Leverage Advanced Customization with ACF Integration in Divi Machine

Divi Machine’s integration with Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) elevates the potential of your Divi website by enabling you to add and display custom fields with unparalleled ease and flexibility. This synergy between Divi Machine and ACF opens up a realm of possibilities for customizing and enhancing your content.

What is a Custom Field? Custom fields are essential for extending the functionality of your WordPress content. They allow you to add and display additional information that is not covered by the default content types. For instance, if you are creating a custom post for a team member, custom fields like “name”, “title”, “age”, and so on can be effortlessly added to provide more detailed information about each member.

Why Use ACF with Divi Machine? ACF stands out as a well-developed and trusted plugin for creating custom fields. Recognizing its robust capabilities, we integrated ACF with Divi Machine instead of developing a similar functionality from scratch. This decision not only leverages the power of ACF’s free version but also ensures that you have access to a reliable and extensively tested tool for managing custom fields.

Divi Machine vs Divi Dynamic Content: While Divi’s own dynamic content feature offers a level of customization, Divi Machine takes it several steps further. With our integration, you gain more control over how your custom fields are displayed and interacted with. This includes adding custom labels, icons, and images before or after the field values, creating unique effects like flipping thumbnail images on hover. Additionally, Divi Machine enables you to create galleries using ACF’s free version – a feature that typically requires the pro version.

This integration not only expands your creative horizons but also enhances the functionality of your site, allowing you to build more dynamic, informative, and visually appealing Divi websites.


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November 17, 2023

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