How to add CSS to the Divi Theme?

Style your Divi website with custom CSS

One of the reasons why we love the Divi theme is because it contains numerous ways of adding CSS to your website.

Follow along as we show you seven ways of adding CSS to your Divi website to spice it up!

Note that if you are not familiar with CSS then please click HERE to find free tutorials on what CSS is and how to use it.

Method 1: Inline CSS

  1. Add a Text or Code module.
  2. Write HTML adding the CSS into the opening tag using the style function.

style=”Your inline CSS”

Method 2: Advanced Tab CSS

  1. Add a Module.
  2. Write CSS into the Main Element of the Advanced Tab.

Method 3: Theme Options CSS

  1. Head over to Divi Theme Options.
  2. Write CSS into the Custom CSS area using the right selector.

Method 4: Page Settings CSS

  1. Click on the cog icon at the bottom of your page (or post).
  2. From there navigate your way to the Advanced Tab and write CSS into the custom CSS area.
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