Tags Page Builder

Divi BodyCommerce

Tags Page Builder

This feature gives you the control to shape the layout of your tags page all within the Divi builder.

You create this page much the same as you would for the category page where you need to have at least the module “DB Loop Archive” which will automatically render the results that have been searched.

Our Tags Page Modules

DB After Shop
Sometimes, some plugins hook into the action “do_action( ‘woocommerce_after_shop_loop’ );” – this module will add this.
DB Category Archive
This module will output all the sub-categories in the current category. On the shop page, it will display all and then when you click on one of the categories it will show the subcategories. You can show the category image and description if you want.
DB Loop Archive
This is one of the main modules for the category page. It will output all the products in the category. It will use the template you define as the “loop layout” and then use this template for each product in the loop. Watch the video above to explain this in more detail.
DB Category Title/Header
This will output the title of the current category. You can show/hide the description, image and have the image style as a background image if you want. This is great as the first section of the category page.
DB Loop Thumbnail
This module will show the featured image on the category page. You can choose to make to click through to the product page or not.
DB Loop View Product Btn
If you do not want to have “add to cart” on the category page but want a button to click through – use this module. We have used this on the homepage of our site.
DB Pro/Loop Add To Cart
This module can be used on the category or the product page. It will output the add to cart button with the quantity if applicable.
DB Pro/Loop Price
Displays the Product Price.
DB Pro/Loop Product Rating
This will output the rating (on the loop it will just be the number of stars)
DB Pro/Loop Product Title
Displays the product title.
DB Pro/Loop Short Description
Displays the short description.
DB Product Search

This module will output a search form for you to search all your products.