Custom Product Page Modules

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Transform your WooCommerce store with BodyCommerce’s comprehensive array of modules. Designed to offer you maximum flexibility, these modules enable you to create unique product page layouts for each category or even individual products, ensuring each item stands out with its own distinct style.

Our Product Page Modules: A Glimpse into Versatility

  • PP Additional Information & PP Attributes: Display essential product details like additional information and attributes right on the product page, enhancing the information accessibility for your customers.
  • PP Pro Before & PP Product Content: Utilize these modules to display rich product descriptions and engage with pre-set plugin actions, adding depth to your product storytelling.
  • PP Gallery & PP Featured Image: Showcase your products with various gallery styles or highlight them with a featured image, making each product visually captivating.
  • PL Add To Cart & PL Price: These modules streamline the purchasing process, displaying add-to-cart options and product prices clearly, encouraging quick purchase decisions.
  • PL Title, PL Short Description, & PL Meta: Enhance your product’s SEO and provide concise, relevant information with these modules, focusing on titles, descriptions, and metadata.
  • PP Pro Navigation & PL Rating: Navigate through products effortlessly and display ratings to build trust and guide customer choices.
  • PP Related Products, PP Up-Sell, & PCP Cross-Sell: Leverage these modules to showcase related products, upsell items, and cross-sell opportunities, enhancing the shopping experience and increasing sales potential.
  • PP Reviews & PP Sharing: Engage customers with a reviews section and facilitate social sharing, expanding your product’s reach and credibility.
  • PL Stock Status & PP Pro Summary: Keep your customers informed about stock status and provide a comprehensive summary of your products, all in one place.
  • PP Tabs & G Notices: Organize product information neatly in tabs and display important store notices for a streamlined user experience.
  • G Product Carousel, G Product Slider, & G Breadcrumbs: Enhance navigational ease and visual appeal with carousels, sliders, and breadcrumbs, guiding customers through your product offerings.
  • G Product Search & G Action/Shortcode: Offer an improved product search experience and integrate additional functionalities with ease, using actions or shortcodes.

With BodyCommerce, your WooCommerce product pages become a canvas for creativity, blending functionality with aesthetic appeal, and driving an enhanced shopping experience for your customers.


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November 17, 2023

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