Custom Login Modules


Elevate the user experience on one of the most critical touchpoints of your WooCommerce site – the login and register pages. With BodyCommerce, you gain the power to craft these pages exactly as you envision them, ensuring they align with your site’s overall aesthetic and brand identity.

Modules Tailored for Login & Register Pages:

  • LP LOGIN & LP REGISTER: Transform the appearance of your login and registration forms, making them not only functional but also visually appealing.
  • LP LOST PASSWORD FORM & LP PASSWORD RESET FORM: Simplify and beautify the process of password recovery, providing a user-friendly and reassuring experience for users who need to reset their credentials.
  • LP PASSWORD CONFIRMATION MESSAGE: Customize the confirmation messages for a personal touch, enhancing user communication and trust.
  • G PRODUCT CAROUSEL & G PRODUCT SLIDER: Add dynamic elements like product carousels or sliders to these pages, keeping users engaged and showcasing key products even during the login or registration process.
  • G NOTICES & G BREADCRUMBS: Ensure important messages are conveyed clearly with custom notices and guide users seamlessly through your site with intuitive breadcrumbs.

With these modules, the login and register pages become more than just functional necessities; they turn into engaging, aesthetically pleasing entry points to your online store, enhancing the overall shopping experience.


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November 17, 2023

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