Improve Divi Speed with our Divi Nitro Plugin.

With our plugin you can optimize your divi website’s speed and make it fly! Speed matters, and you deserve it!
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Is your Divi website slow?

Don’t worry! Divi Nitro makes your pages load faster. Speed really matters to users and your Search Engine Optimization score. 

Customers expect speed. If your pages take too long to load, they’ll bounce.

Search engines favour quicker websites, and penalize slow ones. So you’ll get more traffic to your site from Google, giving you the edge over your competition.

How to make Divi Theme faster?

Below is a summary of the key features that make Nitro work and help your divi theme loads faster:

Divi Nitro  Website Speed Matters
Divi Nitro defer assets, images, videos

Asset deferral

When a webpage is opened, it tries to load all visual assets on that page. With this feature, assets are only loaded when they’re needed, which are then prioritized above the fold. This leads to a snappier experience for the customer.

Powered by the following features

Code minification
+ combination

Nitro strips away unnecessary clutter and bloat within your html, javascript and CSS. This way, your code runs smoothly and efficiently from your source files.

Powered by the following features

Divi Nitro minify, combine and defer scripts, html, css, js

Speed up your

with Divi Nitro Plugin

Buy Now from £12
License type
1 Site £12
2 - 5 Sites £25
Unlimited £50
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Don’t just take our word for it

21 reviews for Divi Nitro

  1. Christophe Chevrier

    Amazing results on with Divi Nitro !
    Powerful plugin and very efficient support.
    Thanks Peter

  2. Robin Whalley (verified owner)

    I only purchased Divi Nitro for one feature which is the Defer YouTube Video component. I have a lot of videos from my YouTube channel on my website and some of the pages were taking a long time to load. Usually, there was a wait of 6-8 seconds where a similar page without a video would be 0.8-1.5 seconds. One page which featured a series of six videos was taking over 30 seconds to load. After switching to the Divi Nitro YouTube component my video pages load in line with the other site pages. This one feature alone is worth the price of the plugin.

    Recently I had a query where my videos were playing but the sound was muted (a problem I also noticed on a few other websites). My query to Divi Engine was quickly answered explaining this is a change Google has made but that they could include an option to try to override it. I now have the new version with the sound enabled as default and everything is working as I need.

    This is great customer service and I’m delighted. When I have time will explore more Divi Nitro features.

  3. jamie1 (verified owner)

    Divi Nitro has been great for us – and the support is speedy, supportive and generous. Thank you!

  4. Jeremy Minick

    I work for an online marketing company in the US and I have used Divi Nitro to speed up around 40 of our websites. This plugin is super power. In some cases it cut the loading speed in half. It will take you some time to work it out, but when you do it works like a charm!

  5. Alan Fox (verified owner)

    The Divi nitro plugin is excellent, my website improved its speed considerably.

  6. Lukasz (verified owner)

    Thank you for your advice and support. As always, I am grateful thanks Peter help.

  7. Joe W (verified owner)

    Divi Nitro was part of what helped bring my job’s website score from a 49% up to 88% on GT Metrix. The Defer YouTube Video module is an especially helpful part of this plugin, saving hundreds of KB of javascript that would otherwise be part of the initial page load. The author was also incredibly responsive to my support question and helped me sort it out within an hour of asking. I look forward to the continued use and growth of this plugin, and at the affordable price point, will certainly recommend to anyone trying to slim down their Divi site.

  8. ilocaleverywhere (verified owner)

    I was in a Facebook DIVI group and saw a reply to a question about performance that mentioned DIVI Nitro. Other caching plugins and CloudFlare only helped out so much so I thought I would give DIVI Nitro a shot since it was customized for DIVI specifically. I purchased the one site license to test. I ran into an issue with parallax deferred images and support was great! They helped me troubleshoot and found that I had jquery issue. My bad. I deferred jquery so I removed defer and than it worked perfect!! All other DIVI Nitro features work as described. This plugin took care of all the speed issues I was having. GTMetrix went from C to A for speed. I liked it so much I upgraded to ‘Unlimited’ and support even gave me a coupon so I could deduct original single site purchase cost towards ‘Unlimited’. Great job on plugin guys!!!

  9. Anne (verified owner)

    If you are on this website for the first time, you might think that the reviews are not real, because they are too good to be true. You’re wrong! I am making this review from the position of a very happy client.
    It really does what it says and it will improve the speed of your websites for sure. The support for all plugins from DiviEngine is outstanding and I can bet you will be surprised on how fast and professional he is. I strongly recommend Divi Nitro for everyone.
    So if you are undecided about this awesome tool, don’t be, it’s awesome! Buy it!

