Fernando - Divi Engine
Illustration by Jim Blug | @jimblug

Welcome, Fernando

Marketing & Sales


We love your brain and all the clever ideas you have. Such a great asset to the team on how we can keep producing great content for our customers!


Tell us about yourself and how you got here.

I have been building Divi websites for 4 years, one day I needed to optimize the speed of my Divi websites. I found Divi Engine’s YouTube channel and Divi Nitro. I decided to buy the plugin and got really nice results! I saw Romans 8:1 in the footer of the site so contacted Divi Engine and built up a friendship.

One day I proposed that I could help him with making Spanish videos if he wants, he agreed and we started to work together on this project. At this time I also had my own job, and after a couple of months, I lost it because COVID-19. Peter offered a position to work for Divi Engine and that’s how I joined the family. I am so happy and grateful to Peter for giving me this opportunity.


What are you most looking forward to?

I love creating marketing strategies so my goal here is to create amazing ideas that help us reach more future customers and open the Spanish market. Not only will this get more customers but it will also provide more content and free resources for our current customers.


Why did you join Divi Engine?

I built up a great friendship with Peter, love the values of the company, and of course love Divi and all the Divi Engine plugins! They are amazing and are of great quality, so I decided to join the team and continue learning new things and keep improving my abilities.


Seen as though we are an engine that powers Divi, what is your favorite car, bike, boat or any other engine powered machine?

I love the BMW Z4