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Product List / Grid Switcher

Unlock new levels of efficiency and customization in your Divi BodyCommerce eCommerce site with our advanced List/Grid feature. This feature is not just a visual enhancer but also a testament to efficient coding practices, ideal for Divi BodyCommerce users.

  • CSS-Driven Efficiency: Instead of loading multiple instances, our List/Grid feature smartly utilizes CSS. This approach ensures a smooth, fast-loading experience on your Divi BodyCommerce site, crucial for keeping your customers engaged and reducing bounce rates.
  • Customizable with Special Classes: Gain full control over how your products are displayed with special CSS classes. These classes allow you to dictate how modules wrap, offering a level of customization that perfectly aligns with your store’s branding and layout preferences.
  • Seamless Product Display Options: Effortlessly switch between list and grid layouts in your Divi BodyCommerce store. This versatility not only enhances the visual appeal but also caters to different user preferences, potentially boosting user engagement and sales.
  • Perfect Integration with Divi BodyCommerce: Designed to complement Divi BodyCommerce, our List/Grid feature integrates seamlessly, maintaining the aesthetic and functional harmony of your online store while adding powerful new display capabilities.

Premade Product Loop Templates

Introducing Loop Templates, an indispensable feature for Divi BodyCommerce users seeking efficient and elegant content display solutions. Our prebuilt loop templates are designed to revolutionize how you showcase posts, products, or custom posts on your Divi-powered e-Commerce site.

  • Ready-to-Use Efficiency: Choose from a range of professionally crafted templates, like Divi Shop Style, Divi Blog Style, and more, tailored for quick and efficient implementation. These templates are not only easy to use but also load faster due to their hard-coded nature, ensuring a smooth user experience for your shoppers​​.
  • Customizable to Your Needs: While our loop templates offer a turnkey solution, we understand the need for personalization. Customize various aspects such as show ratings, prices, add/remove cart buttons, and more under the Loop Template Options. Dive deeper into design settings to adjust font boldness, text colors, metadata, excerpts, and other specifics, making your content uniquely yours​​.
  • Creative Freedom: Beyond prebuilt templates, our plugin encourages creativity. Craft your own custom templates in your Divi Library using our Divi BodyCommerce modules for deeper customization, offering you complete control over how you present your content.
  • Upgrade Your Divi Experience: Seamlessly integrate these templates into your Divi BodyCommerce store, enhancing the visual appeal and functionality of your website. With Loop Templates, elevate your Divi BodyCommerce experience, combining professional design with personal flair.

Dynamic Product Sorting

Elevate your Divi BodyCommerce store with our Dynamic Product Sorting Module. This innovative tool empowers you to create a customized ordering system, enhancing your customers’ shopping experience. With the ability to set up a variety of sorting options such as price, relevance, ACF fields, date, and rating, you can offer your users the flexibility to explore your products in a way that suits them best.

  • Versatile Sorting Options: Integrate an array of sorting criteria, allowing customers to easily find what they’re looking for, boosting satisfaction and potentially increasing sales.
  • Advanced Customization: Mix and match different sorting parameters, including ACF fields, to cater to your specific store needs. Create multiple select dropdown options, providing a tailored shopping experience.
  • Seamless Integration: Designed to integrate effortlessly with your Divi BodyCommerce site, this module ensures a cohesive and intuitive user interface.

Transform your product display and sorting capabilities with our Dynamic Product Sorting Module, making your online store more user-friendly and efficient.

Ajax Product Filtering

Discover the power of seamless and customizable product filtering with our Advanced Ajax Product Filter, a highlight of Divi BodyCommerce. This feature integrates the robust Divi Ajax Filter plugin, eliminating the need for additional plugins and offering a comprehensive solution for your Divi-powered WooCommerce store.

