Introducing Divi Machine Accounts

The day has finally come and after much testing and re-testing and re-re-testing, Divi Machine Accounts is finally here and available for purchase or download (Divi Engine Members) right now!

We developed Divi Machine Accounts because we know that there are cases where it is important for you to give your customers a bespoke My Accounts area that extends beyond the stock Divi accounts pages. Great care was taken in choosing the initial features, but rest assured, we plan on making this extension for Divi Machine a massive asset for those projects that need a more personal touch.

 You can check out the product page by hitting the button below, or read on to learn more about the flagship launch features.

Divi Machine Accounts core features:

User Post Management

It has never been easier to show users the posts that they have created on your Divi sites. This even extends to custom post types. When combined with Divi Form Builder, users can even edit or delete their posts.

Custom Endpoints

This allows you to add any number of custom menu pages to your Divi My Account area. This is particularly useful for things like a welcome screen that contains helpful links and instructions.

Login & Register Modules

We have developed two custom modules for you to use when users try to access the My Account page without first logging into or registering for an account.


Maintaining a list of your favorite posts or listings on websites has become pretty much standard on the internet and with Divi Machine Accounts you can now extend that ability to your users on Divi sites.


Much like our wishlist feature, users can manage a list of posts that they don’t like in their dislike list with a unique layout for the disliked oists.

Divi Builder

Say hello to the familiar Divi workflow with options being split between the Content, Design, and Advanced tab, you are already well on your way to building a bespoke My Account area.

Divi Machine Accounts needs Divi Machine
and works best alongside Divi Form Builder

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