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Linked Post Types

Seamlessly Connect Content with Linked Post Types in Divi Machine

The ‘Linked Post Types’ feature in the Divi Machine plugin is a game-changer for creating interconnected content on your Divi website. It provides the ability to link two different custom post types, facilitating a more dynamic and relational presentation of your content.

Imagine the possibilities in a real estate website scenario: you can effortlessly link a ‘Houses’ post type with an ‘Estate Agents’ post type. This linking not only enhances the depth of information but also provides a comprehensive view of related content. It allows users to easily navigate between connected post types, offering a richer and more informative browsing experience.

Utilizing the Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) post object type, Divi Machine enables you to display these connections elegantly within your site. Our modules are designed to showcase the relationship between linked post types, ensuring that the content is presented in a clear, accessible, and visually appealing manner.

Whether you’re linking properties to agents, products to suppliers, or any other types of related content, the Linked Post Types feature adds a layer of sophistication to your website. It’s an ideal solution for sites that require a structured approach to displaying associated content.

Incorporate the Linked Post Types feature from Divi Machine into your website to create a seamless connection between different types of content. This feature not only streamlines the user experience but also enriches the content narrative, making your website more engaging and informative.


Dynamic ACF Map Integration in Divi Machine

1. Single Pin on ACF Map: Divi Machine enriches your website’s single pages with dynamic map displays, powered by ACF’s Google Maps field type. This feature seamlessly integrates with the Divi Map module, allowing you to display a single, precise pin on the map based on ACF field data. Whether it’s showcasing a property location, a business address, or any point of interest, the ACF Map with a single pin provides a clear and focused visual representation on your website. This tool enhances the user experience by providing an interactive and informative map view that’s directly tied to the content of your page.

2. Divi Google Maps with Multiple Pins: For archive pages, Divi Machine offers an advanced mapping solution with its ability to display multiple pins on a single map. When used alongside the archive loop module, this feature dynamically populates the Divi Map module with pins corresponding to each post displayed on the page. This is ideal for scenarios where you want to visually represent multiple locations simultaneously, like listings in a real estate catalog or branches of a business. It provides a comprehensive and interactive map view, allowing users to easily visualize and navigate through multiple related points of interest.

3. Divi Google Maps Clustering: To enhance the usability of maps with numerous pins, Divi Machine includes a ‘Clustering’ feature. This function automatically groups closely located pins into clusters when zooming out on the map. Clustering helps in managing map readability, especially when dealing with a high density of pins in a particular area. It simplifies the map view, making it easier for users to comprehend and interact with. Upon zooming in, these clusters disperse to reveal individual pins, allowing users to explore specific locations in detail.

Each of these mapping features in Divi Machine leverages the power of ACF and Google Maps to bring a new level of interactivity and precision to your website’s maps. Whether it’s showcasing a single location, multiple points, or managing map clusters, these tools ensure your maps are both visually appealing and functionally rich, enhancing the overall user experience on your site.

Google maps clustering

ACF Integrated

Leverage Advanced Customization with ACF Integration in Divi Machine

Divi Machine’s integration with Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) elevates the potential of your Divi website by enabling you to add and display custom fields with unparalleled ease and flexibility. This synergy between Divi Machine and ACF opens up a realm of possibilities for customizing and enhancing your content.

What is a Custom Field? Custom fields are essential for extending the functionality of your WordPress content. They allow you to add and display additional information that is not covered by the default content types. For instance, if you are creating a custom post for a team member, custom fields like “name”, “title”, “age”, and so on can be effortlessly added to provide more detailed information about each member.

Why Use ACF with Divi Machine? ACF stands out as a well-developed and trusted plugin for creating custom fields. Recognizing its robust capabilities, we integrated ACF with Divi Machine instead of developing a similar functionality from scratch. This decision not only leverages the power of ACF’s free version but also ensures that you have access to a reliable and extensively tested tool for managing custom fields.

Divi Machine vs Divi Dynamic Content: While Divi’s own dynamic content feature offers a level of customization, Divi Machine takes it several steps further. With our integration, you gain more control over how your custom fields are displayed and interacted with. This includes adding custom labels, icons, and images before or after the field values, creating unique effects like flipping thumbnail images on hover. Additionally, Divi Machine enables you to create galleries using ACF’s free version – a feature that typically requires the pro version.

This integration not only expands your creative horizons but also enhances the functionality of your site, allowing you to build more dynamic, informative, and visually appealing Divi websites.

ACF Repeater

Maximize Content Flexibility with ACF Repeater Integration

Divi Machine seamlessly integrates with Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) to unlock powerful repeater functionality for your Divi website. With this feature, you can achieve two essential objectives:

  1. Repeat Single ACF Items: You can effortlessly repeat single ACF items, including standard ACF fields. This provides you with the flexibility to display repeated information or elements throughout your site. Whether it’s displaying team member profiles, testimonials, or any other repeating content, Divi Machine simplifies the process.
  2. Create Repeater Fields with Multiple ACF Fields (Pro Version): For even more advanced content structuring, Divi Machine’s pro version allows you to create repeater fields containing multiple ACF subfields. This capability enables you to craft intricate layouts and dynamic content arrangements with ease.

But that’s not all—Divi Machine takes it a step further. You have precise control over how these repeater items are presented on your website. Customize grid columns for desktop, tablet, and mobile devices, ensuring that your content looks perfect on all screen sizes. No need to rely on Divi columns; Divi Machine’s ACF Repeater module offers a streamlined, design-friendly solution.

Whether you’re building complex layouts, displaying repeated content sections, or adding dynamic elements to your site, Divi Machine’s ACF Repeater integration provides the versatility and control you need. Elevate your Divi website’s content management with this powerful feature.