figure out, but it has everything you need to get the foundations laid. Thanks Divi Engine

  5. Alexandre Fuchs (verified owner)

    Perfect product and perfect support, thanks a lot !

  6. Michael H.

    Excellent customer support. We use Divi Machine on pretty much every website nowadays with ACF Pro. There are always tweaks or modifications that we need and Divi Engine’s support team is always generous with their time and assistance. Thank you.

  7. Reed

    Love working with this support team. They truly care about their clients and product <3

  8. Aude Blandigneres (verified owner)

    Great plugin and amazing support from Divi Engine ! This plugin is very helpful and offers lot of customization ! I recommand it 😀

  9. Justin

    The BEST customer support for a third-party plugin I’ve experienced in my 15 year career working with WordPress.

  10. Ash Shairzay (verified owner)

    I’m continually surprised by how good Divi Engine’s support is. Something is always going to come up, and those moments are the true test of a quality product. Easy 5 stars.

  11. Cero (verified owner)

    The support is very nice and fast! This is great plugin for Divi. Thanks!

  12. Joe Garrison

    I’ve been using Divi Engine for over a year now and have added it to multiple client sites. From in-depth search functions on a church with a large resource library, to simple scrolling review cards and everything in between. It’s simple to take a website to the next level, and any time I run into an issue, support it always quick to respond and help.

  13. Simon Paterson

    Divi Engine’s plugins allow some really slick design solutions for all kinds of stuff. I’ve bought several for very specific purposes and been blown away by all the extra options you find in the plugins. Must mention the support too – always VERY helpful on customisations for someone who isn’t an expert coder like me and also proper polite 🙂

  14. Levent (verified owner)

    What the team provides here is simply incredible. This makes Divi a jack of all trades and the possibilities are just incredible! The products, development and support are just unbelievably awesome. I am pleased to have bought the “All in One Membership Lifetime Plan”. Thank you very much. <3

  15. Aurélien (verified owner)

    Excellent plugin, it has many options and it is very customizable. And the support is top!

  16. Ana (verified owner)

    Excelente atención y me resolvieron el problema!!!

  17. Rodrigo (verified owner)

    Great support from Kris @ Divi Maschine. I always look for the 3 things in plugins that I use for my professional projects:

    – A well-designed user & backend interface
    – A well documented history of updates
    – Quality support

    Divi Maschine ticks all the boxes!

  18. Marylene Brunelle (verified owner)

    Excellent plugins, I have used Divi Machine to build my 2 latest projects, and the support team have been amazing all the way. Highly recommend it!!!

  19. Muhammad (verified owner)

    What an excellent product, I am not a developer myself.

    My team and I were able to create a quite complex site with Divi Machine with the help of incredible support from Divi Engine!

    As an agency owner, using a great product is not enough, having excellent support and a great product is every agency owner’s dream!

    Divi Engine ticks all the boxes!

    Much Appreciated.

  20. Bassem Essam (verified owner)

    This is the best customer service ever .
    The customer services are very professional and highly recommended

  21. Sebastian Castro

    This is the best software company ever!!! they provide an excellent tech support! all plugins work great! God bless Diviengine!!!

  22. Alex (verified owner)

    Great product, great support!

  23. Yassine (verified owner)

    Divi Machine is a great plug-in that takes your Divi site to the next level! You can do advanced things like creating a custom loop! You can customize your site however you want! There are no limits on what is possible with Divi Machine. If you ever get stuck on something the support is great! They always find a solution to a problem and if there isn’t a solution, they will tell their developers to add a function.


  24. Eduardo (verified owner)

    Excellent product DIVI MACHINE, and support is the best! Gracias desde México!

  25. GIAN LUCA SUZZI (verified owner)

    I purchased the Divi Engine plugins with the Membership lifetime fee. THE BEST MONEY SPENT. Divi Machine allows you to develop professional and highly customized websites. Plus the support is excellent: they take care of the problem and follow you until it is resolved. Well done!!

  26. Chris Taplin (verified owner)

    Divi Machine is a really helpful tool to make any Divi site more dynamic. Setting up a custom post type and linking it with ACF is really simple with Divi Machine. It does all the hard work for you. And with more and more features being added all the time, it will only get better.

  27. Mark Villemaire (verified owner)

    Great products. I have been developing movie database sites and have used 3 different themes all had limitations and couldn’t quite get what I wanted. Tried outer divi CPT plugins but they to did not have everything need and was getting frustrated.

    Then I found Divi Machine. Wow what a great experience with this plugin. Lots to this but they have a bunch of video tutorials and cover basically everything. Yes takes a little time but once you get it your website development comes along fast.

    Great support team. 2 different timeshare fast response and was a great back and forth.

    I trust their stuff and highly recommend them .

    Thanks Team

  28. Joost van Herpen (verified owner)

    Divi Engine is indispensable for Divi. Buy this plugin and take your website to a high level!

    You have to delve into the workings of Divi Engine, but then you can make things that otherwise would never be possible. Look at my website and see it yourself:

    Also the support is good! Peter and david helped me very good.

