ACF Integrated

Divi Machine

ACF Integrated

Divi machine works with Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) which is a trusted plugin and source for creating and displaying custom fields.

What is a custom field?
A custom field allows you to create and show additional information for your custom post. For example, you want to create a team member’s custom post – the custom fields would be “name”, “title”, “age” and so on.

Why do we use ACF?
ACF is a well developed plugin. We thought about developing this as part of Divi Machine but did not see the point as there is a free version of ACF.

How is Divi Machine different to Divi dynamic content?
Divi Machine goes further then Divi dynamic content allowing you greater control. For example, we allow you to add custom labels, icons and images before the value or after creating effects like flipping the thumbnail image on hover. As also give you the possibility of creating a gallery with the free version of ACF – when normally you would have to buy the pro version.

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