  10. Alex Lp (verified owner)

    A very complete speed optimization plugin! Peter provides awesome support and it’s open to add new features to improve the plugin and; therefore, the websites’ speed. If something goes wrong, just switch back and problem solved. You can choose what to minify/combine and what not which is great because other plugins dont allow you to do that and the site breaks, with Divi Nitro you can control that. I highly recommend it!

  11. g.biscu (verified owner)

    I bought and installed Divi Nitro Plugin to increase the loading speed of my site. The results in Google Speed Test were considerable. What I’ve like more of Nitro is the “costumize minifications” that this fantastic plugin allows. You can minify CSS and JS, but if the JS minification affects your site for example, than you can remove step by step the minification to discover which part is better don’t minify, or just leave the CSS minification that doesn’t affect the rest.

  12. az (verified owner)

    At last a way to ACTUALLY speed up the user experience. Much of this plugin is just ‘fit and forget’ while other options need a little time, patience and reading of the documentation and watching the video (RTFM).

    My advice – don’t think about it if you use Divi. Buy it and be delighted.

  13. info26 (verified owner)

    Seriously, unless you are already coding all of these optimisations into your builds, then every Divi site will see an improvement. I’d put money on it and win every time. Plus, it’s not even like you need to get into the nuts and bolts of it. Only today I had a website that was already rated by pingdom as a “Performance Grade A”, but was loading in 5.39s, drop down to 1.74s. This was just with the Module Differing and a few of the “Other Speed Settings” activated.

    A few switches switched, that will be a staple on every one of my builds from now.

  14. Belen (verified owner)

    Absolutely worth it. Easy to use and it works. Reduced http requests, improved scores. Peter was extremely responsive to both pre and after sales enquiries.

  15. Howard (verified owner)

    The results were immediate and impressive. My GtMetrix scores jumped to A scores for page load and Yslow. I’m now in 97% and 95% score range. I like the fact that you can tune your minification far better and without breaking your site vs W3 Total Cache settings. I’ve completely turned off Minify settings for W3T.

    Author/Designer is extremely easy to communicate with and get help if you need it. I especially like the fact that they are constantly improving the interface and enhancing performance. Well Done!

  16. Dominic de Souza (verified owner)

    Divi Nitro is awesome; perfectly built for speeding up Divi. Peter himself is the epitome of friendliness, repeatedly willing to bend over backwards to help people. I’m glad I grabbed the developer version, because this plugin is going on every Divi site I build. I tested it out on my personal site, and with W3TC, was blown away to get my pageload time from 10+ seconds down to 2.5 Full marks to Peter and Divi Nitro! Can’t wait for future developments.

  17. Svet (verified owner)

    In a world of smaller and smaller attention spans, speed is becoming more and more important in the web development game. Whether you are creating a complex ecommerce store or a smaller one page website, speed goes a long way to keeping your customers engaged and this is a phenomenal speed plugin!

    Unlike other plugins that combine and minify the scripts on your website, this is designed specifically for divi and works straight out of the box with no issues. I’m not a huge fan of lazy loading, you can see the images loading as you scroll down and there can be performance issues at times, but with deferred loading, the main parts of the website are blazing fast and the images load in the background from the top down. I saw an immediate huge speed boost!

    Can’t wait to see where Peter takes this plugin, he is really committed to making it the one stop divi speed plugin! Awesome work!

  18. dimesaveski (verified owner)

    If you want to speed up your Divi theme and don’t know how to do it, just get the plugin and you are done. It’s steal for that price and it gets a job done. Defers images,combines scripts (both javascript and css) and that’s all you need for quick load time. Recommended…

  19. frank (verified owner)

    I’ve installed the plugin for all my client’s and noticed improvements on all the websites. Peter has provided excellent customer service. I had a plugin that was causing issues, and Peter was quick to diagnose the issue and make recommendations that made the site even faster. This developer cares, and I would recommend this product to anyone who wants to improve their Divi themed websites. Thanks, Peter!

  20. Mike (verified owner)

    I have installed and tested this plugin on a few websites and have seen an improvement in load time on my sites. I have had no issues with the plugin and have not needed support.