  29. Melissa Breau (verified owner)

    Divi Machine lets me do “all the cool kid things” without having to write PHP. I’ve been thrilled with the added functionality I can add using the plugin, and their team is also top notch. They always do their best to help (even occasionally when it’s outside the bounds of what is strictly their responsibility) and are incredibly open to product suggestions for future improvement as well. I happily recommend both the plugin and Divi Engine as a company!

  30. Morten Vestergaard (verified owner)

    Divi Machine is the most powerful plugin I have ever used. It just works and makes everything smooth and easy. Now I don’t need to write php to create custom posts or to use Advanced Custom Fields anymore. Everything just works out of the box. There are so many possibilities and things you can do with Divi Machine. The plugin is huge and it takes some time getting used to, but believe me – when you get familiar with it you will never ever want to not use it for … well, for most WordPress Divi sites.. Thank you Divi Engine team for the hard work you have put into developing this plugin and the hard work you continuously put in to all of your work. I am truly amazed!

  31. Aaron Crhak (verified owner)

    Divi Machine combined with ACF has been a asset to our WordPress site’s creation and functionality. At first I found it confusing but support was super helpful in guiding me through how to get it setup. They offered way more support then most WP plugins do!

    Thank you very much to the Divi Engine team for getting me setup!

  32. Ben Woo (verified owner)

    Divi Machine is great. More importantly, the Divi Engine team is amazing. They were very responsive to my pre-sales question, and they have been more than willing to understand and answer my questions (often ignorant). The team even took a suggestion/request of mine that they thought was useful and immediately integrated into the relevant module.

    Custom post types, taxonomies and custom fields are powerful capabilities. Divi Machine solves the problem of providing modules that exceed the equivalent modules from Divi while supporting built-in and custom types, taxonomies, and fields.

    I can’t recommend Divi Machine highly enough.

  33. Jonathan Mogrovejo (verified owner)

    Divi Machine has been a game changer. I have been implementing it on my different websites and client websites. I love how I can change what the WooCommerce product loop can include (such as extra information, cost per unit, available colors, etc.).

    The way this plugin expands what Divi offers is just amazing and not to mention a time saver. I recommend this Divi Machine to any Divi user.

    The support that I have received from the team has also been very timely and they have been very easy to work with and have helped me find solutions to minor issues.

  34. María Valeria Di Donato (verified owner)

    I’m fascinated with everything that Divi Engine offers as a plugin, but especially with the quality of the people who integrate it.
    I really only have words of thanks, for their efficiency, implication, responsibility and enthusiasm for solving any inconvenience that may arise.
    Thank you so much!!! ❤️

  35. Stefano Lanzi (verified owner)

    Divi Machine is a very useful tool!
    I opened a ticket, because I had a problem with the products displayed and the support team was really fast, they helped me to let it work!

  36. Viktor

    Divi machine is a perfect solution to work with Divi and ACF. You don’t have to build php templates anymore, it is easily can be done at the Divi Builder. Support answered at the same day and helped me to figure out problem. Also they will add support for repeater fields as a filter!

  37. Christine Clipp (verified owner)

    I’m still learning how to get around in Divi Machine, Customer Support has been amazing in helping me through the learning curve!

  38. Ivan (verified owner)

    We used Divi Machine and Ajax Filters for a highly complex product catalog with 30+ custom (ACF) fields and are highly impressed by the development team and support provided.

  39. Peter Veselý (verified owner)

    Great functions and support…

  40. Christian (verified owner)

    Thank you Jeff for your great and quick support! You guys are great 🙂

  41. Oliver Doetsch (verified owner)

    Divi Machine is what I was searching for very long time! I always was searching for an easy solution to create custom archive pages with just the information that I needed but everything else on the market is just not powerful enough for a custom layout or just way to complicated. Now I’m able to create custom archive pages and post layouts, fill them with custom fields and don’t have to mess with complicated code. Also I want to point out the really great support team which helped me out with some more complicated setups and a very helpful and fast communication! Thank you!

  42. PAul

    We’ve used Divi Machine for a year or so, and it is the best plugin for taking the pain out of creating and using CPTs and ACF. Until now, though, we’d had no need to contact Divi Engine support. When we did, once again they didn’t disappoint.

    We had an issue that looked for all the world that it was being caused by Divi Machine. Jeff jumped right in and not only figured out that it wasn’t Divi Machine causing the problem, but that it was an issue with duplicated ACF field names across more than one CPT.

    Fantastic support, when it would have been easy for him just to say “It isn’t us” and walk away, but he didn’t. I can’t recommend Divi Engine highly enough

  43. Aaron Biby (verified owner)

    The team at Divi Engine is top notch! Their support of their products is like none other. They truly care about making great plugins that help you make great websites.

  44. Gerwin (verified owner)

    Divi engine makes it possible to easily create loops in any format you would like. Even when there is an issue/bug the developers of Divi engine are working extremely fast and fixing the problem no matter what.

    The plugin makes development very quick and the support is amazing, go on this way!

  45. Ben Wagner (verified owner)

    I’m extremely happy with the functionality offered by Divi Machine and the support I’ve received has been top-notch. Peter and Kris have gone to great lengths to troubleshoot issues and provided me with fixes that work the first time. I’d highly recommend this product to unlock some powerful Divi functionality.

