Additional WooCommerce Enhancements


Transform your WooCommerce experience with BodyCommerce’s extensive suite of over 45 mods and counting, including 8 custom shortcodes. These modifications are meticulously categorized into Global Mods, Archive Page Mods, Single Page Mods, User/Customer Mods, Cart/Checkout Mods, Admin Dash Mods, Form Field Customizer, Shortcodes, and Custom CSS/JS, ensuring that every aspect of your Divi WooCommerce site is optimized for peak performance and usability.

Key Modifications Include:

  • Global Enhancements: Utilize the Divi Builder on product pages, set eye-catching default product images, and apply fixes like the Divi WooCommerce button fix and breadcrumb customizations.
  • User/Customer-Centric Mods: Improve user engagement with features such as customizable ‘add to cart’ notifications, exclusive pricing displays for logged-in users, and user-friendly checkout options.
  • Archive Page Improvements: Upgrade category pages with mods enabling basket quantity display, adding concise product descriptions, and revamping pagination layouts.
  • Single Page Customizations: Personalize product pages with unique default images for products and customizable names for free products.
  • Cart/Checkout Optimizations: Streamline the checkout experience with default country settings, custom checkout checkboxes, and enhanced user interface.
  • Admin Dashboard Enhancements: Simplify backend management with modifications to the WooCommerce menu in WordPress admin.
  • Specialized Shortcodes: Access powerful shortcodes for functionalities like Login Link, User Name, Cart Icon, User Reviews, and more, adding another layer of customization and user engagement to your site.
  • Custom CSS/JS Injection: Tailor your site even further with the option to add custom CSS and JS, giving you complete creative control.

With BodyCommerce, you gain unparalleled control over your Divi WooCommerce site, enabling you to craft a tailor-made eCommerce experience that resonates with your brand and delights your customers.


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November 17, 2023

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