Enhanced Product Gallery Sliders


Transform your WooCommerce product pages with BodyCommerce’s Custom Product Gallery Slider. This feature is a game-changer for showcasing your products, providing an array of slider options that go beyond the standard Divi and WooCommerce offerings.

  • Diverse Slider Styles: Whether you’re dealing with an extensive product image collection or seeking to upgrade your gallery’s visual impact, our range of slider options has you covered. Choose from simple, vertical, horizontal, stacked, or expandable sliders to best showcase your products (with more styles coming soon).
  • Enhanced Image Interaction: Elevate the customer experience with improved image zoom capabilities and Lightbox integration. These features allow customers to view product details more closely, leading to better engagement and informed purchasing decisions.
  • Variation-Aware Display: Our sliders are smartly designed to work in tandem with product variations. As customers select different product options, the gallery intuitively updates to display the corresponding images, enhancing the user experience and aiding in their selection process.
  • Boost in User Experience and Sales: By implementing beautiful carousel sliders on your product pages, you not only improve the user experience but also potentially increase sales by providing a more interactive and visually appealing product showcase.

With BodyCommerce’s Custom Product Gallery Slider, take your product displays to new heights, offering your customers a more dynamic and immersive shopping experience.


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November 17, 2023

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