  46. Chris Baxter (verified owner)

    Absolutely brilliant support. As a non developer I had no business developing our company website however, that was the position I found myself in. The site I inherited was a bit of a mess so we chose Divi to make our lives easier. Unfortunately the existing site had links to ACF which I had no idea about – anyway long story short Divi Engine came to the rescue. It allowed us to utilise the ACF links in custom post types already in place along with adding some seriously powerful relational modules. Again being marketer not a developer I needed support from someone who knew what they were doing. David was super responsive, offering guidance and suggestions in a non patronising way – he showed endless patience and was always available. Do yourselves a favour – developer or not – get this plugin. The customer support is astonishing.

  47. Christopher Frazier (verified owner)

    Our team uses Divi Machine on literally every site we build. Their support team is always responsive, even providing custom solutions for our unique problems, making us look like heroes.

  48. Melle (verified owner)

    Very useful plugin. May be a bit complicated in the beginning to work with, but after reading documentation and videos, everything is really clear.
    Also, support is very helpful. Had a question and got replies within 5-10 minutes :).

  49. Lucas (verified owner)

    The plugin is real machine. Does amazing things. You can build with it complex website. And the support is brilliant. Highly recommend this team.

  50. Mario (verified owner)

    Jeff and the whole Team are working constantly to provide you with the best plugin tailored to your needs. I was asking them regarding to a conflict with another potential plugin, so they built the function of the other plugin into Divi Bodycommerce. UNBELIEVABLE. They are really great. THANK You so much. Once I am done with the webshop I will apply to be featured on your page.

  51. David Hibbert (verified owner)

    Wow, great plugin and amazing customer support. Was looking for a way to add custom CSS from ACF to a page. Divi Engine worked on a solution in no time. Amazing !!!

  52. Auston Davenport (verified owner)

    Divi Machine has been one of the best plugins we have found for our clients. It has expedited development of all sites that use custom post types and most importantly it makes it incredibly easy for our clients to work on their own site and custom post types after the website is turned over to them. I can highly recommend it.

  53. atomwhale (verified owner)

    Divi Machine Plugin is great! Excellent customer service. Thank you.

  54. JARED OOSTERHART (verified owner)

    I believe this is the best plugin company I’ve every worked with. The support is fantastic. The tools and solutions are amazing. The updates don’t break things. You can’t beat divi engine. Divi Machine is the best tool hands down for working with Divi theme builder and Advanced custom fields. Well done, well done indeed. 🙂

  55. Rajee

    Very fast and excellent support.

  56. Cyrille Giquello

    Thanks to Divi-Engine’s engineers who do a great job. They are also fast and efficient in supporting their customers (thanks a lot Jeff!). We are very satisfied.

  57. Simon Paterson (verified owner)

    Divi Machine is soooo useful for the money. Also big shout out to customer service for [seriously] swift replies to support requests :]

  58. Heriberto Noguera (verified owner)

    They are fast, efficient, friendly and responsive. A great success to be a member

  59. Mariusz Batorowicz (verified owner)

    Divi Machine plugin is great! I achieved exactly what I wanted with it. I also see that it has many more options and I am really excited to use it again in my next project.

  60. Anthony Douglass (verified owner)

    Great plugin with loads of useful settings. Very good value for money, and awesome support!

  61. Denny (verified owner)

    This is the plugin that gives you the possibility to make a difference with Divi! Fantastic, fast and kind support is just the cherry on the cake!

  62. lolo

    Great plugin! And awesome support!!! Thanks!

  63. Gil Poulsen (verified owner)

    Divi Machine basically fills in the gaps when Divi’s Blog module/Theme Builder custom post template just doesn’t have the options you need, especially when you’re using ACF or other custom fields in your CPT. I was pretty much set on purchasing Toolset Types for my current project until I came across Divi Machine, which actually does more than Toolset, costs less, and it integrates far better with the Divi Builder than Toolset does. Peter and his staff have been very responsive to my help requests, and the plugin is regularly updated with features and bug fixes.

    If you are a Divi user, and you are considering Toolset, Pods, or CPT UI with Advanced Custom Fields for your next project, you need to take a look at Divi Machine first.

  64. Jan Teschner (verified owner)

    This amazing plugin is GAMECHANGER!!! …support is fantastic.
    Thank you!

  65. Ben Harborne (verified owner)

    Fantastic plugin with Awesome support. Couldn’t be happier with Divi Machine plugin!

  66. Sam Kee (verified owner)

    Very useful plugin & excellent support. I’ve been searching for something like Divi Machine for a while. And I’m glad I found it on Divi Engine. Love all the great features and the very helpful support team!

  67. Ken (verified owner)

    I love Divi Machine and Divi Engine support. I was easily able to add custom post types and with integration with ACF, I was able to easily figure out how to power up my website in a way I thought only hardcore developers were able to to. The support has been really quick and helpful as well.