  • Diverse Filtering Options: Effortlessly filter products by categories, tags, product attributes, stock status, price, and custom fields. Our filter accommodates a wide range of criteria, ensuring users can navigate your product range with ease and precision​.
  • Empty Filter Options: Control how your filters act when no items are returned. From hiding categories, if they do not contain any products in the search results to hiding the entire filter option if there are none, the choice is yours.
  • Customizable Filter Interface: Utilize the Divi Builder to create filters that not only function effectively but also match your store’s aesthetic. From number sliders for easy adjustments to complex Divi Filter Grid layouts, the customization possibilities are vast.
  • Streamlined Shopping Experience: The Ajax technology ensures that product filters work quickly and seamlessly, updating product displays without page reloads. This offers your customers a smooth and efficient browsing experience, crucial for online shopping environments​​​.
  • Designed for Performance and Ease of Use: Recognizing the challenges of eCommerce, Divi BodyCommerce is crafted to tackle complex tasks with simplicity. This plugin is noted for its speed, ease of use, and visually stunning results, making it an ideal choice for enhancing your WooCommerce store with Divi​​​.

Custom Product Page Modules

Transform your WooCommerce store with BodyCommerce’s comprehensive array of modules. Designed to offer you maximum flexibility, these modules enable you to create unique product page layouts for each category or even individual products, ensuring each item stands out with its own distinct style.

Our Product Page Modules: A Glimpse into Versatility

  • PP Additional Information & PP Attributes: Display essential product details like additional information and attributes right on the product page, enhancing the information accessibility for your customers.
  • PP Pro Before & PP Product Content: Utilize these modules to display rich product descriptions and engage with pre-set plugin actions, adding depth to your product storytelling.
  • PP Gallery & PP Featured Image: Showcase your products with various gallery styles or highlight them with a featured image, making each product visually captivating.
  • PL Add To Cart & PL Price: These modules streamline the purchasing process, displaying add-to-cart options and product prices clearly, encouraging quick purchase decisions.
  • PL Title, PL Short Description, & PL Meta: Enhance your product’s SEO and provide concise, relevant information with these modules, focusing on titles, descriptions, and metadata.
  • PP Pro Navigation & PL Rating: Navigate through products effortlessly and display ratings to build trust and guide customer choices.
  • PP Related Products, PP Up-Sell, & PCP Cross-Sell: Leverage these modules to showcase related products, upsell items, and cross-sell opportunities, enhancing the shopping experience and increasing sales potential.
  • PP Reviews & PP Sharing: Engage customers with a reviews section and facilitate social sharing, expanding your product’s reach and credibility.
  • PL Stock Status & PP Pro Summary: Keep your customers informed about stock status and provide a comprehensive summary of your products, all in one place.
  • PP Tabs & G Notices: Organize product information neatly in tabs and display important store notices for a streamlined user experience.
  • G Product Carousel, G Product Slider, & G Breadcrumbs: Enhance navigational ease and visual appeal with carousels, sliders, and breadcrumbs, guiding customers through your product offerings.
  • G Product Search & G Action/Shortcode: Offer an improved product search experience and integrate additional functionalities with ease, using actions or shortcodes.

With BodyCommerce, your WooCommerce product pages become a canvas for creativity, blending functionality with aesthetic appeal, and driving an enhanced shopping experience for your customers.

Product Category Page Builder

Take complete control of your WooCommerce category pages with BodyCommerce’s custom-crafted modules. This feature empowers you to redefine the layout and design of each category page, bringing a fresh and unique touch to your online store.

  • Tailored Category Design: With our intuitive tools, create distinct looks for each category, ensuring that every section of your shop reflects the unique character and style of the products it showcases.
  • Full Creative Freedom: Leverage the power of the Divi Builder to construct shop homepages and category pages that break the mold. Say goodbye to generic layouts and embrace a world where every category page can be a masterpiece of design and functionality.
  • Seamless Integration: Our custom modules blend seamlessly with Divi’s user-friendly interface, making it simple to craft stunning, unique category pages without ever leaving the Divi Builder environment.

With BodyCommerce, your category pages become more than just a part of your online store; they become a canvas for your creativity, enhancing the shopping experience and elevating your brand.

Custom Product Badges

Elevate your Divi WooCommerce store with BodyCommerce’s Custom Product Badges feature. Break away from the standard WooCommerce look and infuse your Divi store with unique and eye-catching badges that reflect your brand’s personality.

