New Plugin: Divi Machine Accounts – Build custom user account management areas using the Divi Builder

Introducing Divi Machine Accounts

The day has finally come and after much testing and re-testing and re-re-testing, Divi Machine Accounts is finally here and available for purchase or download (Divi Engine Members) right now!

We developed Divi Machine Accounts because we know that there are cases where it is important for you to give your customers a bespoke My Accounts area that extends beyond the stock Divi accounts pages. Great care was taken in choosing the initial features, but rest assured, we plan on making this extension for Divi Machine a massive asset for those projects that need a more personal touch.

 You can check out the product page by hitting the button below, or read on to learn more about the flagship launch features.

Divi Machine Accounts core features:

User Post Management

It has never been easier to show users the posts that they have created on your Divi sites. This even extends to custom post types. When combined with Divi Form Builder, users can even edit or delete their posts.

Custom Endpoints

This allows you to add any number of custom menu pages to your Divi My Account area. This is particularly useful for things like a welcome screen that contains helpful links and instructions.

Login & Register Modules

We have developed two custom modules for you to use when users try to access the My Account page without first logging into or registering for an account.


Maintaining a list of your favorite posts or listings on websites has become pretty much standard on the internet and with Divi Machine Accounts you can now extend that ability to your users on Divi sites.


Much like our wishlist feature, users can manage a list of posts that they don’t like in their dislike list with a unique layout for the disliked oists.

Divi Builder

Say hello to the familiar Divi workflow with options being split between the Content, Design, and Advanced tab, you are already well on your way to building a bespoke My Account area.

Divi Machine Accounts needs Divi Machine
and works best alongside Divi Form Builder

Divi Machine, Divi Machine Accounts & Form Builder


  1. Help!, your software is good, but please you need to improve your tutorials and documentation. Put the “How to use it” resources (documentation, posts and videos) in the same place. And please, prepare tutorials about the simple basic things (showing how to do something basic, but from the beginning to the end), because your documentation about Divi Machine Accounts is very poor, we want basic tutorials, but not just tips. For example, I wanted to create an endpoint user that shows the user info and their posts (projects), that’s all. And I wasted hours not doing that, just finding out how to do it, discovering your tool (trying, failing and trying again) because you just have a simple image that shows a specific option (Post Display type = Current users post) in your documentation, but you don’t explain anything else, I discovered by myself that I need a layout, and lots of others things (using my imagination), now I’m trying to discover other things, and it is very frustrating. Maybe you have more info about these things in other places (“divi machine” resources maybe), but when I check the info about “Divi machine account” there is not, and you don’t put links to those supposed resources.

    • Hello Andre! Have you seen our Divi Machine Classifieds course? We have worked for months to create it to address exactly the issue you are mentioning here. Please take a look at that as it covers from beginning to end, how to create a classifieds site using Divi Machine, and then enhance that site with Divi Machine Accounts and Divi Form Builder.Check it out here -> I think you would really like it!

      • So what you are saying above with your recommendation is that, instead of free extensive tutorials and documentation for you paying customers, we have to purchase another product to learn how to use the ones we’ve already paid for? That seems pretty unfair.

        I’ve spent two days now trying to figure out how to create an form for Editing User Profiles that already exist, something that took me about 30 seconds with ACF Frontend Admin.

        I really wanted to love your plugins, I paid for them after all, but so far I’m just incredibly disappointed and frustrated. The worst part is that I can’t actually get a refund because the plugins do, technically, do what you claim they do.

  2. Do you have a full tutorial on how to use this plugin?…I having a hard time figuring out it works

    • Hi Luis,
      These people create very good things, but their documentation and classification of resources are so bad. I waste hours doing the same, searching how this works (machine account), and I found documentation but is so basic. It is frustrating

      • Hi Andre,
        Thank you for your feedback, and you are not wrong, our documentation needs work. We are working on a new documentation platform to address these issues and make it easier to keep the docs up to date as the plugins evolve.

        In regard to the tutorials. If I am understanding you correctly, you would like to see more Divi Engine plugin-related tutorials, am I right?

        As a sidenote, we do weekly mini-tutorials on our plugins called Quick Tips, and these are released every Friday in English and Spanish. Check them out on our Youtube Channel here ->

        We appreciate your comments and will absolutely strive to do better!

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