  68. Frank Sijbrands (verified owner)

    this plugin makes it easy to integrate custom fields into the website. A problem I had with the height of a repeater field was solved perfectly by adding a function to a module. I recommend this plugin for everyone who works with ACF and Divi

  69. Manpreet (verified owner)

    Great plugin! Lots of useful features. Amazing support team. Sometimes there are minor glitches but support team always help. Continuous updates is an another good point. Keep up with the updates👍🏻

  70. Matt Pemberton (verified owner)

    Divi machine is brilliant but when i caused something not to work I had no option but to contact support. Jeff (on this occasion) was brilliant, solved the problem for me and was very patient. Pete has also helped me in the past and was also great! Thanks guys!

  71. Jane Clark (verified owner)

    I’ve been a web dev since 1994. Divi Engine solved some curly issues I had with modernising an academic site. I usually use Toolset but lately it doesn’t play nicely with Divi. I reached out to Divi Engine tech support a few times and they helped me quickly understand the fundamentals. They understood the tech questions better than me and showed me the pathway to a solution. This literally saved me hours of work.

    They also responded to facebook questions on the weekend, then checked in with me later to make sure I saw the response.

    5/5 for a great product and support.

  72. Gino Whitaker (verified owner)

    Awesome plugin…awesome support!

    Divi Engine is everything I was looking for to create custom blog cards and a filtering system. Short learning curve and highly customizable. I love it.

    I had one small issue that was resolved quickly by the crack support team. If you need to take Divi to the next level, this is your plugin!

  73. Raphaël (verified owner)

    Divi Machine has been extremely helpful to us. On its own, Divi is pretty limited in how you can use custom fields. With Divi Machine, we’ve been able to build layouts that previously we would have resorted to building with custom code. With Divi Machine, we have the flexibility to experiment with all the tools that Divi offers while taking full advantage of Advanced Custom Fields. When we found a couple things that didn’t work the way we expected, the support has been fantastic as well: quick and helpful.

  74. Luca (verified owner)

    Great plugin and great customer service! I had some questions before purchase and they were super fast answering them! After the purchase I had some configuration issues and they were super fast with that too!

  75. Marco

    Support team is very good 🙂 Quick reply and always ready to help !

  76. Patrizia Giesemann (verified owner)

    I was looking for an easy way to customise my first ecommerce website created with Divi. Am using BodyCommerce a Machine and am really impressed about how easy it is to customise the usual woo commerce pages by combining divi library templates / divi builder and the awesome modules offered in the Divi Engine toolset. The loop layout functionality has really allowed me to use the ACF to another level. Great work and thanks for the awesome support with fast turnaround times.

  77. Robin (verified owner)

    Awesome plugin and support is always helping to find the correct solution!

  78. Valentin ALLARD (verified owner)

    This plugin takes Divi to another level. The support team is one of the best ever seen. What else?

  79. Rafa García (verified owner)

    Excelente soporte. Peter respondió a cada correo cada día hasta que encontramos una solución. Gracias.

  80. Samuel (verified owner)

    Divi Engine is a true premium plugin. Not only is the functionality top nodge, but also the support team. I’ve done multiple sites and different projects using divi machine and I can highly recommend the plugin and the whole team around it! Thank you for your effort!

  81. Robin de Boer (verified owner)

    Found Divi Engine in my search for a good, working custom lay-out and (ajax) filtering options. There’s a lot around, but definitely not as good as the products the guys and girls from Divi Engine created. Combine that with fast and excellent support and you will have a solid Divi partner for the future. Thanks a lot Divi Engine for all your efforts!

  82. Gregor S.

    DIVI Machine is a really great and mighty tool and works so well with DIVI. With DM we set up a publishing house’s product database website with perfect search functionality and product sliders. And thank you so much for the team’s ongoing support – even my feature wishlist got integrated. Great team, great plugin!

  83. Jona

    Divi machine is an excellent plug-in. Easy to use and in the event that you do not understand certain points, the number of videos to take it in hand is really appreciable. Plus, customer service is fast and on-going, which is a real plus in case you run into any issues. Frankly, this plug-in is almost essential in the palette of Divi plugins.

  84. Antony Della Pietra (verified owner)

    Great added functionalities to the Divi theme + builder, and excellent customer service. Thanks Divi Engine

  85. Shaun Adams (verified owner)

    I don’t write reviews very often but I feel I have to on this one. The plugin Divi Engine is amazing and gives you so many options above and beyond Divi’s default. Above anything else though, it is the support, it’s simply amazing, as the team went above and beyond to assist me, even with styling issues not affected by the plugin. Great work Team And thank you Peter 🙂

  86. Shea Elmore

    The team at Divi Engine has been incredible. Before purchasing the Divi Machine plugin, they were able to answer some basic questions and assure us that they were available to help should we run into any unsolvable issues. When we did run into some challenges implementing Divi Machine with some third-party plugins, Divi Engine was quick to respond and provide answers that lead to the right solution. A great experience so far, and looking forward to using more of their products.

  87. Gianluca (verified owner)

    The world of custom fields is not easy, but thanks to the Divi Machine and the precious support, I was able to obtain really important results. Thank you

  88. Natalia Freddi (verified owner)

    Excellent support attention, great point of this excellent plugin

  89. Helena Andersson (verified owner)

    Superb support!

