Take your Divi mobile menu to the next level using our Divi Mobile Menu Plugin

Add your own style to the mobile menu of your Divi website.
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Does your Divi website need an attractive mobile menu?

Divi Mobile Menu plugin allows you to build a slick mobile menu for the DESKTOP, TABLET and MOBILE views of your Divi website without having to write any code. All our settings are in the theme customizer which allows for a live preview of the mobile menu.

We have different menus, hamburger icons and sub-menus styles in which you can mix and match to create something unique. With our plugin you will have endless Divi Mobile Menu options.

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Inject Divi Layouts

With the ability to create layouts in the Divi library and then inject them into the menu, you can truly take customization to the next level.

Built with the
user in mind

All our mobile menu styles are carefully thought out and developed to be slick, clean, and user-friendly. Speed is something we care about so only the code you need is loaded and minimized - no bloated CSS or JS files.

Divi BodyCommerce WooCommerce UX User Experience Customisations

Give your Divi website a stylish mobile menu

with Divi Mobile Menu Plugin

Buy Now from £12
License type


1 Site £12
2 - 5 Sites £36
Unlimited £64


1 Site £40
Unlimited £196
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48 reviews for Divi Mobile

  1. Hendrik (verified owner)

    The plugins are great and the support even more so. Any issues I had, whether I needed help with something or a conflict between other plugins, every issue ended up cleared and a working solution provided. Outstanding!

  2. Vasil Tonkonoh (verified owner)

    Not working on mobile at all

  3. Patrick (verified owner)

    No tutorials, documentation is lacking. Wish I could get my money back for this POS. Just about had it with Divi, might be time to switch WP themes as Elegant Themes is seriously lacking in the menu build area.

  4. Mathieu

    You allowed me to solve 95% of the problems I encountered between divi and woocommerce. Thank you for everything ! Best plugin 100% game changer

  5. Audrey Bellot (verified owner)

    Of the dozen or so plugins I’ve purchased, this one is definitely the best. I’ve been looking for a good way to improve that ugly Divi mobile menu, and I finally found it.

  6. Jason Ruth (verified owner)

    This is a product that makes creating a mobile menu simple and stunning. Also, they have wonderful tech support!

  7. Peter Sterckx (verified owner)

    Nice and quick support. Kris helped me to solve the problem.

  8. Lucas

    Perfect support. Very available, responsive and friendly !

  9. Charlene Shearer (verified owner)

    I have just purchased the annual license for the mobile menu for unlimited sites, and I got to say it is a game-changer! Divi is so limited to the menu, especially the mobile menu. Trying to create something unique but functional is so time-consuming, but this simple and adorable plugin allows you to create a product that is not only functional but looks kick ass! The customer service is fantastic. I love that I can talk to a real person in real-time who is passionate about helping their customers. You know they aren’t just money grabbing but go that extra mile to make that difference and make sure any problems are resolved, no matter how small. I highly recommend their products! – Charly

  10. Gabriel Maatouk (verified owner)

    Thank you Divi Engine, love the mobile menu on my divi page. Had issues getting it set up with my website, but they helped me get it working the way I needed it to in a couple of days. 5 stars

  11. René

    I love this plugin and the support. Normally you don’t need the support, but in my case I was able to solve a particular setting with the help of the support team in no time. Thanks a thousand again!

  12. Zo Alfeqar (verified owner)

    Im super happy with the service of Divi engine, The plug-in Divi mobile is such an awesome solution to create stunning mobile menu within no time, and the support team are awesome, they’re always so quick in responding and super helpful. I’m a Divi web designer and i’m using DiviEngine (Divi mobile) for almost all my websites.

  13. Yvan Lagarrigue (verified owner)

    Great support, the support team helped me on CSS issues that resolved problems, really quick answers and great support, thanks again Peter !

  14. Verena Kramer

    Great plugin and the support is outstanding!

  15. EH (verified owner)

    Big fan of the plugin. And the support is unfailingly timely, responsive, friendly, and hands-on. Thanks so much, Divi Engine.

  16. Andy Lochtie (verified owner)

    Fantastic product that was easy to use out of the box, I had missed a setting that was causing an issue but support was next level and sorted it out in no time for me.

  17. Anne Pedersen

    Quick support that solves the issues.

  18. Adam (verified owner)

    Good support

  19. Heriberto Noguera (verified owner)

    Great plugin and best support. A must have in my plugins toolbox for every webstite

  20. Osvaldo Quintanilla (verified owner)

    This plugin works first time, it’s easy to setup and looks so much better than Divi’s regular menu. Definitely worth it.

