General Modifications

Divi BodyCommerce

General Modifications

As part of giving you more control, we also added some ‘general’ modifications, that you can use right across Divi + Woocommerce.

These mods include:

  • Use the Divi Builder on the product page
  • ‘Add to basket’ notification text
  • Remove ‘add to basket’ notification
  • Set the default image (if no image is added for a product) – you can add the logo of your store or a slogan.
  • Divi WooCommerce button fix
  • Breadcrumb separator
  • Remove breadcrumbs and notices
  • Set the name for a free product from 0.00 to “FREE”
  • Custom success notice text
  • Enable ‘add to basket’ on the category page
  • Enable basket quantity on the category page
  • Move pagination to the top of your category loop
  • Add short description below the image on category page
  • Change the sorting labels on the category page
  • Remove password strength meter (for user registration)
  • Allow users to buy a single product only
  • Show prices exclusively for logged in users only
  • Disable toolbar for customers
  • Set default country at checkout
  • Add custom checkbox at checkout
  • Change the name and icon of the WooCommerce menu in WordPress admin

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