Best Divi Plugins and Extensions for WordPress

We build and maintain Divi Plugins and Extensions for WordPress and WooCommerce websites that are designed to make your life easier and to give you more control over your Divi page builder & website.

Divi WordPress Plugins

Who is behind Divi Engine?

We are developers who have a passion for the Divi theme and WordPress. After many years spent building WordPress websites for our customers and pushing the limits of what the Divi theme can do, we found ourselves creating plugins to solve problems and enhance specific features for the Divi Theme. 

Rather than keeping these developments to ourselves, we decided to share them with the rest of the Divi community to help others build better Divi websites faster and easier.


We genuinely care about quality

We genuinely care about quality

As developers, we only build plugins that we want to use ourselves. And because we take pride and precision in what we do, you’ll never see a poorly maintained or sloppily coded plugin from Divi Engine.

We want a happy family

We want a happy family

The way we see it, our customers are part of the Divi Engine family - and we believe that family should always receive the best treatment. We respond as quickly as possible, and we diligently work through any difficulties you might have.

We love the Divi community

We love the Divi community

Whether it’s publishing guides for speeding up your website, explaining a google analytics technique, or giving away free resources like our icon font pack – we love to give back wherever we can.

Boost the power of your Divi Website with our Premium Plugins

Our Divi plugins give you extra features for your Divi Website. They help you to extend existing functionality or add entirely new features and custom modules. These powerful extensions can completely change the way you make your websites.

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With our Divi Extensions you can Create:

Beautiful Mobile Layouts

Amazing Woocommerce Stores

Custom and Professional Websites

Fast And secure websites

See what our customers say about our plugins for the Divi Theme:

Thiago Muccillo

"We had a great experience with Divi Engine. All plugins were a game-changer for our business. Firstly, the price is good compared to others, secondly, the support is great, the communications with them was fast and works every time. If you are building a site with Divi, you need the Divi Engine plugins to improve your skills and the final result."

Thiago Muccillo

David Hauptschein

"Divi BodyCommerce is simply the best technology integrated to Divi that I have ever used. After implementing it and customize our e-commerce website (category pages, product pages, check-out, product loops …) we noticed a substantial increase in our conversion rate and turnover. Customer support is very responsive and very professional. You want to upgrade your Divi Website to the next level, go to Divi Engine."

David Hauptschein

Preetaj Singh

"I have used Divi Engine products since getting introduced to the Divi theme. Although I found them by accident when searching for the ability to add a mini cart, I have realised the power their plugins add to Divi. It’s amazing to have so much flexibility and simplicity in designing everything from WooCommerce pages to blog pages to mobile menus. Their support is as good as their products and all issues are dealt with swiftly. Can’t wait to see what else they have planned for the future!"

Preetraj Singh

What are Divi Plugins and Extensions?
Divi Plugins and Extensions are add-ons that allow you to do more with the Divi Theme. There are a variety of different plugins and extensions available, each with its own set of features.

Divi plugins often add various new Divi Modules that allow you to create better contact forms, extend the functionality and look of your WooCommerce store, and more. Divi Plugins can also extend or modify the base functionality of your Divi sites like make the adding of Custom Post Types a breeze, change the WooCommerce Cart Icon, and more.

Divi Plugins help you build more bespoke Divi sites.

About Our Divi Plugins & Extensions
In our humble opinion, the Divi Theme is by far the most feature rich and easy to use Page Builder for WordPress, that is why we built an entire Divi Plugin business on top of it. We build more complex divi plugins that allow Divi users to build completely bespoke Divi sites that do not look like Divi sites.

You can use Divi BodyCommerce to completely transform your WooCommerce store into an e-commerce powerhouse with not only 75+ modules, but loads of mods and extensions that extend the base functionality of WooCommerce.

Divi Machine seamlessly integrates with Advanced Custom Fields that allow you to create a functional website for any purpose built on the backbone of Custom Post Types.

Divi Form Builder is a breath of fresh air that will allow you to create a bunch of purpose built Divi forms that even allows you to create posts and custom posts from the frontend of your Divi site.

We could go on about Divi Mega Menu, Divi Nitro, Divi Mobile, Divi Ajax Filters, and Divi Protect and their benefits all day, but you get the picture. We love Divi, and we love building Divi Plugins for Divi.

Are your Divi Plugins Hard to Use?

We’ll rip the bandaid off here and let you know that yes, our plugins can have a steep learning curve for some users due to the bespoke nature of the websites you can build using them. But don’t you fret, we have a class support team here to help you figure things out as well as documentation that is continuously updated. We have also taken on releasing Quick Tip videos for our Divi Plugins to hopefully show you how to implement some quick features you may not have been aware of.

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Can I Use WordPress Plugins with Divi?
Yes, but you have to keep few things in mind when using WordPress plugins with Divi. You could for example use a WordPress Form Plugin like Contact Form 7, but it will not have the same features or look you might expect from a Divi Plugin or Module. WordPress Plugins can also sometimes cause conflicts with Divi that might break some features on your site.

Divi Plugins are designed specifically to work with the Divi Theme on top of WordPress. This makes it easy because much of the visual layouts and functions will be simimal to that of the Divi Theme and will very rarely cause plugin conflicts in WordPress.

It is important to note that you can’t use Divi Plugins without having Divi installed.