  90. diego alart (verified owner)

    Divi Machine is really great, but I was not expecting less. What really surprised me is the quality of the support. They replied in 20 minutes and solve my issue in less than an hour. Thank you again !

  91. Ted Barnett (verified owner)

    Literally incredible plugin with stellar support. A must-have for all my Divi sites.

  92. Carol Thomson (verified owner)

    Divi Machine is great plugin packed with features. It solved a difficult task to add a searchable project “database” in WordPress. Don’t know how I could have pulled it off without it. The support from Peter has been superb.

  93. Kalon Robson (verified owner)

    Love this tool and use it on near every website I build. Above all the support is spectacular and went above and beyond to assist me till my problem was solved. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  94. Michael Helman

    We bought into Divi Machine early and was hoping it could replace a few of our usual plugins plus allow us to do a lot more with ACF Pro. It has worked well but early on there were bugs that prevented us from using it as desired but Peter and team solved most of them with fixes and workarounds. The customer support has been great. I’d like to see more features added that would allow us to use it on more of our sites. I would imagine that these are coming since the plugin is still in its infancy. It is a worthwhile investment and if they keep at it this can become a major plugin that all Divi users will depend on. I don’t think all web developers understand the full power of ACF and Divi Machine helps unleash all its potential in Divi.

  95. Johny (verified owner)

    Great plugin to create Archive Pages. I love it. And the support i needed was quick and effective. Thanks !

  96. Albert Cullerés (verified owner)

    Very great add to the DIVI theme, a must. Support very efficient and quick, thanks!

  97. Marco

    Brilliant plugin. All that was missing in Divi solved in 1 plugin. Now there is arguably no custom site that can’t be built.

  98. Benny (verified owner)

    I wanted to give Divi Machine a chance and see if this plugin delivers what it promises. To be honest, I was not prepared for what was waiting for me. This plugin delivers 1000% of what it promises and much more than that. It extends the functionality of WordPress & Divi so much that there are no limits to your own creativity and implementation.
    Complex, complicated and elaborate functionalities can be accomplished with little effort and a single plugin. A purchase that has proven to be the absolutely right decision for me and is worth every penny.

    Divi Engine’s support is exceptionally competent, committed, fast and extremely helpful. True to the motto “problems are there to be solved”.

    I am happy every time I can use this plugin in a project. Thank you for this phenomenal tool!

    //sidenote: 5 stars is not enough 😉

  99. Simon Colas

    Fantastic product, and more over terrific, prompt and savvy support team. If I have to complain/whine about something, that would be the price : it’s way too cheap !!! 😉 for a single product that is a bundle by itself, if I compare to other licensed I’ve purchased in the past, whatever, web, print, 3d, video, this one top them all. TOP VALUE for your buck !!!!

    Voté meilleure aquisition, non pas de l’année, mais de la décade. Non seulement l’extension qui est elle même un couteau suisse, que dis-je, une tronçonneuse mais aussi le cerveau derrière sa création, ses tutos en ligne ET surtout la team S.A.V. : rapide, efficace, en un mot : parfaite !!!!

  100. Dominique Alquier (verified owner)

    Since I created websites, I have never had such a powerful tool, it’s a revelation !! and the support is perfect ! Thanks

  101. Vikki Basinger (verified owner)

    Eliminated the need for a collection of other plugins that never worked all that well together.
    The support response has also been top-notch, and they gladly and quickly added support for a use case that wasn’t initially supported.

  102. Simon Blickenstorfer (verified owner)

    Great product and also excellent support! My issue was quickly addressed and resolved. I can only recommend!

  103. Caleb MacDonald (verified owner)

    This plugin (and the rest of their offerings) are a real game-changer when it comes to integrating ACF into Divi. The flexibility they offer along with the top-notch support from the team are fantastic. I cannot recommend this enough!

  104. Fanny (verified owner)

    Excellent! Got me exact the snippet I needed. Quick Fast & Friendly. I will use Divi machine more and more for other projects!

  105. facrally (verified owner)

    Merci à vous pour vos réponse et votre SAV rapide et efficace sur ce plugin qui fonctionne parfaitement. Good Job

  106. Christian Cuesta (verified owner)

    This plugin allows an easy implementation of ACF with Divi. It can be used simply with Divi and the results are superb. I searched a long time for a plugin like Divi Machine. The reactivity of the support is extraordinary (thank you Peter). I had a problem on a site under construction on December 28th and the problem was solved the next day. It’s exceptional during the Christmas holidays.

  107. Achmed

    very good plugin. The sky is the limit with this kind of plugins. The service is more awesome, they help you directly for a fix if there is somethign wrong!

  108. andy.hooke (verified owner)

    Divi Machine truly takes Divi to the next level.

    It is capable of functionalities I previously relied on other plugins and custom code to achieve, which now I can do right in the Divi builder!

    And to top it off the support is amazing. I had a feature request for a site with a tight deadline, and they added the feature for me overnight.

    Highly recommend!

