Maximize Content Flexibility with ACF Repeater Integration

Divi Machine seamlessly integrates with Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) to unlock powerful repeater functionality for your Divi website. With this feature, you can achieve two essential objectives:

  1. Repeat Single ACF Items: You can effortlessly repeat single ACF items, including standard ACF fields. This provides you with the flexibility to display repeated information or elements throughout your site. Whether it’s displaying team member profiles, testimonials, or any other repeating content, Divi Machine simplifies the process.
  2. Create Repeater Fields with Multiple ACF Fields (Pro Version): For even more advanced content structuring, Divi Machine’s pro version allows you to create repeater fields containing multiple ACF subfields. This capability enables you to craft intricate layouts and dynamic content arrangements with ease.

But that’s not all—Divi Machine takes it a step further. You have precise control over how these repeater items are presented on your website. Customize grid columns for desktop, tablet, and mobile devices, ensuring that your content looks perfect on all screen sizes. No need to rely on Divi columns; Divi Machine’s ACF Repeater module offers a streamlined, design-friendly solution.

Whether you’re building complex layouts, displaying repeated content sections, or adding dynamic elements to your site, Divi Machine’s ACF Repeater integration provides the versatility and control you need. Elevate your Divi website’s content management with this powerful feature.


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November 17, 2023

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