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Boost your WooCommerce store’s checkout efficiency and sales with Divi BodyCommerce’s Order Bump feature. Inspired by successful checkout strategies like those seen on Amazon, this feature seamlessly integrates into the checkout process, encouraging additional purchases through strategic discounts.

  • Effortless Order Enhancement: Situated near the payment section, the Order Bump offers customers a discounted product right at the checkout page. With a simple checkbox, customers can add this to their order without any hassle or page navigation.
  • Strategic Discounting: Utilize this feature to present unique discounts on complementary products, enhancing the value of the customer’s purchase and increasing your average order value.
  • Customizable Setup: Easily create an Order Bump template using Divi modules in the Divi Library. Tailor the discount, product selection (specific, up-sell, or cross-sell), and the placement on the checkout page to best suit your store’s strategy.
  • Intelligent Functionality: The Order Bump is designed to appear based on the first product in the cart and will only show if it has not been purchased yet. The bump disappears if the parent product (the one initiating the discount) is removed, ensuring relevance and precision in your sales approach.

With Divi BodyCommerce’s Order Bump, transform your checkout experience into a strategic sales opportunity, enhancing customer satisfaction while boosting your revenue.


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November 17, 2023

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