  109. Darren (verified owner)

    The support I got from Peter was absolutely amazing! Seriously an amazing product and better yet an amazing team behind the solution. Thank you so much Peter, wish you and the Divi Engine Team massive success!

  110. orionas.elite (verified owner)

    Cannot say enough about Divi Machine. An easy and manageable way to create custom post types and the easiest way to create the required designs for way more complex sites when using Divi. You guys are freaking amazing and Divi Machine makes my life as a developer a breeze. Thanks a million, you deserve every star I can give.

  111. Jimmy Lemon (verified owner)

    Very powerful product but even better customer support.

  112. Elizabeth Jackson (verified owner)

    Divi Machine did everything we wanted for customising custom post archive pages and applying custom taxonomy filtering. On the single instance I needed to raise a support ticket for assistance, it was resolved quickly and with great customer support. This is an amazing plugin if you use custom post types, taxonomies, or just want the hassle taken out of managing filtering/post loops.

  113. Martin (verified owner)

    Exactly what I needed to display dynamic content. Great plugin with a great support, too!

  114. Martin Johansson (verified owner)

    Awesome plugin and support, helped me with my issues in a friendly and personal manner 🙂

  115. Tiago Lavis-Fernandes

    They not only have amazing products, the support is equally perfect! Thank you so much for all your help, Divi machine allows me to accept projects I never thought I could as a web designer!

  116. Jair Mendes (verified owner)

    Simply Amazing Plugin! You can’t go wrong with the Divi Engine plugin. Much thought and effort has been put into this plugin to meet the needs of ACF & Custom Post Types website builders utilizing the DIvi theme.

  117. Ger den Haan (verified owner)

    Very good plugin and support! After buying the member license I installed the search-layout template. I needed some support to get things up and running. The team from Divi Engine responded immediately and helped me with some small issues. Great service, great support! Keep up the good work.

  118. Marwann Al Saadi (verified owner)

    I am using Divi Machine and this is absolutely great to create loops from content populated in custom fields. I also told the support about a glitch I had and they released an update less than 24 hours after, which shows an incredible reactivity on their part.

  119. Matthew Wilson (verified owner)

    I don’t know much about Divi Engine/Divi Machine and imagined they are not a big company, I could be wrong. However, I love some of the plugins they have created and chose the Search/Filter plugin as that matched my site perfectly. The way they put it together is fantastic covering many angles of search.

    Anyway, I set it up and got it working, it is quite easy to use once you get an understanding of what is going on. However, I noticed certain functions wasn’t working quite right for what I needed. I left it for a while but finally needed to sort it as it was affecting the website user experience.
    Whether Divi Engine is a big or small business, their service is as professional as the big organisations and I would even go as far to say better. Some big companies are so big, they forget what customer service is.

    I took a ticket, explained the issues and by the next day the matter was sorted. The communication is brilliant. And I don’t want to give any negative aspect to this review, so let me make it clear. I took a support ticket in the late afternoon so considering that, it is not unlikely that the matter would’ve been sorted same day if I asked for help in the morning.

    I really appreciate the professional reaction to my problem and fully recommend the plugin. The support is there for you

  120. Sinisa Sinjori (verified owner)

    I use to work with Toolset previously, but after I tried Divi Machine I switch to it with enjoy. It’s “native” Divi plugin, and works with it brilliant. Also, support is great. Peter (and other guys) doing their best, to server clients.

  121. David (verified owner)

    Incredibly powerful plugin that allows you to build complex Custom Post systems. An amazing side benefit is that it also is very useful for adding dynamic meta data and other Post elements to standard WordPress Posts using the Divi Builder. Excellent support also! A must have.

  122. Sarah Gerber (verified owner)

    Great plugin, it is so versatile and integrates well with Divi. Using it to post meeting agendas and minutes in an organized list. Very responsive support as well.

  123. Mitch Nelson (verified owner)

    An easy 5 stars! I had a specific vision of what I wanted to do with my website before I got started, but I very quickly ran into limitations with the Divi theme and ACF by themselves. Divi Machine allowed the customization and freedom to do exactly what I was hoping. Also, I cannot speak more highly of Peter and the Divi Machine support. Couldn’t have finished my build without him! DOn’t skip on this plugin!

  124. Lauren (verified owner)

    Divi Machine is a game changer. It gives you complete visual control when using ACF and allows you to deliver next level solutions painlessly. The customer support is second to none. Without a doubt one of the best Divi Plugins I’ve ever come across. Highly recommended!

  125. Felix (verified owner)

    They recommended this plugin to me and the truth is that it has been great for me to create the car sale page.

    I had a problem with the filtering of vehicles, contact the support and they solved it.

    All perfect.

  126. Chris Taplin (verified owner)

    Divi Machine has been the perfect find for me. Adding dynamic content has never been easier and the flexibility it has given us is awesome. Like anything, there’s a learning curve, but the customer service attention has been up there with the best. If you want to expand on your Divi websites with easily adding your own custom post types, this is the perfect plugin for you.

  127. Daisy

    I am so happy that I found this plugin, it’s taking my websites to another level. Also, their customer service is really good: quick response, they are very helpful and very patient.

