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Revolutionize Your Site’s Loading Speed with Immediate Image Deferral

Our journey at Divi Engine towards developing groundbreaking plugins was sparked by a challenge we encountered: a portfolio page on our site that took a staggering 20 seconds to load. This led to the creation of the ‘Defer Divi Images’ feature in our Divi Nitro plugin, a solution that dramatically reduced the page’s loading time to an impressive 3 seconds.

This feature marks a significant advancement over traditional lazy loading techniques. Instead of waiting for user interaction or for the visitor to reach a certain point on the page, our image deferral method initiates the loading process of images as soon as the page begins to load. This proactive approach ensures that images are ready and waiting as your visitors scroll through your site, eliminating the frustrating delays and white spaces typical of conventional lazy loading.

By starting the image loading process immediately, we not only enhance the speed of your website’s initial load but also maintain the visual richness and integrity of your content. Visitors are greeted with a seamlessly flowing, visually complete website without any loading interruptions.

Implementing the ‘Defer Divi Images’ feature from Divi Nitro is more than just an optimization choice; it’s a testament to our commitment to solving real-world web performance issues. This feature is a culmination of our experience and dedication, offering a solution that not only boosts site speed but also ensures an engaging and visually appealing user experience.

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November 17, 2023

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