    I had reached out to Peter with a pre-sales question and he was incredibly responsive and seems remarkably & wholeheartedly interested in developing this plugin so that it becomes better with each release. This plugin is now a must-install on all of my Divi sites!

    I really look forward to seeing the future of this plugin and look forward to seeing what Peter releases next.

  21. Ian (verified owner)

    As soon as this plugin was released I bought it. First site I tried it on, it made and instant and remarkable improvement to the speed and I was hooked. I had reason to contact the developer for one particular application and Peter responded quickly with an update to solve the problem. Performance gains and great support!

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Our documentation explains how to use Divi Nitro. This documentation comes in two formats:

  1. Video
    This is for those who just need a quick summary of the features, and how they’re used at a high level.
  1. Text
    This is where we go into more detail, and show you the full range of options for implementation.

We’re adding new features to Divi Nitro on the regular, and we update our documentation accordingly.

Your questions answered

Is Divi Nitro compatible with Extra or other themes?
My page is breaking when I minify my scripts
How do I know if my images are being deferred?
General Can I get a refund?
General What about customer support?
General Do I get updates?

Speed up your website with some simple, yet effective .htaccess tricks. We safely add some code to your .htaccess file that optimise your site. You can flip on/off all of the following modifications so you never have to worry about it breaking your site!

Our .htaccess modifications

Leverage browser caching

Every time a browser loads your website, it has to download all the HTML, CSS, JS and images to display the page. The more files it needs to download, the longer it takes. Browser caching can help by storing some of the files locally on the visitors browser. When they visit again, it will need to download less and therefore be quicker. By caching your logo for example we can tell the browser to only download it once a month for example.

Gzip compression

Gzip compresses your files before sending them over to the browser, this reduces the transfer time since they are much smaller files. It can reduce the size of pages and style sheets by up to 70%!

The main reason why gzip is important is that it reduces the load time by reducing the size of files that need to be downloaded.


Enabling HTTP Keep-Alive allow the same TCP connection to send and receive multipole HTTP requests, this therefore reduces the latency and therefore speeds up your site

Disable Image Hotlinking

There are chances that spammers can use your image link on their websites. And because of this, every time when someone visits that webpage, images will be loaded from your server. This is known as Image Hotlinking. You can disable the use of your images on another website and therefore decrease the server load.

Cache-Control Headers

Cache-Control is a HTTP header that defines the amount of time a file is to be cached. We make it so that images are cached for a year and scripts for one month.

Defer Youtube Videos

Divi Nitro

Defer YouTube/Vimeo videos

Having a YouTube or Vimeo video on your website is such a great tool speak to your visitors, the main issue is the number of scripts it loads, this with trying to load the adverts on YouTube or just the JS files loaded by Vimeo or YouTube, this slows down the load of the page. Add over 10 videos and this becomes a big problem with the load time.

We have added a custom module called “Defer YouTube/Vimeo Video” – this module will ONLY load the video and scripts when the visitor interacts with the clip and presses play, therefore not impacting the load time. 

It used to only defer YouTube, but now we defer Vimeo too.

Video documentation

HTML minification

Divi Nitro

HTML Minification

There’s a reason that Google’s PageSights recommends HTML minification; it improves page rendering speeds without a single negative effect to the application or the user’s experience.
JS deferral

Divi Nitro

JS Deferral

Using this method means that the JS files don’t get in the way of the page being loaded. Rather than running JS when the page opens, the JS files are queued for execution immediately after the DOM gets loaded. To the user this will be seamless, and the page load speed will improve.
Imagery deferral

Divi Nitro

Defer Divi Images

Even when images are optimised, they still slow down pages. So rather than load all images at once, we render those at the top of the page (after the initial page load) and allow the rest to quietly render in the background after this. The user is none-the-wiser and sees the same great content; only quicker.
CSS minification + combination

Divi Nitro

CSS Minification + Combination

CSS files can get lengthy, and using minification and combination is a great way to make the files more compact, easier to parse, and quicker to run.
Script clean-up

Divi Nitro

Script Clean-up

We use additional mods to clean out defunct and redundant scripts, so you’re only running the code you need. Your customers will reap the speed rewards of a leaner codebase with no excess baggage.
JS minification + combination

Divi Nitro

JS Minification + Combination

JS minification allows the code to optimised, and JS combination pulls all your files into one place, which means the browser only has to ask for your scripts once. Both techniques together result in more efficient processing of JS code, and therefore, the pages perform faster.