  128. Sarah Tamsin (verified owner)

    This is an excellent plugin and their customer service is excellent. If you are building complex sites with Divi then this plugin is essential – it is such good value!

  129. Rainer (verified owner)

    Great plugin, which makes working with CPT and custom fields so much easier – it opens infinite possibilities. Exceptional support, very helpfull and quick responses. All thumbs up, a clear recommendation!

  130. Anita Martin (verified owner)

    After searching for weeks to find a solution for a client website I was building, I was relieved to find Divi Machine could do exactly what I wanted right within Divi! The features are unmatched as is the support. Video tutorials explain it all very well, and support staff are exceptional. Starting to think of so many more ways I can use this in other projects – I’m sure I’ll be back for new licences soon!

  131. Joey Gault (verified owner)

    Finally!! A plugin that allows us to stretch our legs with ACF in Divi. Thanks to “Divi Machine” we can now comfortably offer our clients so much more in a website. The plugin is still in its infancy but the developer is super responsive and quick to resolve issues. We immediately recognized the power of this little gem and did not hesitate to jump on the lifetime unlimited license.

  132. Martin (verified owner)

    Perfect modules and really helpfull support.

  133. Pavel Mizera (verified owner)

    This plugin is a real time saver. Very kind people on support, who are opened to new feature requests.

  134. Matt Love (verified owner)

    Very impressive, just the ACF and gallery modules alone are amazing. I have been using other combinations of plugins for 3 years now to get similar results. This looks better than all of them and so far I am very pleased. I already have Bodycommerce and Nitro and I am more than happy with all of them.

  135. Chris Taplin (verified owner)

    Divi Machine makes using ACF within Divi a dream. Archive pages and single posts can be styled how you want and the image gallery is just awesome. The video tutorials are very informative and go further than just explaining how to use Divi Engine. This is the icing on the Divi cake. Well done.

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How To Use Divi Machine?

In order to make it easy for you to use our Divi Machine plugin, we have created videos for you to watch and details that are written down on our documentation page.

We are always adding new features to Divi Machine so if you have an idea, please message us right away.

Featured Questions

General Can I get a refund?
General What about customer support?
General Do I get updates?
List Grid

Divi Ajax Filter, Machine & BodyCommerce

List / Grid

Introducing the dynamic “List/Grid” feature, the perfect complement to our loop templates and custom loop layout functionality. With this versatile addition, you can seamlessly switch between list and grid layouts for your posts, creating a visually engaging and interactive experience for your website visitors. Simply click on the grid option, and watch as the post structure transforms into a beautifully organized grid display. Likewise, selecting the list option instantly reverts the layout back to a clean and concise list format. This powerful feature offers you the freedom to experiment with different display styles, adapting to your content and design preferences with just a click. Elevate your website’s aesthetics and user experience effortlessly with the List/Grid feature.

List/Grid Switcher Documentation

List Grid for Divi
Loop Templates

Divi Ajax Filter, Machine & BodyCommerce

Loop Templates

Introducing “Loop Templates,” a powerful feature of our WordPress plugin that revolutionizes the way you display posts, products, or custom posts on your website. With our prebuilt loop templates, you can effortlessly enhance the design and layout of your post loop, saving you time and effort. Choose from a variety of professionally designed templates to suit your specific needs and seamlessly integrate them into your website. But that’s not all – we go beyond templates. Our plugin also allows you to unleash your creativity by using shortcodes or custom templates in your child theme, giving you ultimate flexibility and control over your content presentation. Upgrade your Divi experience with Loop Templates and elevate your website’s visual appeal effortlessly.

Loop Template Documentation

Post Modal

Divi Machine

Post Modal

Show posts in a modal instead of going to the single page

Not sure what we mean? Well you can see an example on our product page, the features is a post modal.

Use our Loop Layouts to completely control what content is displayed in this modal – you have full control.

Worried about speed? Do not worry! It will be Ajax Loaded once the page has loaded so the users will not see it all loading in the background. When they click on the button to view more, it will show in the modal.

See the video below (skip to 6 minutes)

Create Custom Taxonomy

Divi Machine

Create Custom Taxonomies

Divi Machine allows you to create custom taxonomies to categories custom posts containing your content. Custom taxonomies are essentially categories that you will use to group your custom posts, therefore allowing you to build more complex Divi websites. Please note that the custom taxonomies created in Divi Machine are separate from the default WordPress categories and tags.
Linked Post Types

Divi Machine

Linked Post Types

Divi Machine allows you to link two custom post types. For example, you might want to link the “Houses” post type to the “Estate Agents” post type on your real estate Divi website. Using ACF post object type, you can display the connection between the two post types using our modules .

Tabs, Accordion & Tables

Divi Machine

Tabs, Accordion & Tables

Divi Machine allows you to use the purchased pro version of ACF to create tabs, accordions and tables. Using the repeater ACF type, you can dynamically create wonderful module styles.


