Speed up your website with some simple, yet effective .htaccess tricks. We safely add some code to your .htaccess file that optimise your site. You can flip on/off all of the following modifications so you never have to worry about it breaking your site!

Our .htaccess modifications

Leverage browser caching

Every time a browser loads your website, it has to download all the HTML, CSS, JS and images to display the page. The more files it needs to download, the longer it takes. Browser caching can help by storing some of the files locally on the visitors browser. When they visit again, it will need to download less and therefore be quicker. By caching your logo for example we can tell the browser to only download it once a month for example.

Gzip compression

Gzip compresses your files before sending them over to the browser, this reduces the transfer time since they are much smaller files. It can reduce the size of pages and style sheets by up to 70%!

The main reason why gzip is important is that it reduces the load time by reducing the size of files that need to be downloaded.


Enabling HTTP Keep-Alive allow the same TCP connection to send and receive multipole HTTP requests, this therefore reduces the latency and therefore speeds up your site

Disable Image Hotlinking

There are chances that spammers can use your image link on their websites. And because of this, every time when someone visits that webpage, images will be loaded from your server. This is known as Image Hotlinking. You can disable the use of your images on another website and therefore decrease the server load.

Cache-Control Headers

Cache-Control is a HTTP header that defines the amount of time a file is to be cached. We make it so that images are cached for a year and scripts for one month.