Content Restriction

Unlock the Power of Content Control with Divi Membership

Elevate your membership site with Divi Membership’s advanced content restriction tools. Create an exclusive experience for your community by gating content based on membership levels. With our intuitive controls, you can effortlessly manage access to your site’s content, ensuring that members receive the value they deserve.

Craft Exclusive Member Areas

  • Precise Access Control: Designate who can view pages, posts, sections, rows, and modules with ease. Keep your premium content exclusive to members, enhancing its value and appeal.
  • Tiered Membership Content: Build a structured content experience with access levels tailored to different membership tiers. Offer a range of content from general to VIP, each with its own unique access.
  • Engaging Teasers for Non-Members: Customize messages for locked content to entice non-members to join. Turn restrictions into opportunities for growth by sparking curiosity and sign-ups.
  • Divi Builder Compatibility: Integrate content restrictions seamlessly with the Divi Builder. Control the visibility of each element, crafting a personalized experience for every user segment.
  • Detailed Content Management: From broad categories to specific items, manage access with granularity. Tailor your site’s content journey to align perfectly with your membership strategy.

With Divi Membership, restricting content is more than just a gatekeeping tool; it’s a way to nurture a sense of belonging, incentivize membership upgrades, and deliver targeted value to your audience. Transform your content into an asset that drives membership growth and satisfaction.


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December 6, 2023

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