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Kris - Divi Engine
Illustration by Jim Blug | @jimblug

Welcome, Kris

Head of Client Services


Today we are excited to introduce you to Kris. Enthusiastic, hard-working, friendly and always happy to listen even when you are having a bad day, he is such a great asset to the team.


Tell us about yourself and how you got here.

I have been using the Divi framework for a while and I joined a few Divi related Groups on Facebook. One day I came across the Divi Engine website through a post. When I visited Divi Engine, I saw Romans 8:1 in the footer. I was surprised and felt happy to find a company that is Christian at the core. So, I sent a message to the Divi Engine page and that is how I came to know about Peter.

From then onwards, we kept chatting from time to time and Peter helped me with a lot of information regarding tech. After a few months or maybe after a year, I was just chatting with Peter and I told him that I am out of work because of COVID. Then Peter asked me if I am interested in working for him to take care of Customer Service. I was excited and happy about the offer. I joined as a part-time and now I am working full time for Peter. I must say, there is a lot to learn as the Divi Engine extensions are robust and rich. Peter is not just a brilliant developer but a great teacher. I am delighted to be a part of his team and especially a great fellowship.


What are you most looking forward to?

I am looking forward to learning and mastering the plugins myself so that the customer service will be faster, smoother and flawless. I am looking forward to making posts and videos so that our customers can benefit. My aim is to give personalised customer service to our customers who believe in us and purchased our plugins for their businesses. This is very serious and important for us.


Why did you join Divi Engine?

Firstly, I joined Divi Engine because Peter has become a good friend. Next, I am amazed at the plugins that Divi Engine has developed. They are serious plugins and I loved them. So, when Peter asked me if I am interested to join Divi Engine and take up support, I went for it without thinking twice. There is a lot to learn and master and it is an ongoing process.


Seen as though we are an engine that powers Divi, what is your favorite car, bike, boat or any other engine powered machine?

Honda Activa Scooter, black color.


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  1. I’ve been trying to get support for being knocked out of your system because of a system error for a few days. I understand you are in the UK but you should have timely customer service!!!

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