  21. Gabriel Miguel (verified owner)

    Divi Mobile has been a blessing on multiple website projects of mine. Divi Mobile makes it very easy to create beautiful and usable menus that integrate with Divi quite quickly. The customer support has always been great as well; Peter and David are fantastic. Peter went above and beyond for me once and David was able to solve my latest issue very easily and quickly. Plus, the Divi Engine team are patient and easy to communicate with. Great plugin, great team!

  22. Jonathan Shyman (verified owner)

    helpful and quick

  23. Ciprian Munteanu (verified owner)

    I was a little skeptical at first but it is no longer the case.
    I am currently using Divi Mobile and Divi BodyCommerce and both are exceptional plugins.
    And the support service is absolutely fantastic 🤩
    It didn’t matter that I wrote outside of work hours, on Saturday or Sunday.
    The help came promptly and was of quality, meaning it solves my problems.
    Congratulations and keep it up 💪

  24. Alex

    The people at Divi Engine really do a great job with their products and the support is great too

  25. rubenmgar (verified owner)

    This plugin is fantastic, a must-have for a real Divi mobile site. But what is more fantastic is the support Divi Engine people gives you. I had an issue in my website, and they helped me to resolve it. Superb!

  26. Christiane (verified owner)

    Since using Divi as a theme, I felt that the standard mobile menu was lacking in some basic design customisation. Divi Movile really solves these simple problems, adds flexible options and integrates well with Divi BodyCommerce. Two thumbs up for the product and support.

  27. Justin Crutchfield (verified owner)

    This makes putting together a great-looking hamburger menu so easy. I love the ability to insert anything I build in Divi. It saved me so much time. Support was on top of an issue I had immediately and communicated with me for several days until they fixed it. I’m really impressed by the support I got. My menu works like a dream.

  28. Evgeny (verified owner)

    Super product, super support! They solved all my questions that I could not solve myself. They even helped with a custom code. My client is happy with “my” work 🙂

  29. JDoorn (verified owner)

    Recently I purchased Divi Mobile. The range of settings is incredible and enables you to really adapt the appearance of the menu to the look and feel of your website. This is something where divi as theme is lacking, yet where Divi Engine is shining! I highly recommend this plugin to divi users. Also, the service of Divi Engine is superb, with fast responses and sound solutions, just taking customer care to a next level. These guys rock!

  30. Sharon (verified owner)

    Since discovering that studies are showing internet users are moving away from viewing websites from the computer and more and more towards viewing websites on mobile devices and tablets, I wanted to make sure my site was as mobile friendly as possible. Divi Mobile has made this a reality. I have many menu and sub-menu, sub-sub-menu and sub-sub-sub menu items, all of which are easy to navigate now with Divi Mobile.
    I also can recommend their after sales service. I’m a new to web design and Divi Engine has gone onto the back part of my site to help diagnose and fix any issues I’ve had – all were resolved in a prompt manner. They are a company that is obviously willing and keen to make their plugins super-performers and are receptive to suggestions and requests. Thank you Divi Mobile, your plugin is the difference between an average mobile responsive website and a great one!!

  31. Ben Giordano (verified owner)

    Super fast customer service. We will be using the Divi Mobile plugin for many more web development projects. =)

  32. Zo Alfeqar Mohammad (verified owner)

    I’ve been struggling since a long time to find a way creating stunning mobile menu for my Divi websites, with my lack of knowledge in coding, that gave me a very hard time. BUT after i bought this awesome plug-in, i solved the problem and now I can easily create awesome menu’s with only some clicks.
    I would like to thank you so much for your effort making this awesome plug-in and please keep updating this product so we can keep up to date with the latest trends of menus

  33. Marco

    Love the plugin, easily opens lots of design possibilities and work flawlessly. Excellent support.

  34. Daya Curley (verified owner)

    I’m so relieved I found Divi Engine! I kept running into limitations trying to make the mobile menu look the way I wanted on my Divi website. I found Divi Mobile and it does exactly what I want it to do. In addition, I had made a silly error while configuring it and wrote for support. My request was answered, quick and friendly (and didn’t make me feel like the the idiot I was actually being at that particular moment). Very impressed all around and I can’t wait to see whatever this company does!

  35. arifmehrab

    very well

  36. Mike Hawkey (verified owner)

    Excellent support and help 5 stars

  37. Ted (verified owner)

    Great product great support I use it as a desktop menu as well

  38. Thibaut (verified owner)

    Excellent product, it is super easy to use and very versatile, do hesitate a second ! and if any issue, do not worry, the customer service is there to back you up. It is a no brainer.

