As many of you are aware, last month we started a new initiative where every purchase that is make on our website we give a gift on your behalf to the Sozo Foundation in South Africa (no cost to you) – if you have not read it, here is a link.

Well, after the first month the results amazed us – we gave so much to them altogether. It is amazing how when we all get together we can do big things. When you made a purchase you might have got a certificate like below, thinking it made a difference, but when we put all the purchases together it really makes a HUGE difference.

So we would all like to thank you so much for the support and putting your trust in us so we can bless The Sozo Foundation in a way that really makes an impact!

Our aim is to keep you close to what is happening and sending out a report every quarter, maybe with news back from them how it helped – what do you think?

So without further ado here is what we did for The Sozo Foundation in April

  • 146 hours of tutoring for school children
  • 25 sessions of a 10-week skills course for a school child
  • 13 School lunches
  • Internet access for 24 school children for project research
  • 14 training sessions for a student to be a baker

This gives me goosebumps – WOW – what a difference we are all making together, and yes it is you that makes this possible so thank you again!

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