Divi Nitro .htaccess Modifications

Divi Nitro has four effective features that utilize the .htaccess file of your Divi website to increase its speed. Here is a breakdown of these features.
Leverage Browser Caching

Every time a browser loads your Divi website, it has to download all the code, as well as images and videos from files on your server. The more files a browser needs to download, the longer it will take and the slower your Divi website will load. Browser caching helps to speed up the loading of your Divi website by storing some of the files in your customer’s browser.

Gzip Compression

Gzip compresses your Divi website files into smaller packets of data before they are sent to the browser of your customer. By making the files smaller the time it takes for the files to reach the browser is reduced. We have seen this feature reduce some files by up to 70%.


Enabling HTTP Keep-Alive allows the same TCP connection to send and receive multiple HTTP requests. This reduces the latency and therefore speeds up your Divi website.

Cache-Control Headers

Cache-Control is an HTTP header that defines the amount of time a file is to be cached. If you activate this feature then Divi Nitro will cache images for a year and scripts for a month.