How to Add Dynamic Content to your Global Footer in Divi using the Theme Builder

Sometimes Change is Good

Making sure your site reflect the correct date or logo throughout your site is super important and consistency and accuracy can greatly impact the credibility of your sites. Going through and updating all the images on your site after a logo refresh can be tedious and you will always miss one. Or maybe your site has a stale date in the footer. This is pretty common on January 1st as the planet is busy digesting that one glass of champagne too much.

So how do we fix this? Well, Divi has some built-in Dynamic Content capabilities that will save you time as well as help you save face.

Today you will learn how.

Let’s gooooooo…

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Continuing our Divi Tutorial Series on making your Divi sites not look like Divi sites, we will take a look at using the Divi Dynamic Content feature and employ it to keep our footer copyright date updated as the years go by. Personally, when seeing outdated footers really impacts the credibility of that site for me.

Even though we focus on the footer date here, there are many ways this can be used on your Divi sites, so be sure to check out the full documentation on the Elegant Themes site.

Let’s do this!

NOTE: You can use Divi Dynamic Content in various instances and display all sorts of content from your site. It is however limited, so check out Divi Machine to see how you can build truly dynamic Divi sites.



Copyright 2018. All Rights Reserved.


Copyright 2018 – 2022. All Rights Reserved.

Video Tutorial

Add a Dynamic Date to the Divi Global Footer

So if you have been following along with this series, you will know that in a previous installment, we built out a Divi Global Footer that drew some inspiration from a design we found on behānce. Don’t worry if you stumble onto this post randomly, because you can follow along with no issues, but you can also check our post on Building a Divi Global Footer if you don’t have one built yet.

Alright, so to get going, let’s head to the following area in our Divi Install:

Divi > Divi Theme Builder > Click the Pencil

Edit Divi Global Footer

Open the settings for the Text Module with your Copyright date.

Divi Text Module Settings

Delete the text that was in there and click on the Dynamic Content icon.

Divi Dynamic Content Icon

Select the Divi Dynamic Content field that you want to be displayed. In our case, this will be the Current Date.

Select Divi Dynamic Content
Now we need to tell the Module what text we want to display BEFORE and AFTER the date.
The text BEFORE the date will of course be Copyright 2018
And the text AFTER the date will be All Rights Reserved.
Dynamic Content Settings
You’ll notice that the date is not quite what we want, so we need to use a Custom Date Format. Let’s set the Date Format to Custom and then enter Y for the Custom Date Format

NOTE: This feature uses the PHP formatting schema, so if you need or want things displayed differently, check out the PHP documentation on this.

Set Custom Date Format

And that is it! All done 😁

Build truly Dynamic Divi sites with Divi Machine

Where to begin, or rather, where to end? Divi Machine is a pretty robust and complicated beast, but such is its nature. Luckily we have some awesome support and constantly improving documentation to help you to utilize the plugin to its full extent. And yeah, speaking of full extent, let’s talk about a couple of great Divi Machine features that you need to be using to build out one of your upcoming projects, or enhance your existing projects.

ACF Galleries without ACF Pro

Divi Machine ACF Gallery

Divi Machine allows you to create both Galleries and Sliders with your images in Advanced Custom Fields without having to purchase the PRO version of ACF. We are able to group together individual image fields and use some genius-level code to display ACF Galleries and Sliders in your Divi Layouts.

It is super simple to use, and as you can see, they look absolutely fantastic!

Custom Post Types on a Map

Custom Post Types on Map

Probably one of the most underrated features in Divi Machine is the ability to display your Divi Custom Posts that have an address custom field as a pin on a Google Map. This can have so many uses that will enhance any site where geography is pretty important. We’ve seen clients use this for Event Listing sites, Real Estate Listing sites, Business Locations pages, and so much more.

We also recently added map clustering which will cluster posts together that are relatively close to each other.

Linked Post Types

Divi Machine Linked Post Types

Divi Machine lets you link two related post types, or any really, but related is probably best 😂

This is extremely useful when you have relationships that are one-to-many. No, it is not an episode of the “Real Housewives” (you can have my man card). A one-to-many relationship is when you have one post type that will have multiple posts from another post type that are related to it.

I’ll give you two examples:

Real Estate Listing Site

When you are building a site with real estate listings, it would probably be good if your agents could be associated with all the properties they are representing. You could then create a page that lists all of that agent’s listings, and you could display the related agent on the individual property listing pages.

Here, we have a one-to-many relationship between the Agent custom post type (one) and the Property custom post type (many).

Staff or Team Pages

When working on a site for a business they might have the need for a well-organized team or staff page. Depending on the size of the company, it may have different departments or regions, and each has its employees that work there. Each employee would be associated with their department or region, so with linked post types, you can create pages that would list the employees for each region or department.

Here, we have a one-to-many relationship between the Department or Region custom post type (one) and the Employee custom post type (many).

Divi Machine Features Overview:

Divi Machine Features

You learned something new, how dynamic of you!


All done with this Divi Tutorial on How to Add Dynamic Content to your Global Footer in Divi using the Theme Builder. Divi Dynamic Content is a great way to breathe some life into otherwise static sites. Not just that, it will make you look like a pro. Definitely keep following along with this series to un-Divify your Divi sites to learn more awesome ways to use the Divi Theme.

Definitely drop a comment below to let us know what you think, and for sure share any suggestions.

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