Divi BodyCommerce

Product Page Builder

Create a different product page layout for each category, or even for each product. This gives you much more flexibility, so you can build product pages exactly the way you desire.

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Our Product Page Modules

DB Pro/Loop Add To Cart

This module can be used on the category or the product page. It will output the add to cart button with the quantity if applicable.

DB Pro Attributes

Displays the product attributes. These can be set for each product in the product data tabs. An example of an attribute would be colour or size of the product.

DB Pro Additional Information

Displays the additional information text (in the default layout, you can find this in the product tabs).

DB Pro Breadcrumbs

Displays the breadcrumb navigation.

DB Pro Content

Displays the content (what appears in the editor section). This can be particularly powerful when you use the Divi Builder on the product page itself (this is the content).

DB Pro Gallery

Displays the product gallery. We have added some of our own gallery styles like horizontal or vertical sliders. We are constantly adding/improving our modules so be sure to look out for more gallery styles.

DB Pro Image

Displays just the featured image.

DB Pro Meta

Displays the Product Meta.

DB Pro Prev/Next

Outputs a product navigation where you can go to the next or previous product. You can choose to show the product image or just text – even just arrows.

DB Pro/Loop Price

Displays the Product Price.

DB Pro Before

Sometimes, some plugins hook into the action “do_action( ‘woocommerce_before_single_product’ );” – this module will add this.

DB Pro Stock Status

Displays the stock status.

DB Pro/Loop Product Rating

Displays the rating of the product.

DB Pro Product Summary

This outputs the title, short description, price, add to cart & tabs.

DB Pro/Loop Product Title

Displays the product title.

DB Pro Related Products

Displays the related products.

DB pro Reviews

Displays the product reviews.

DB Pro Sharing

Displays the product sharing. Other sharing plugins will hook into this module. NB: you need another plugin to output the sharing, BodyCommerce does not do this, it only allows you to stipulate where you want it to be shown on the page.

DB Pro/Loop Short Description

Displays the short description.

DB Pro Tabs

DB Pro Tabs (description, additional information and reviews).

DB Pro Upsell

Displays the upsell products.