Clone any Online Store with Divi & WooCommerce

In this adapted course we take the design of a popular apparel brand website and rebuild it using the Divi Theme and WooCommerce.

4+ Hours of Video Lessons

Materials and Resources

Completion Certificate

Clone any online store with Divi and WooCommerce

We have adapted this tutorial series into a course because of its popularity and reception in the Divi community.


Learn how to install all the tools you need to build an e-Commerce site with Divi and WooCommerce.


We thoughtfully take you through a bunch of the newer Divi features, so if you have been out of the loop for a while, this is for you.


Take advantage of advanced features like Divi Conditional Display Logic to add things like abandoned cart offers or display sales banners during certain times of the year.


Learn how to add advanced code snippets to your Divi sites to achieve layouts and functions that are not natively available in the Divi Theme.

Divi WooCommerce Product Page
Divi My Account

Welcome to the only Divi & WooCommerce that will teach you how to interpret and copy the design of a popular site for FREE!


The course covers:


We include various code snippets that help extend the functionality of Divi.


We show you how to install and set up all needed plugins.


Conditional Logic

We will show you how to utilize Divi conditional display logic for some awesome effects.

& More

We talk about payment gateways, responsive settings, and so much more.

Hey there, I'm Robey and I'll be your teacher for this course!

I was working with the Divi Theme long before getting started here at Divi Engine. In 2016 I started a Web Design Agency in Los Angeles and settled on working with the Divi Theme after trying most of the other popular page builders available on the market.

Divi blew me away so much, that I have since built over 100 client sites that range from simple portfolio sites for photographers, to complex online ordering systems for restaurants, maybe even your favorite pizza spot.

Now that I work for Divi Engine I am in a position to share all this experience with you and it gives me great pride to have this platform where I can help you improve your Divi skillset. Maybe even help you avoid some of the pitfalls I subjected myself to when getting started.

Once completing the course, you'll be empowered to do the following:

Analyze the design of a site you like
Setup and configure WooCommerce to accept orders
Install and use a plugin that will help you generate packing slips for orders
Build layouts based on the design in Divi
Make the site responsive using Divi resposive tools
Create templates in the Divi Theme Builder for products pages and more

This Divi course is the perfect solution for...

Business Owners

You can take power into your own hands and follow the course to establish your own online presence and sell online.


If you are not building e-Commerce sites yet, you are losing out on tons of revenue.

Divi users

Deepen your Divi knowledge and challenge yourself to branch out into the world of e-Commerce with Divi.

This course is broken down into the following lessons...

(8 lessons totaling over 4 hours)

  • Introduction
Setting It Up
  • Setting Up Divi & WooCommerce
Building your online store
  • Setting Up Divi & WooCommerce
  • Building the Homepage
  • Building the Global Header (Theme Builder)
  • Building the Global Footer (Theme Builder)
  • Building the Product Page Template (Theme Builder)
  • Setting Up the Last Few Pages
Enhancing your Store with Conditional Logic
  • Divi Conditional Display Logic
Concluding Details
  • Wrapping Up the Details

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Building e-Commerce sites with Divi and WooCommerce will take your game to a whole new level.

Clone any Online Store with Divi & WooCommerce

The entire Divi course

4+ Hours of Video Lessons

Materials and Resources
Completion Certificate

Theme Builder Templates

Code Snippets for Divi

All of this for only, well, nothing.

Still on the fence?

Check our Frequently Asked Questions

When will I be given access to the course?
Once you have registered for the course, you will have direct access with the account you created when making the payment.
Can I do this if I work or study? I'm pretty strapped for time.

How quickly you complete the course is entirely up to you, you can do it at your own pace and time, so no need to worry. The course will keep track of your progress and wait for you when you have time.

Is this really free?

Yep, 100%. We would of course not say no to a sub on our Youtube Channel or purchase from our online store.

What currency is the price in?

Fake money, really, this is free to anybody.

Will the course be updated?

There are no current plans to update this course, but we have some other e-Commerce courses cooking right now.

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