Divi Machine


Divi Machine allows you to show a map on your single page being dynamically populated by ACF. Using the ACF Google Maps type, Divi Machine takes over the Divi Map module to display a single pin on the map

Divi Google Maps Multiple Pins

When using the map module on the archive page alongside our archive loop module – we can show multiple pins based on the posts you have on the page

Divi Google Maps Clustering

We also have the feature to add clustering to the maps. What this does is when you zoom out and there are too many pins to see in one location, it will cluster them to make it easier on the eye – see below

Google maps clustering

Video Documentation

Account Section Templates

Divi Machine

Free Layout Packs

We create layout packs for you to download and use on your website builds.

These “premium” layout packs include all you need, including a settings file to import and get all the Machine settings sorted.

We hope you love them, we will keep adding to the list so be sure to check back

Create Custom Posts

Divi Machine

Create Custom Posts

Divi Machine allows you to create unique post types that are separate from the default WordPress post type. Using these custom post types you will be able to build more complex Divi websites.

Video Documentation

ACF Integrated

Divi Machine

ACF Integrated

Divi machine works with Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) which is a trusted plugin and source for creating and displaying custom fields.

What is a custom field?
A custom field allows you to create and show additional information for your custom post. For example, you want to create a team member’s custom post – the custom fields would be “name”, “title”, “age” and so on.

Why do we use ACF?
ACF is a well developed plugin. We thought about developing this as part of Divi Machine but did not see the point as there is a free version of ACF.

How is Divi Machine different to Divi dynamic content?
Divi Machine goes further then Divi dynamic content allowing you greater control. For example, we allow you to add custom labels, icons and images before the value or after creating effects like flipping the thumbnail image on hover. As also give you the possibility of creating a gallery with the free version of ACF – when normally you would have to buy the pro version.

Video Documentation

ACF Integrated

Divi Machine

Archive Pages

Archive pages are the core of what Divi Machine does – it gives you complete control of how you want your Divi website to look. On an archive page you will be able to show the categories and custom posts that you have created using our modules. You will also be able to add ajax filters, orderby, category loop and most importantly the archive loop of posts.

And then there is the custom loop layout which enables you to define exactly how you want your posts to look on an archive page. For example, you might want to show the number of bedrooms or bathrooms.

Video Documentation

ACF Integrated

Divi Machine

Single Pages

Divi Machine allows you to use the Divi Theme Builder to create single pages for your custom posts. In addition to the standard Divi modules, we have modules for you to use such as the gallery slider as well as ACF items to display additional information.

Video Documentation

Ajax Filters

Divi Machine

Ajax Filters

Divi machine working with the Div Builder allows you to have complete control over what content to filter and how it looks. We have added helpful tools like number sliders for your viewers to easily change the filters and the posts to update with what they want to see.

Ajax allows Divi Machine to update the content without reloading the page. For example, if you search for houses between £100,000 and £300,000 it will filter out all the houses that are not in this price range and update the results without reloading the page.

For WooCommerce websites, please take a look at Divi BodyCommerce.

Video Documentation

Ajax Sorting

Divi Machine

Ajax Sorting

Using the Divi Builder, Divi Machine allows you to choose how you want your customers to order your posts. 

For example, if you want to order your posts from highest to lowest, all you need to do is add into our settings your ACF for the price and choose descending. Now when your customer selects this, the posts will sort highest to lowest.

Video Documentation

Ajax Load More

Divi Machine

Ajax Load More

Ajax Load More reduces the time taken to load your webpage by loading fewer posts on the initial load and by not reloading the enitre page when loading new posts.

With Ajax Load More, a button will appear below your posts. When this button is clicked, more posts will load on your page without reloading the entire page.

Search Forms

Divi Machine

Search Forms

Divi Machine allows you to add a complex, custom search form on your Divi website. We give you complete control over what you can add to the search form and how it looks. An extra benefit is that there is no need to install another plugin since Divi Machine uses the Divi Builder.

Video Documentation

ACF Integrated

Divi Machine

ACF Repeater

Divi machine allows you to do two things with the ACF Repeater module. Fristly you can repeat single ACF items – these can be normal ACF fields. Secondly you can, with the pro version of ACF, have a repeater field that contains multiple ACF fields

In both cases you are able to specify settings like the grid columns on desktop, tablet and mobile. This allows you to have three pieces of information displayed in a row without having to use Divi columns.


Divi Machine


Divi Machine gives you more options to display your posts. You can create a slider or carousel to show your posts in the Divi Builder. Filter by ACF to create complex post loops like “featured” or “new” posts.


Divi Machine


Divi does not allow you to create a gallery using the free version of ACF. Divi Machine however allows you to create a gallery using both the free and pro versions of ACF. With Divi machine you can create a gallery grid or slider.

Video Documentation

Grid/Masonry Layouts

Divi Machine

Grid/Masonry Layouts

Have complete control of the grid column size on desktop, tablet and mobile. We also give you the ability to display it as a list, grid or masonry layout.

Video Documentation

Custom Category & Tags

Divi Machine

Custom Category & Tags

Divi Machine allows you to create custom categories and tags that are separate from the default WordPress categories and tags.

Video Documentation

Divi Machine

Visual Builder Compatible

All our modules with the exception of the modules that have children (filter, meta, repeater, orderby) are fully compatible with the Divi Builder. We are working on getting the children supported too.