In an era where nothing is ever truly secure sending passwords over email or message, it is important to add some sort of encryption.

We care about your security!

We have added a new feature on our support ticket side of the website, where you enter private credentials that get stored with an encryption key directly inside our database. This way it is way more secure sending sensitive passwords to us.

Each ticket has a section to add private keys – see below:

Private Credentials
Private Credentials

How is the data encrypted?

All data entered into the form shown in the image above is encrypted with a key that is unique to the ticket. The key and the data are both stored with the ticket. 

When a ticket is closed, all private credentials are automatically removed. This means that you can be a ease knowing that your data is not being stored somewhere. 

Final thoughts

We do really hope you value this addition, any suggestions on how we can better serve you would be greatly appreciated!