Show WooCommerce product images in the cart on mobile devices with Divi

By default, WooCommerce hides the product images on the cart page when viewing from a mobile device. This can be quite annoying as images really help sell your products.

Add this CSS to Divi > Theme Options > Custom CSS to fix

Show product images in WooCommerce cart on mobile
Show product images in WooCommerce cart on mobile


  1. Hi

    When i setup 4 column for product on desktop and on mobile will be 2 column. If i wanna product on mobile just one coloumn……..anyone know how?

    Please advice


  2. Can you make the image size bigger by default

  3. Thanks, that worked perfectly on my site. The images look a bit small on mobile, but it’s much better than to have none at all!

    • Pleasure. You could change the CSS to make them bigger πŸ˜€

      • Thank you for this!! What do you need to change to make it bigger? I’m a total Noob πŸ™‚

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