Sozo Giving 1 and a half Years

We have been supporting the Sozo Foundation now for 1 and a half years – what an impact you guys are all making – thank you!

In this time we have given:

  • 2332 hours of tutoring for school children
  • 485 sessions of a 10-week skills course for a school child
  • 555 School lunches
  • Internet access for 483 school children for project research
  • 516 training sessions for a student to be a baker
  • 192 Educentre sessions for a school child

WOW – so amazing, thanks again for all you have done to enable this to happen. We are helping make such a difference to these peoples lives

Check out a few links
Skill Courses

Check out this cool video

Our response to this time


  1. Kapia got GOALS!

    Some nice figures there, Pete! Keep up the good work!

    • Yeah – He is dreaming big. Reach for the moon and if you miss you land amongst the stars.

      Thanks Michael – without you guys, this cannot happen!

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