Revolutionize Form Building with Divi Form AI

Introducing ‘Divi Form AI’, a transformative feature within the Divi Form Builder plugin, designed to redefine the way you create and manage forms on your Divi website. By integrating the advanced capabilities of OpenAI’s GPT API, Divi Form AI brings the power of artificial intelligence directly to your form-building process, offering a level of sophistication and efficiency previously unattainable.

This groundbreaking feature is not just an enhancement; it’s a complete overhaul of traditional form building. Divi Form AI equips you with an array of powerful tools, including real-time language translation, personalized product or service recommendations based on user inputs, and efficient research assistance for itinerary planning. Additionally, it aids in SEO optimization for improved website visibility and dynamic form field population, all contributing to a superior user experience.

Key Features of Divi Form AI:

  1. Diverse Model Compatibility: Utilize any OpenAI LLM Model your API has access to, including GPT 3.5, GPT 4, and more, ensuring cutting-edge performance.
  2. Spend Limits Per Form: Implement estimation-based spend limits for each form, providing control over usage and costs.
  3. Stylish Pre-Loaders: Choose from different pre-loader styles, including a text terminal loader, to enhance the visual appeal while AI processes your requests.
  4. AI Personas: The plugin comes loaded with preset AI personas, offering a range of interaction styles and capabilities.
  5. Custom Prompt Crafting: Gain the ability to create custom prompts and personas, tailoring the AI interaction to your specific requirements.
  6. Input Monitoring: Monitor form inputs seamlessly and include them in the API call for contextually relevant AI responses.
  7. Dynamic AI Responses: Output AI responses directly to a form field, enabling interactive and dynamic form experiences.
  8. Configurable Response Settings: Set AI response temperature and word count limits, giving you control over the nature and extent of AI interactions.

Divi Form AI is a step into the future of form building, where the intelligence of AI meets the intuitiveness of Divi Form Builder. It’s about empowering your website with smarter, more adaptive, and user-focused forms, taking your digital interactions to a whole new level of engagement and efficiency.

To demonstrate this, we have built 5 demos for you to truly experience the power of Divi Form AI:

  • Clarity Engine: Automatically translate other languages and provide further clarity to a customer’s contact form submission by getting to the point.
  • Recommendation Engine: Make a product or service recommendation in response to completed form fields.
  • Research Engine: Generate itinerary suggestions to a user for a journey defined by fields they complete on the form.
  • SEO Engine: Research product keywords in the background while creating new WooCommerce products then generate descriptions already optimized for SEO.
  • Selection Engine: Dynamically populate a select drop-down from a GPT API response based on user input.

See a demo here


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November 17, 2023

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