  39. Amplus WP-Praxis (verified owner)

    The first Version, i think 1.2.3 or so, was not the best, but than i got some free support and they changed wath i wanted and now, i am super happy!

  40. [email protected] (verified owner)

    Don’t think, just do! Divi Mobile makes everything clean, makes your site look modern and the support is fantastic. No boring menus anymore, and a better experience for my clients – double win!

    Support wise – wow. It’s rare that you find a company that is willing to bend over backwards to help you out and make things happen, especially when you’re having a mind melt day – Divi Engine are just amazingly helpful!!! Without doubt one of the best teams I’ve had the pleasure to work with, and particularly a hat tip to Peter in support for his constant assistance and diligence in making everything perfect. Well done guys!!!

  41. Parham Shafti (verified owner)

    Using Divi Mobile since a while back. The product itself is great, but the support is even better. Thank you!

  42. Brian (verified owner)

    Just what I’ve been looking for! No more boring menus. The plugin is packed full of features to help achieve the desired result, and the support is outstanding.

  43. Kris Seinen (verified owner)

    One of the best support i’ve ever seen! He helped me within 12 hrs and we came to a solution, a perfect solution!

  44. Gavin (verified owner)

    Recently used Divi Engine for the first time (Divi Mobile) and have been delighted both with the product and the flexibility that it gives. I have used many other similar plugins and none give the variety of options to really style it the way that you want like Divi Mobile. However where these guys really score is that their support, response and help is second to none – highly recommended.

  45. Matteo (verified owner)

    I love this plugin, it’s easy to useand let you build whatever menu for your website mobile version. And support if you have any trouble it’s the best you can ever ask!!! I say because I tested it!

  46. Clim (verified owner)

    I have tried many plugins, but this was exactly what I was looking for. Great job.

  47. Oscar (verified owner)

    Glad I found this. For me it’s not enough what Divi offers when it comes to mobile menus. Now I have what I needed in this plugin.

  48. mohammad

    Great addon for divi nice work i love it

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How To Use Divi Mobile?

In order to make it easy for you to use our Divi Mobile plugin, we have created videos for you to watch and details that are written down on our documentation page.

We are always adding new features to Divi Mobile so if you have an idea, please message us right away.

Featured Questions

Divi Mobile anchor points
Mobile menu does not show
General Can I get a refund?
General What about customer support?
General Do I get updates?
Theme Builder Header

Divi Mobile

Theme Builder Header

Using Divi Theme Builder Header

Divi Mobile allows you to create a mobile menu in the Theme Builder. When we first created Divi Mobile, there was no theme builder so we have adapted it to work.

Read this tutorial on how to add Divi Mobile to your Divi Theme Builder header


Download an example header below for you to import and get you started

Divi Mobile Theme Builder Header
Divi Mobile Premade Menu Styles

Divi Mobile

Premade Menu Styles

Create your own custom menu styles or use one of our pre-made menu styles. Choose the menu that you like and then tweak the settings to fit your Divi website.

Style 1

Style 2

Style 3

Style 4

Style 5

Style 6

Divi Mobile

Premade menus

We have carefully selected menus that are slick and work well. In due time we will develop more menus for you to use. To view our pre-made menus, please visit the documentation for Divi mobile.

Hamburger Icons

Divi Mobile

Hamburger Icons

To help you improve the style of your Divi mobile menu, we have created a number of custom hamburger icons for you to use. This feature also allows you to change the animation of the hamburger icon to meet your requirements. To view our hamburger icons, please visit the documentation for Divi mobile.

Divi Mobile

Header Control

Take control of the header of your Divi website. Move items such as the search and cart icon, your logo as well as customize the height and color scheme. Many e-Commerce websites have their logo in the center, the search and cart icon on one side and the burger menu on the other – this and more is possible with Divi Mobile.

Divi Mobile


Displaying sub-menus from the Divi mobile menu is one of the most challenging tasks for the Divi developer. We have created several solutions for you to choose from including the popular side-by-side style which is perfect for websites with large and detailed sub-menus. In the future, we will develop more sub-menus styles. To view our sub-menus, please visit the documentation for Divi mobile.

Divi Mobile

Inject Divi Layouts

Divi Mobile allows you to inject layouts built with the Divi builder in the Divi library. This feature of our Divi Mobile plugin gives you the ability to create unique mobile menus that take your Divi mobile menu to the next level.

Divi Mobile

Stop Stacking

The Divi builder stacks columns on top of one another on the mobile view. If you would like to stop the stacking of your mobile menu columns then we have the solution for you. We have created a module that will align your columns side-by-side. To read more about this module, please visit the documentation for Divi mobile.