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We build and maintain plugins for Divi themed Wordpress sites, designed to make your life easier and give you more control.
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Who is behind Divi Engine?

We are developers that love Divi and have used it for years. After building many sites for our clients and pushing the limits of what Divi can do, we found ourselves creating plugins to solve problems and enhance specific features. After continually refining and improving our efforts over time, we eventually built a set of fully fledged plugins that do everything we ever wanted Divi to do, and more. Rather than keeping these developments to ourselves, we decided to share them with the rest of the Divi community.

Our goal is to help make your Divi sites even better, save you time and make your life easier as a developer.

We genuinely care about quality

We genuinely care about quality

As developers, we only build plugins that we want to use ourselves. And because we take pride and precision in what we do, you’ll never see a buggy, poorly maintained or sloppily coded plugin from Divi Engine.

We want a happy family

We want a happy family

The way we see it, our customers are part of the Divi Engine family – and we believe that family should always receive the best treatment. We respond quickly, and we diligently work through any difficulties you might have.

We love the Divi community

We love the Divi community

Whether it’s publishing guides for speeding up your website, explaining a google analytics technique, or giving away free resources like our icon font pack – we like to give back wherever we can.

Divi BodyCommerce

A versatile toolkit for developers using Divi and WooCommerce together, designed to boost your e-commerce site and achieve greater conversion rates.

Divi Nitro

Make your pages load faster, and give your customers a more dynamic shopping experience. Nobody likes to wait.

Divi Protect

Lets you password protect any element, module or section of a page, so you can hide specific content behind a lock.

Divi Mega Menu

Elevate the design and usability of your navigation by making menus and submenus exactly as you want them. All made super easy in Divi builder.