Key Features and Customization Options:

  • Varied Badge Styles: Select from a variety of stylish SVG badge designs or upload your own for a distinctive touch in your Divi store.
  • Sale Badge Customization: Tailor ‘sale’ badges with a choice of percentage discount or custom text. Use our intuitive settings to perfectly align these badges with your Divi theme.
  • New Badge Timing: Set specific durations for ‘new’ badges, keeping your Divi store’s offerings fresh and enticing.
  • Color Customization: Personalize badges with a primary, secondary, and quaternary color, ensuring they seamlessly integrate with your Divi store’s color scheme.
  • Precise Positioning and Sizing: Fine-tune the placement and size of your badges to complement the product images in your Divi store.
  • Text Customization: Customize the badge text, including color, font size, alignment, and line height, to enhance readability and aesthetic appeal in your Divi theme.
  • Dynamic New Sale Badge: Manage the display time of new sale badges, controlling how long they are visible on your Divi store’s products.

Transform your Divi WooCommerce store with BodyCommerce’s Custom Product Badges, creating a visually captivating shopping experience that highlights your products’ unique features and deals.

Enhanced Variation Swatches

Elevate your Divi WooCommerce store’s product selection experience with BodyCommerce’s advanced Variation Swatch feature. This enhancement allows customers to make informed choices about product variations such as size, color, or fabric, through a more intuitive and visually engaging interface.

  • Diverse Swatch Options: Offer customers a tangible sense of the product they’re choosing with customizable swatches. Use color, image, or label swatches to represent different product variations, providing a clear and realistic preview of each option.
  • Increased User Engagement: By replacing standard dropdowns with interactive swatches, you not only add polish to the customer experience but also make the selection process easier and more enjoyable. This can lead to increased customer satisfaction and potentially higher conversion rates.
  • Customizable Visuals: Tailor the appearance of the swatches to align with your store’s branding. Whether it’s a vibrant color swatch, a detailed image, or a crisp label button, each element can be customized to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your product pages.
  • Tooltip Integration: Enhance the usability of your swatches with our Tooltip option. When customers hover over a swatch, they can see additional details, making their shopping experience more informed and reassuring.

With BodyCommerce’s Variation Swatches for Divi, transform how customers interact with product options, making every selection an integral part of an enriched shopping journey in your WooCommerce store.

Custom Pagination Options

Divi BodyCommerce introduces a versatile feature that revolutionizes how you handle pagination in your Divi WooCommerce store.

What Is Pagination? Pagination refers to the process of dividing digital content into discrete pages, rather than displaying it all in a single, lengthy scroll. It’s commonly seen in eCommerce stores, where products are listed across multiple pages. Pagination helps in improving user experience by organizing content into manageable chunks, making navigation easier, and reducing load times.

Enhanced Pagination Styles with Divi BodyCommerce:

  • Multiple Styles: Choose from 11 different pagination styles, providing you with a range of design options to best match the aesthetic of your website.
  • Full Customization: Each style is fully customizable, allowing you to tweak its appearance to seamlessly blend with your site’s design. Adjust colors, sizes, and shapes to create a pagination layout that is both functional and visually appealing.
  • Improved User Navigation: With these enhanced pagination styles, users can effortlessly navigate through your product listings, improving the overall shopping experience.
  • Align with Your Brand: Tailor the pagination to reflect your brand’s identity, ensuring consistency and cohesiveness in your store’s design.

By utilizing Divi BodyCommerce’s pagination feature, you not only make your Divi WooCommerce store more navigable but also add an element of sleek design, elevating the user interface and overall site aesthetics.

Custom Product Tabs

Boost your WooCommerce store’s product pages with BodyCommerce’s custom product tabs feature. This tool enables you to add extra tabs to your products in WooCommerce, offering a space for special instructions, downloadable product manuals, and more, enhancing the shopping experience and aiding in conversions.

Direct and Inform Your Customers Effectively: Clear and concise custom tabs on your product pages can significantly guide customers, providing them with essential information like usage instructions, additional product details, or resources. This clarity helps in creating a more informed shopping experience, encouraging conversions.

