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Styled Form Fields

Elevate the aesthetic of your entire site with BodyCommerce’s form field customization feature. This powerful tool goes beyond the checkout customizer, allowing you to transform the appearance of input fields across your entire Divi-powered site.

  • Versatile Field Customization: Whether it’s a custom-looking quantity field or a uniquely styled select dropdown, our feature provides the tools you need to create a cohesive and branded look. Tailor these fields to match your site’s design ethos with ease.
  • Comprehensive Design Settings: Dive into our extensive settings to choose custom icons, modify border styles, alter colors, and adjust other appearance-related settings. These options give you full control over how form fields appear, ensuring they align perfectly with your site’s overall design.
  • Before and After Examples: To demonstrate the impact of our customization options, we showcase how a default quantity field looks and how it can be transformed using our settings. These examples provide a clear visual of the enhancements you can achieve.

With BodyCommerce, styling form fields becomes a seamless part of your site design process, ensuring every element aligns with your brand’s visual identity.

Custom Product Badges

Elevate your Divi WooCommerce store with BodyCommerce’s Custom Product Badges feature. Break away from the standard WooCommerce look and infuse your Divi store with unique and eye-catching badges that reflect your brand’s personality.

Key Features and Customization Options:

  • Varied Badge Styles: Select from a variety of stylish SVG badge designs or upload your own for a distinctive touch in your Divi store.
  • Sale Badge Customization: Tailor ‘sale’ badges with a choice of percentage discount or custom text. Use our intuitive settings to perfectly align these badges with your Divi theme.
  • New Badge Timing: Set specific durations for ‘new’ badges, keeping your Divi store’s offerings fresh and enticing.
  • Color Customization: Personalize badges with a primary, secondary, and quaternary color, ensuring they seamlessly integrate with your Divi store’s color scheme.
  • Precise Positioning and Sizing: Fine-tune the placement and size of your badges to complement the product images in your Divi store.
  • Text Customization: Customize the badge text, including color, font size, alignment, and line height, to enhance readability and aesthetic appeal in your Divi theme.
  • Dynamic New Sale Badge: Manage the display time of new sale badges, controlling how long they are visible on your Divi store’s products.

Transform your Divi WooCommerce store with BodyCommerce’s Custom Product Badges, creating a visually captivating shopping experience that highlights your products’ unique features and deals.

Enhanced Variation Swatches

Elevate your Divi WooCommerce store’s product selection experience with BodyCommerce’s advanced Variation Swatch feature. This enhancement allows customers to make informed choices about product variations such as size, color, or fabric, through a more intuitive and visually engaging interface.

  • Diverse Swatch Options: Offer customers a tangible sense of the product they’re choosing with customizable swatches. Use color, image, or label swatches to represent different product variations, providing a clear and realistic preview of each option.
  • Increased User Engagement: By replacing standard dropdowns with interactive swatches, you not only add polish to the customer experience but also make the selection process easier and more enjoyable. This can lead to increased customer satisfaction and potentially higher conversion rates.
  • Customizable Visuals: Tailor the appearance of the swatches to align with your store’s branding. Whether it’s a vibrant color swatch, a detailed image, or a crisp label button, each element can be customized to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your product pages.
  • Tooltip Integration: Enhance the usability of your swatches with our Tooltip option. When customers hover over a swatch, they can see additional details, making their shopping experience more informed and reassuring.

With BodyCommerce’s Variation Swatches for Divi, transform how customers interact with product options, making every selection an integral part of an enriched shopping journey in your WooCommerce store.

Custom Pagination Options

Divi BodyCommerce introduces a versatile feature that revolutionizes how you handle pagination in your Divi WooCommerce store.

What Is Pagination? Pagination refers to the process of dividing digital content into discrete pages, rather than displaying it all in a single, lengthy scroll. It’s commonly seen in eCommerce stores, where products are listed across multiple pages. Pagination helps in improving user experience by organizing content into manageable chunks, making navigation easier, and reducing load times.

Enhanced Pagination Styles with Divi BodyCommerce:

  • Multiple Styles: Choose from 11 different pagination styles, providing you with a range of design options to best match the aesthetic of your website.
  • Full Customization: Each style is fully customizable, allowing you to tweak its appearance to seamlessly blend with your site’s design. Adjust colors, sizes, and shapes to create a pagination layout that is both functional and visually appealing.
  • Improved User Navigation: With these enhanced pagination styles, users can effortlessly navigate through your product listings, improving the overall shopping experience.
  • Align with Your Brand: Tailor the pagination to reflect your brand’s identity, ensuring consistency and cohesiveness in your store’s design.

