Custom Checkout Fields

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Streamline your WooCommerce checkout with BodyCommerce’s versatile Custom Checkout Fields. This feature enhances the checkout process by allowing you to gather essential customer information, adapt to various data needs, and ensure seamless integration with your store’s workflow.

Broad Functionality of Custom Checkout Fields:

  • Flexible Field Customization: Easily create and label different types of fields, including text, date, checkboxes, and more, to collect specific information from customers.
  • User Guidance and Validation: Implement placeholders and unique IDs for clarity, along with mandatory fields and custom error messages to guide customers effectively through the checkout process.
  • Integration and Display Control: Choose how and where to display these fields, such as on the order view page or in outgoing emails, ensuring all necessary information is visible where it matters most.

With BodyCommerce’s Custom Checkout Fields for Divi WooCommerce, you gain the power to tailor the checkout experience to your business needs while enhancing the user experience for your customers.


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November 17, 2023

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