Dive Deep into the Divi Membership plugin: Workshop Highlights and Your Questions Answered

Hey there, Divi Creators!

Have you ever imagined turning your website into an exclusive club for your most dedicated followers? Well, dream no more! Our recent workshop peeled back the curtain on the Divi Membership plugin, it’s all about unlocking the full potential of membership sites right within the Divi ecosystem.

This powerful new tool is designed to help you effortlessly create a gated community or a premium content platform, giving you the power to monetize your site and provide exclusive access to your most valuable assets.

To kick things off, Peter, our fearless leader and one of the brains behind this incredible plugin, hosted an in-depth workshop. He took us on a detailed tour of Divi Membership, showcasing the endless possibilities it offers for website owners and developers alike. If you’ve ever considered adding a membership layer to your site, this workshop was an unmissable event, filled with insights, tips, and live demonstrations of the plugin in action.

A Sneak Peek into Divi Membership

Imagine a world where your content knows no bounds yet is safeguarded behind a velvet rope, accessible only to those who’ve joined your ranks. That’s exactly what Divi Membership brings to the table. This plugin is your golden ticket to:

  • Content Restriction: Like a VIP bouncer, Divi Membership ensures only members can peek behind the curtain to access your premium content.
  • Payment Integrations: With seamless Stripe and PayPal integrations, monetizing your content becomes as easy as pie.
  • Email Notifications: Keep your members in the loop with automated emails for welcome messages, subscription renewals, and more.
  • In-depth Reporting: Track your success with detailed reports on sign-ups and revenue, ensuring you’re always on top of your game.

Questions from Our Community

Our live Q&A session turned into a treasure trove of insights. Here’s what we unearthed:

  1. User Role Customization: Can membership levels dictate user roles? Currently, it’s a one-size-fits-all approach, but we’re brainstorming ways to add more granularity.
  2. LMS Integration: Will this work with my LMS? Absolutely! Custom post types mean your educational content is ripe for the Divi Membership treatment.
  3. Divi Machine Accounts Synergy: Can we blend Divi Membership with Divi Machine Accounts? While they’re not integrated yet, we’re all ears for your input on this potential pairing.
  4. WooCommerce Gateway Compatibility: What about using local payment gateways? We’re considering how we might tap into WooCommerce’s gateway lineup without needing the full WooCommerce setup.

Catch the Replay Right Here

Missed the live demo? No worries! We’ve embedded the workshop video below, so you can catch all the action and see Divi Membership in all its glory.

What’s Next?

This workshop was just the beginning. We’re committed to evolving Divi Membership based on your feedback, making it the most user-friendly, powerful membership plugin for Divi out there.

Stay tuned to the Divi Engine blog for more updates, tips, and inspiring stories from Divi creators like you.

Happy Divi-ing!

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