By utilizing Divi BodyCommerce’s pagination feature, you not only make your Divi WooCommerce store more navigable but also add an element of sleek design, elevating the user interface and overall site aesthetics.

Custom Thank You Pages

Elevate your customer’s post-purchase experience in your Divi WooCommerce store with BodyCommerce’s custom modules for crafting bespoke Thank You pages. Utilizing the flexibility of the Divi Builder, this feature allows you to create personalized, engaging Thank You pages that resonate with your customers and enhance their shopping journey.

  • Bespoke Thank You Page Design: Tailor the Thank You page to reflect your brand’s unique style and message. With Divi BodyCommerce, you have the creative freedom to design a Thank You page that goes beyond a generic message, creating a lasting impression on your customers.
  • Divi Builder Integration: Seamlessly use Divi Builder’s intuitive interface and powerful modules to construct a Thank You page. This integration ensures that your custom page aligns perfectly with the overall design and functionality of your Divi WooCommerce store.
  • Enhanced Customer Experience: A well-crafted Thank You page can significantly elevate the customer’s experience. It’s an opportunity to express gratitude, provide helpful information, or even suggest related products, ultimately contributing to customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Impactful Customer Engagement:

By leveraging BodyCommerce’s custom modules in Divi, you transform the Thank You page from a simple confirmation into a powerful tool for customer engagement and brand reinforcement. This personalized approach in your Divi WooCommerce store not only appreciates your customers but also encourages further interaction with your brand.

Custom WooCommerce Emails

Enhance your WooCommerce email communications with BodyCommerce’s custom email template feature. Directly within the BodyCommerce settings, you can fully control and customize the appearance and content of WooCommerce email messages, ensuring they align perfectly with your brand and messaging strategy.

  • Complete Customization Control: Tailor the look and feel of every email sent to your customers from WooCommerce. Adjust layouts, colors, fonts, and fixed content to ensure your emails stand out and maintain brand consistency.
  • Real-Time Preview: Utilize the preview window feature to view changes as you make them, allowing for on-the-fly adjustments and ensuring your emails look exactly as intended before they reach your customers.
  • Consistent Brand Experience: By customizing your email templates, you extend your store’s branded experience into every customer interaction, reinforcing your brand identity and enhancing customer engagement.

With BodyCommerce’s custom email templates for Divi, elevate the standard WooCommerce email communications to a new level of professionalism and brand alignment.

Dynamic Mini Cart

Enhance shopping convenience with BodyCommerce’s Mini Cart feature. This dynamic tool enables users to quickly view the contents of their cart through a dropdown, without navigating away from their current page, thus maintaining a seamless shopping experience in your Divi WooCommerce store.

  • Instant Cart Content Access: The Mini Cart is easily accessible when users click the cart icon, instantly displaying their chosen items. This functionality is crucial for keeping the shopping flow uninterrupted and can help in increasing conversion rates.
  • Customizable to Fit Your Brand: BodyCommerce allows you to fully customize the Mini Cart to align with your store’s design, offering a consistent and branded shopping experience. This level of customization is a significant enhancement over the standard WooCommerce and Divi combination.
  • Ajax Add to Cart Integration: Streamline your customers’ shopping experience by integrating Ajax Add to Cart functionality. This feature lets customers add items to their cart effortlessly without reloading the page, making the process faster and more user-friendly.

BodyCommerce’s Mini Cart feature for Divi transforms how customers interact with their cart, offering a more efficient and engaging shopping journey, and potentially boosting sales and user satisfaction.

Custom Checkout Fields

Streamline your WooCommerce checkout with BodyCommerce’s versatile Custom Checkout Fields. This feature enhances the checkout process by allowing you to gather essential customer information, adapt to various data needs, and ensure seamless integration with your store’s workflow.

Broad Functionality of Custom Checkout Fields:

  • Flexible Field Customization: Easily create and label different types of fields, including text, date, checkboxes, and more, to collect specific information from customers.
  • User Guidance and Validation: Implement placeholders and unique IDs for clarity, along with mandatory fields and custom error messages to guide customers effectively through the checkout process.
  • Integration and Display Control: Choose how and where to display these fields, such as on the order view page or in outgoing emails, ensuring all necessary information is visible where it matters most.

