Making Divi feel more Bespoke

There is no denying that Divi defaults have a very distinct look and feel. We are not saying it looks bad, but due to the massive popularity of Divi, you can spot a Divi site by looking out for a few key things like the buttons, mobile menus, or headers.

Now you know what they say about too much of a good thing…

If you don’t take the effort to make you Divi site not look like a Divi site, then you look just like other Divi sites, and who wants to be just like the other guys?

This Divi Tutorial Series will help you make those Divi sites not look like Divi sites by un-Divifying those dead giveaways.


More in this series.

Build Divi Sites that DO NOT Look Like Divi Sites

Introducing our latest Tutorial Series here at Divi Engine where we will cover fixing all those Divi nuances that give away that your site was built using the Divi Theme. Not that there is anything wrong with building sites using Divi, but who wants to look like a cheap copy of another site?

Our goal here is to go through fixing those Divi defaults while teaching you some skills and features in Divi that you might not have known about. Sometimes we’ll even offer an additional solution to take your sites to the next level in bespoke-ness heaven.

This page will automatically be updated with the latest installments, so definitely bookmark it for some Divi Tutorials that will change the way you build your Divi sites. We also recommend a sub to our Youtube Channel.