Quick Review of 2020

Ok so we are a bit late with this post and for good reasons, we have been so busy planning and doing development for our plugins. This past year was a great year, our company grew in many aspects. Most significant is the new staff members Kris, Jeff and Fernando. These three key parts of the business (support, development and marketing) will help create better products, offer better support and give you better content and resources in the coming years. Apart from new members to the team, we have been busy in other ways – see below! 

2 New Divi plugins 

Apart from our fast growing plugins, we released two new Divi plugins this year.


Divi Machine

With Divi Machine you can build complex websites that display dynamic fields you can filter, search and so much more with the Divi Builder. It was such a game changer for the Divi community and for us as it allows you to create such complex sites without having to code. 

Divi Ajax Filter

We launched the first Divi Ajax Filter! With this plugin, you can create beautiful ajax filters for your products, projects, blog posts or any custom post you want. Filter your posts without reloading the page. This truly is a great jump and will open doors to so much more ajax inspired plugins.

Freebies (layouts)

We created a set of different and beautiful pre-made designs for Bodycommerce, Machine, Divi Mobile and Mega Menu. We will continue to create more free layouts for you.


  • Furniture Shop layout 
  • Restaurant Shop layout
  • Backpack Shop layout 
  • Tech Shop layout
  • Coffee Shop layout

Divi Machine

  • Car Listing Pack layout
  • Documentation Pack layout 
  • Team member Pack layout
  • Estate Agent Pack layout 
  • Recipes Pack layout 

Divi Mega Menu 

Different Mega Menu Styles 

Divi Mobile Styles 

6 Different Mobile Menu Styles 

New Blog Articles 

We have spent many hours creating written Divi tutorials, helping solve problems, creating solutions, and sharing tips and snippets about Divi and WooCommerce.

Divi Engine User Facebook Group

We love our community! That’s why we have created this group, so this way we can share tips, opinions, freebies, and help each other online using Facebook.

Sozo Foundation

We have been supporting the Sozo Foundation now for 1 and a half years – what an impact you guys are all making – thank you!

In this time we have given:

  • 2332 hours of tutoring for school children
  • 485 sessions of a 10-week skills course for a school child
  • 555 School lunches
  • Internet access for 483 school children for project research
  • 516 training sessions for a student to be a baker
  • 192 Educentre sessions for a school child


Thank you! 

We all want to thank you for choosing us and being part of the family. When you make a purchase through us, it helps us to accomplish this and so much more. This next year we plan to keep delivering this and so much more! Hope to have many more years together 😀



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