With BodyCommerce’s Custom Checkout Fields for Divi WooCommerce, you gain the power to tailor the checkout experience to your business needs while enhancing the user experience for your customers.

Ajax Add to Cart

Enhance your WooCommerce store with BodyCommerce’s Ajax Add to Cart feature, allowing customers to add products to their cart seamlessly without page reloads. This functionality streamlines the shopping experience, improving the chances of conversion and fostering customer loyalty.

Efficient and Seamless Cart Updates: Eliminate the need for page refreshes when adding or removing items from the cart. Ajax Add to Cart ensures a smooth, uninterrupted shopping flow, enhancing user experience and engagement.

Customizable and Versatile: Tailor the cart’s behavior on-screen to match your store’s style and customer expectations. The feature works across category pages, single product pages, and with both single and variable products. Implement custom notices for better interaction, and selectively disable Ajax on specific products if needed.

Compatible with Core WooCommerce Features: Ajax Add to Cart is designed to work seamlessly with default WooCommerce product types and WooCommerce Subscriptions. However, it’s important to note that compatibility with certain third-party plugins, like composite or product add-ons, may vary.

With BodyCommerce’s Ajax Add to Cart for Divi WooCommerce, you provide a more efficient and enjoyable shopping experience, crucial for securing sales and building a base of returning customers.

Custom Product Tabs

Boost your WooCommerce store’s product pages with BodyCommerce’s custom product tabs feature. This tool enables you to add extra tabs to your products in WooCommerce, offering a space for special instructions, downloadable product manuals, and more, enhancing the shopping experience and aiding in conversions.

Direct and Inform Your Customers Effectively: Clear and concise custom tabs on your product pages can significantly guide customers, providing them with essential information like usage instructions, additional product details, or resources. This clarity helps in creating a more informed shopping experience, encouraging conversions.

Customizable for Various Needs: Whether it’s a tab for special care instructions, downloadable manuals, or extra product details, the flexibility of this feature allows you to cater to the specific needs of your products and customers.

Enhance Product Page Engagement: By adding these custom tabs, you not only make your product pages more informative but also more engaging. This added layer of interaction can lead to better customer satisfaction and a higher likelihood of purchase.

With BodyCommerce’s custom product tabs for Divi WooCommerce, transform your product pages into comprehensive sources of information, making them more than just a point of sale, but a resource for your customers.

Additional WooCommerce Enhancements

Transform your WooCommerce experience with BodyCommerce’s extensive suite of over 45 mods and counting, including 8 custom shortcodes. These modifications are meticulously categorized into Global Mods, Archive Page Mods, Single Page Mods, User/Customer Mods, Cart/Checkout Mods, Admin Dash Mods, Form Field Customizer, Shortcodes, and Custom CSS/JS, ensuring that every aspect of your Divi WooCommerce site is optimized for peak performance and usability.

Key Modifications Include:

  • Global Enhancements: Utilize the Divi Builder on product pages, set eye-catching default product images, and apply fixes like the Divi WooCommerce button fix and breadcrumb customizations.
  • User/Customer-Centric Mods: Improve user engagement with features such as customizable ‘add to cart’ notifications, exclusive pricing displays for logged-in users, and user-friendly checkout options.
  • Archive Page Improvements: Upgrade category pages with mods enabling basket quantity display, adding concise product descriptions, and revamping pagination layouts.
  • Single Page Customizations: Personalize product pages with unique default images for products and customizable names for free products.
  • Cart/Checkout Optimizations: Streamline the checkout experience with default country settings, custom checkout checkboxes, and enhanced user interface.
  • Admin Dashboard Enhancements: Simplify backend management with modifications to the WooCommerce menu in WordPress admin.
  • Specialized Shortcodes: Access powerful shortcodes for functionalities like Login Link, User Name, Cart Icon, User Reviews, and more, adding another layer of customization and user engagement to your site.
  • Custom CSS/JS Injection: Tailor your site even further with the option to add custom CSS and JS, giving you complete creative control.

With BodyCommerce, you gain unparalleled control over your Divi WooCommerce site, enabling you to craft a tailor-made eCommerce experience that resonates with your brand and delights your customers.