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The ‘My account’ section on WooCommerce is ugly and clunky. Give your clients a better experience by completely customising its design and its usability.

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Our Account Section Modules

DB Acc Addresses
This displays the addresses of the user. From here they can edit both their billing and shipping addresses.
DB Acc Avatar
This will output an image of the user (if they are using gravatar). If they don’t have a gravatar, you can define a fallback image.
DB Acc Downloads
This will output all the downloads for the current user.
DB Acc Edit Account
This module outputs the account details. Here the customer can edit their account details such as their password.
DB Acc Navigation
This is the account navigation that is shown on all the different pages. Use this module to output all the “endpoints”, you can have them as a list or buttons.
DB Acc Orders
Outputs the order history of the customer.
DB Acc User Name
Outputs the customer’s name.
DB Acc Welcome Message
This also outputs the user’s name but you can add a welcome message before. Maybe something like “Hi, ” and it will say “Hi, Divi Engine” for example.