Create Custom Taxonomies

Organize Your Content with Custom Taxonomies in Divi Machine

The ‘Create Custom Taxonomies’ feature in the Divi Machine plugin offers a powerful tool for categorizing and organizing your custom posts, taking the complexity and functionality of your Divi website to the next level. This feature allows you to go beyond the default WordPress categories and tags, giving you the ability to tailor your content classification system to your specific needs.

Custom taxonomies in Divi Machine are designed to provide a more structured and sophisticated way of grouping your content. Whether you’re managing a large portfolio, a diverse range of products, an extensive blog, or any other type of custom post, these taxonomies enable you to create distinct categories that reflect the unique characteristics of your content.

This feature is particularly beneficial for building complex websites where standard categorization falls short. With custom taxonomies, you can create specific groupings that are relevant to your content type. For example, for a real estate website, you could create taxonomies like ‘Property Type’, ‘Location’, ‘Amenities’, which are more suited to real estate listings than standard categories.

The taxonomies you create in Divi Machine are separate from the default WordPress categories and tags, ensuring that your custom classification system remains distinct and tailored to your site’s unique content structure. This separation also allows for more precise filtering and sorting options, enhancing the user experience and making content discovery more intuitive.

Implement the ‘Create Custom Taxonomies’ feature from Divi Machine to bring a higher level of order and clarity to your website. It’s an essential feature for anyone looking to enhance their content management strategy and present their information in a more organized, user-friendly manner.


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November 17, 2023

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