Transform User Interactions with Custom Field Mapping

The ‘Custom Field Mapping’ feature of the Divi Form Builder plugin is a game-changer for website administrators and users alike. It offers a streamlined, user-friendly approach to managing content, effectively eliminating the need for direct interaction with the WordPress admin panel.

This feature bridges the gap between the forms you create using Divi Form Builder and the custom fields you’ve set up with Advanced Custom Fields (ACF). It allows you to establish a direct link between any field in your Divi Form Builder forms and any custom field in your post type. This seamless integration means that the data entered by users in your forms can be directly used to populate or update content in your custom post types.

Whether it’s a blog post, a product listing, or any other type of content, the custom field mapping functionality makes it possible for users to contribute and edit content directly from the frontend of your Divi site. This is particularly advantageous for client-facing websites, where ease of use and efficiency are paramount.

By leveraging the custom field mapping feature, you empower your clients to add and edit their content without ever needing to navigate the complexities of the WP Admin area. It’s a more intuitive, straightforward way to manage website content, enhancing productivity and user satisfaction.

With Divi Form Builder’s Custom Field Mapping, embrace a new era of content management where simplicity, efficiency, and frontend interactivity are at the forefront, making the process of content creation and editing as straightforward as possible.


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November 17, 2023

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