David - Divi Engine
Illustration by Jim Blug | @jimblug


Customer Support & Research Analyst


You have probably seen his name around but today we want to introduce David to you. We love your brain and the way it works, constantly ticking and analyzing how we can make processes better. The way you think is on another level and we are so happy to have you part of the team!


Tell us about yourself and how you got here.

I am living in South Africa at the moment. I have a wife Pam and two sons, Jaxon and Maximus. My family has lived in Taiwan, the UK, and South Africa. I started building WordPress websites in 2017 and found that I enjoy helping people develop awesome websites. I started using Divi Engine plugins in 2019 and through making one or two videos for Divi Engine I came on to work for Divi Engine in 2021.


What are you most looking forward to?

Helping people and learning more about coding.


Why did you join Divi Engine?

To help people build websites.


Seen as though we are an engine that powers Divi, what is your favorite car, bike, boat, or any other engine-powered machine?

I love petrol and fumes. Anything that is loud and smelly and oily. Motobikes, Lawnmowers, Jet packs. You name it.