Customizable for Various Needs: Whether it’s a tab for special care instructions, downloadable manuals, or extra product details, the flexibility of this feature allows you to cater to the specific needs of your products and customers.

Enhance Product Page Engagement: By adding these custom tabs, you not only make your product pages more informative but also more engaging. This added layer of interaction can lead to better customer satisfaction and a higher likelihood of purchase.

With BodyCommerce’s custom product tabs for Divi WooCommerce, transform your product pages into comprehensive sources of information, making them more than just a point of sale, but a resource for your customers.

Tailored Search Results

Elevate your WooCommerce site’s search functionality with BodyCommerce’s custom search results layout feature. This powerful tool grants you complete control over the design of your search results page, all within the intuitive environment of the Divi Builder.

  • Customizable Search Results Layout: Utilize the Divi Builder to craft a search results page that not only aligns with your site’s aesthetic but also highlights the product details most relevant to your customers’ searches.
  • Specialized Modules for Enhanced Display: Incorporate our specialized modules, like the “Product Loop” to automatically render the search results. This module ensures that your custom layout seamlessly displays the products or content your customers are looking for.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Designing your custom search results page is as straightforward as setting up a category page. Our tools and modules are designed for ease of use, allowing you to create an effective and attractive search results layout with minimal effort.

With BodyCommerce, you can transform the search experience on your WooCommerce site, making it more engaging and reflective of your brand’s unique style. Enhance how your products are discovered and presented, leading to a better user experience and potentially increased conversions.

Custom Tags Page Layout

Leverage BodyCommerce’s advanced features to craft bespoke tag archive pages for your WooCommerce site. This functionality empowers you to use a custom loop setup and specialized product loop modules, bringing unparalleled customization to your tag-based content display.

  • Custom Loop Setup: Utilize BodyCommerce’s custom loop setup to define how products and content associated with specific tags are presented. This flexible system allows you to control the layout and information shown on your tag archive pages, ensuring they align with your site’s design and functional requirements.
  • Versatile Product Loop Modules: Take advantage of BodyCommerce’s product loop modules, which are integral to creating engaging and informative tag archive pages. These modules enable you to showcase products in a way that highlights their key features, aligning with the browsing and shopping preferences of your audience.
  • Consistent and Intuitive Design Tools: Design your tag archive pages using the familiar and user-friendly Divi Builder, incorporating BodyCommerce’s modules. Assign your custom layouts in the BodyCommerce settings for a seamless integration. This approach offers consistency across your site, maintaining a cohesive user experience.
  • Enhanced Browsing Experience: By tailoring the presentation of tagged products, you enhance the browsing experience on your site. The custom loop setup and product loop modules allow for a more engaging and user-centric display, potentially increasing user interaction and conversions.

With BodyCommerce, you gain the tools to transform tag archives from simple listings into rich, interactive experiences. Customize how your audience discovers and interacts with tagged products, elevating the usability and aesthetic appeal of your WooCommerce site.

Product Compare

Elevate your online store with Divi BodyCommerce’s Product Compare feature, a powerful tool that allows customers to directly compare products on your WooCommerce site. This feature is designed to enhance user decision-making, providing a clear and concise comparison of different product models or similar items.

  • Intuitive Setup and Integration: Easily enable the Compare feature in Divi BodyCommerce settings and integrate it within your site using the Wishlist/Compare and G Compare modules. This seamless setup ensures the feature aligns perfectly with your site’s layout and design.
  • Flexible Display Options: Place the G Compare module on various pages like product pages, account pages, or any other custom page, providing versatile access points for users to initiate and view product comparisons.
  • Detailed Product Insights: Customize the comparison table to include vital product information such as title, price, rating, stock status, and more. This level of detail empowers customers to make informed purchasing decisions by comparing products side by side.
  • Enhanced User Experience: By allowing users to easily compare products, Divi BodyCommerce not only improves the usability of your site but also adds a layer of engagement and interactivity, encouraging deeper exploration of your product offerings.

The Product Compare feature in Divi BodyCommerce transforms the way customers interact with products on your WooCommerce site, making it a valuable addition for any online store aiming to provide a comprehensive and user-friendly shopping experience.