The Sozo Foundation triennial report April 19 – July 19

As many of you are aware we want our business to be a giving business so part of this is for each sale we give a gift on your behalf to The Sozo Foundation. If you are not aware you can read about it here.

We want you to be involved in the process so are going to release a triennial report (every 4 months) with the figures so you can keep up to date. So here it is for April 2019 – July 2019.

  • 570 hours of tutoring for school children
  • 92 sessions of a 10-week skills course for a school child
  • 52 school lunches
  • Internet access for 101 school children for project research
  • 81 training sessions for a student to be a baker
  • 32 Educentre sessions for a school child (

We feel so blessed that we can help such a fantastic organisation, it is all down to you all – thanks so much!

A few snapshots of what The Sozo Foundation has been up to over these 4 months

In May, they released an annual report so if you are interested you can read all about what they did from 2017-2018 here

Here is a video of one of the Educentre’s alumni who took every opportunity and hardship life threw at him and turned it into a living dream

Two of the Sozonite learners have made it through to the 8 finalists for the Community Chest of the Western Cape Election Essay Writing Competition. See here

A new minibus was purchased and know it will be a huge blessing to the community. See here

The building had a new look, fresh paint – shows a real sense of pride for the local people. See here


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