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User Post Management

The “User Post Management” feature of the “Divi Machine Accounts” plugin simplifies the process of allowing users to view and manage their posts on your Divi website. This functionality is extended to custom post types, providing flexibility for various types of content.

For instance, if your website includes a custom post type for properties, users can access and manage these properties directly from their account area within Divi. This feature enhances user engagement by giving them control over their own content.

Moreover, thanks to its full compatibility with Divi Form Builder, you can enhance the user experience even further. You have the option to incorporate Divi forms that enable users to edit or remove their posts directly from their account area. This streamlines content management for both website administrators and users, resulting in a more user-friendly and efficient experience.


The “Wishlist” feature in the “Divi Machine Accounts” plugin allows you to provide a convenient way for users on your Divi website to maintain a list of their favorite posts or listings. This feature aligns with the standard practice on the internet, making it easier for users to curate and manage content that they find interesting or valuable.

With “Divi Machine Accounts,” users can seamlessly keep track of and manage their wishlisted or liked posts directly from their account area. This functionality enhances the user experience by allowing individuals to easily revisit and interact with their preferred content without the need to search or navigate through the website repeatedly.

In summary, the “Wishlist” feature adds a layer of personalization to your Divi website, empowering users to create and manage their lists of favorite posts, ultimately enhancing their engagement with your content.


The “Dislike” feature in the “Divi Machine Accounts” plugin provides users with the ability to manage a list of posts that they dislike on your Divi website. This feature is similar to the wishlist feature, but instead of saving liked posts, users can identify and manage posts that they do not like.

Here’s what the “Dislike” feature offers:

  1. List Management: Users can maintain a list of posts that they have disliked. This list allows them to keep track of the content they do not prefer or want to ignore.
  2. Different Layout: The feature allows you to implement a different layout or visual style for posts that a user has disliked. This distinct layout makes it easy for users to identify and distinguish disliked posts from others.

Overall, the “Dislike” feature enhances user engagement by providing them with the ability to curate their browsing experience based on their preferences. It allows users to filter out content they are not interested in and focus on the content they prefer, contributing to a more personalized and user-friendly website.