Feature Update: List/Grid Switcher for Divi has been added to multiple plugins

Hey there, guess what? We’ve got some thrilling news for you! We’ve just introduced a game-changing feature called the List/Grid Switcher to Divi BodyCommerce, Divi Machine, and Divi Ajax Filter. We had you, our beloved users, in mind when we crafted this nifty addition that’s about to revolutionize your website-building journey.

So, what’s the deal with this List/Grid Switcher? Well, it hands you the power to smoothly switch between list and grid views for your posts, products, and custom post types – how cool is that? But wait, there’s more! This feature also spices up your grid view with a handy ‘Read More’ button, and it jazzes up your list view with a snippet of text followed by a ‘Read More’ link. Thanks to some CSS wizardry, there’s no need to worry about double-loading elements on your screen anymore.

The real magic of this feature lies in its dedication to customization. It comes loaded with a bunch of CSS classes designed to give you extra control over your modules. These classes help you tweak the display of specific elements based on whether you’re in list or grid view.

Want a little sneak peek of what this feature can do? Check it out below.

We’re super pumped to bring this innovation to Divi BodyCommerce, Divi Machine, and Divi Ajax Filter. We’re confident that it’ll not only make your site-building process a breeze but also offer your website visitors a more captivating browsing experience.

This is probably the most ambitious update in Divi Engine history, so, why not give the new Divi List/Grid Switcher a whirl and see the difference it adds to your Divi toolkit? Your thoughts matter to us, and we’re all ears for the inventive ways you put this feature to use! Just update to the latest versions or download it from your My Account area TODAY!

Divi List/Grid Switcher in Action

Divi List Grid Switcher


Before you do anything, these are BIG updates and could cause issues if you are updating from older versions. Please backup any production sites first, or test the updates on a staging server first to make sure nothing breaks.

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